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Venezuela: Confirmed 25 cases of H1N1 in Miranda

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  • Venezuela: Confirmed 25 cases of H1N1 in Miranda

    Ligia Dayana Rivas. Elsecretario of health of the Gobernación de Miranda, Gustavo Villasmil, warned that the country is 'epidemic' by H1N1 flu.

    'Does not exist no objective element that allows you to say that there is a decrease in the virus; Conversely, a rise in cases is recorded in the last week '.'

    Emphasized that the circulation in the body is high, especially in the Valles del Tuy, Altos Mirandinos, Metropolitan Area, and Windward.

    Explained that you according to report notifiable diseases, issued 77 health care centers attached to the network, the Francisco de Miranda, are they counted every week between 1,200 and 1,400 cases of acute respiratory infections, of which 90% could be associated with the AH1N1.

    Specialist stated that for this reason it is valid to dispense with rapid tests, so any acute catarrhal is considered suspect of virus.

    'According to the information provided by experts of the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (IVIC), of the 30 samples analysed, 25 were positive for the H1N1'.