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Venezuela: Carabobo reports 264 cases of H1N1

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  • Venezuela: Carabobo reports 264 cases of H1N1

    Epidemiologist of Insalud, Haydeé Ochoa, reported on Wednesday that after receiving confirmation from the National Institute of hygiene, Carabobo health authorities reported six cases of Influenza H1N1 in municipalities: San Diego, Los Guayos and Valencia. The samples were sent in May and the patients are stable.

    ' Only one is hospitalized. They are five at home, no contagion in the family because they complied with the preventive measures. The State of Carabobo has already confirmed six patients without vaccine. We have two children already graduates, one of nine months was not taken to vaccinate, and the other is eleven years old he had to be vaccinated ', detail.

    Emphasized that H1N1 deaths are not reported in Carabobo. Ochoa noted that early vaccination plans implemented in Carabobo allow to keep the situation safe and controlled.

    ' At risk populations place les from January until now more than 300,000 doses of vaccine for H1N1. In less than five years ', stressed.

    Epidemiologist called for calm. It was reported that by order of Insalud required that staff of Insalud and private clinics to be vaccinated.

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    Re: Venezuela: Carabobo reports six cases of H1N1

    Relatives allege that there are no reagents to verify deaths from H1N1

    (Valencia, July 02. Carabobo) Ludetxy Carrillo, niece of Mrs. Maritza Romero, who died last Friday, reported that the death of his aunt was the product, reportedly of influenza H1N1 in the city hospital Henrique Tejera (Chet), of the city of Valencia. It was reported that the case was not confirmed for failing reagents at the national level to make influenza tests to his family, but that he was cured as alleged patient carrier of the deadly disease.

    Between the testimony, Carrillo remarked that there are many cases of H1N1 carriers within the unit of intensive care (ICU) of the central hospital of the capital people. 'This is worrisome, there are people who have to take warning about the situation.' He indicated that within the ICU visits are prohibited and that patients are isolated, so that said that if there are cases of the epidemic in the Chet and that they are managed tightly.

    In addition to argue that physicians and no hospital staff offers information about their sick relatives, said that inputs there are no. 'In a week we spend around Central the magnificent of 10 million bolivars, because they sent us to buy everything'. He added that any health authority has manifested itself in this regard.

    La Señora Maritza Romero of 55 years of age, who was a worker of an electricity company in the city, leaves a girl of 12 years.

    Is to remember that last Monday was confirmed by this disease, the death of the young Jorge Silva. Would this case added two deaths in one week by H1N1 in the Chet.


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      Re: Venezuela: Carabobo reports six cases of H1N1

      Carabobo is the fifth State with more positive cases of H1N1 virus

      Carabobo would be the fifth federal entity with the largest number of cumulative suspected cases of influenza H1N1, with 264 cases, under Merida (946), Capital District (333), Zulia (331) and Táchira (276), according to the epidemiological Bulletin of week N ° 27, ranging from 30 July to 6 July 2013, issued by the Ministry of health.

      According to the newsletter, from January 1 to July 6, 2013, have been studying 4,580 samples, which were positive 2,623 and 1.776 resulted negative.

      Of positive outcomes, 92.41% correspond to influenza A (H1N1 pdm09), 2.424 cases; 6.29 percent to influenza A (H3N2) or 165 cases; 0.42 percent to rhinovirus, 11 cases; 0.27 percent to VRS, 7 cases; 0.19 percent to adenovirus, 5 cases and 0.15 percent to parainfluenza 1, 4 cases; 0.08 percent to parainfluenza 3, 2 cases; 0.11 per cent to influenza B3 cases; 0.04 percent to metapneumovirus, 1 case; and 0.04 percent to bocavirus, 1 case.

      Despite repeated attempts to obtain statements of the official authorities of the health sector in Carabobo, it was found that the hermetism. persists