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Venezuela: Supposed victim of H1N1 dies in San Antonio de los Altos

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  • Venezuela: Supposed victim of H1N1 dies in San Antonio de los Altos

    A 63-year-old man considered as suspicious patient of the Influenza AH1N1 died in the hospital Victorino Santaella (HVS).

    In an unofficial way it been known that the victim identified as Martín Castro, was a resident of The Morita, San Antonio and in the recent days it had been an agreement because of a respiratory severe infection, a welfare center of Caracas where they took the sample to determine if it was a question of the Influenza.

    Apparently the state health of Castro was complicated, from what it was moved of emergency to the HVS, where he died. His body was moved to the Morgue of the hospital.

    Although major details of the decease are not known, sources tied to the enclosure of health indicated that the record of death raised by the pathologists confirms that the cause of the death owed because of the flu AH1N1.

    A similar case happened on June 13, when it deposited to Medicatura Forense of The Teques the corpse of Ruth Noemí Esteban (37), of whom also it was presumed it was carrying the virus.

    The lady had been assisted in the Medical Group Tuy, in the locality of Ocumare, and in accordance with the forensic report, his death happened after presenting severe respiratory complications and multiorganic flaw.

    For the same date the decease was brought in Caracas de Isaac Martínez, of 29 years, who perished, in accordance with the testimony of his relatives, because of the AH1N1./LDR/Foto: German Andreina