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Venezuela: 13 deaths by H1N1 in Táchira

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  • Venezuela: 13 deaths by H1N1 in Táchira

    San Cristóbal-Ana Isabel de Márquez, 58 years old, was hospitalized at a private health centre, and was subsequently transferred to the secure 'Dr. Patrocinio Peñuela' Hospital of San Cristóbal, where he died after presenting all the characteristics of the H1N1 type virus. Marquez, retired as a preschool teacher, is the sixth who died as a result of the virus.The direction of epidemiology of the Tachira Health Corporation reported that now are six deaths by H1N1 flu in the State, so deepen their actions to try to stop the virus. To date, 244 people have been classified as suspected of having the disease. All the sampled them rigor clinics that were sent the National Hygiene Institute in Caracas, with the latest report may confirm that there are 102 positive cases of H1N1 flu, said Reggie barrier, epidemiologist of the entity.The specialist explained that 70% of the infected reside in the St. Kitts capital. There are patients with the virus in Ayacucho and Pan American, while Torbes and Guasimos you have less.The delicate situation, the health authorities added that the family of the deceased has been served and that there are no other cases of flu in these groups.

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    Re: Venezuela: sixth death by H1N1 in Táchira

    There are 326 suspected of having H1N1 virus

    In addition to the announcement made on a new death, allegedly because of the H1N1 flu, increasing to once the fatal victims in the Tachira, the epidemiologist Reggie barrier, director of Corposalud epidemiology, said that 137 cases were positive of influenza a/H1N1 in the State up to epidemiological week number 25, after 800 suspicious samples that have been sent to central level for analysis. The epidemiologist said that 326 people are suspected of have the H1N1, and that this flu is affecting all groups of ages, in prevalence of 15-44 years, there are a greater number of affected female population


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      Re: Venezuela: 7 deaths by H1N1 in Táchira

      military retired in Táchira died by H1N1

      It is an officer of the Bolivarian national armed forces in a situation of withdrawal of 63-year-old, who died last weekend.

      Barrier said that in the latest list of confirmation of cases referred by the Institute national hygiene which was provided to them on Monday the case of officer was confirmed as positive, but he died before I knew.

      Said that the members of their family circle have been checked and recorded no symptoms so far.

      To the death of the retired officer joins the death from H1N1 from a man of 58 years of age, the first victim, who also recorded as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and kidney failure previous illnesses. Also a woman of 60 years of age, a teacher for 37 years who served as Deputy Director of a high school in the town of El Cobre (post-mortem confirmation) and 31-year-old nurse.

      The number of cases has been recorded mostly in San Cristobal, near 70%. Other affected municipalities are Ayacucho, Panamericano (to the North of the State) and in minor Torbes and Guasimos, Barrera said.


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        Re: Venezuela: 7 deaths by H1N1 in Táchira

        Priest of San Pedro del Río died from influenza H1N1

        Eleven are the people dying because of the H1N1 influenza and is still awaiting the results of another possible death because of this pathology. The death of the parish priest Elder Ramírez Ardila, 43-year-old occurred last Wednesday at 5 o'clock in the morning, occurred after being more than twenty days detained in the HC. Douglas Borges, director of epidemiology of the first medical centre, confirmed the death and at the same time informed that inside Central Hospital, there are four people suspected influenza a/H1N1 and the same, although not confirmed, are capable of isolation and medical treatment, including a woman in a State of gestation. The death of the priest caused deep weigh in the community of San Pedro of the River, where it was assigned for four years. Similarly, in the town of Pregonero, from where he was born and where he will be buried the next Friday.


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          Re: Venezuela: 11 deaths by H1N1 in Táchira

          51-year-old woman died by A H1N1

          A 51-year-old woman, died on Thursday, July 18, because of the type A H1N1 Influenza, after spending more than a month and a half hospitalised in secure Social 'Dr. sponsorship Peñuela Ruiz' Hospital of San information was confirmed by Dr. Reggie Barrera, Chief of epidemiology of the Corporación Regional de Salud, who noted that the patient had more than 45 days with the disease in evolution and unfortunately passed away on Thursday.Explained Dr. barrier that the 51-year-old lady, had strong breathing problems of many days in evolution, it also suffered from pre-existing disease, as it were hypertensive and diabetic management, situation that complicated its clinical picture.With the death of this lady, you have a total of 13 patients who died from the virus A H1N1 in Táchira, while remain a total of 137 cases diagnosed as positive, while the authorities insist that stays in lowering the number of disease, due to various factors that influence the transmission of the virus and that caused a few weeks ago a rebound called outbreak.