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Bolivar - Pneumonia, chronic diarrhea, severe respiratory diseases and meningitis cause death of six Warao indigenous children of Cambalache

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  • Bolivar - Pneumonia, chronic diarrhea, severe respiratory diseases and meningitis cause death of six Warao indigenous children of Cambalache

    Spanish to English translation

    Pneumonia, chronic diarrhea, severe respiratory diseases and meningitis are some conditions that led to the death of six indigenous children Cambalache community
    Infection, death, Warao children - VENEZUELA (BOLIVAR)
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    A statement by ProMED-mail
    ProMED-mail is a program
    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date: April 15, 2011
    Source: Correo del Caroni <> [Edited by
    J. Torres]

    Pneumonia, chronic diarrhea, severe respiratory diseases
    meningitis are some conditions that led to the deaths of six
    Indigenous children Cambalache community, according to the report
    Public Health Institute (ISP) which was obtained this way. The
    medical report confirms that poverty and misery
    harm the health of the inhabitants of this community. Leader
    Indian Tulio Gudino, regretted that the authorities are delayed
    so long to take action. He noted that the state has failed
    give clear answers to the situation of many Aboriginal
    region, who live in the most critical conditions.

    The six deaths occurred in Warao children less than 10 days in
    Cambalache community remain under a veil of mystery. Although
    Public Health Institute (ISP) identified some of the causes
    clinics of the deaths, remains to be determined if they are
    related and if it is a bacteria, virus or other
    factor affecting the children.

    So far as official information the first two
    deaths (which occurred on 2 and April 5 respectively)
    severe dehydration from diarrhea. The third victim submitted,
    according to a leaked report from the ISP to this newspaper, pneumonia. A
    this infant will post mortem samples were taken from the liver, lung
    and spleen which were sent on April 12 the National Institute
    Hygiene Rafael Rangel.

    The fourth died, a 1 year old, also presented
    pneumonia was made if the same procedure as above. A
    the fifth victim, a girl of one year of age, was diagnosed
    diarrhea and pneumonia. This was treated at a Barrio Adentro on 8
    April and referred to the Hospital Dr. Ra?l Leoni Guaiparo where
    hospitalized for two days, and without medical leave her mother withdrew
    on 10 April. That same day he died and samples were taken
    for analysis.

    The last dead baby was diagnosed with meningitis and infection
    severe acute respiratory failure, had been hospitalized since April 10 and
    died two days later. In this death samples were taken
    naso-pharyngeal swabs, serum, and "LCR". All sent to the Institute
    National Institute of Hygiene Rafael Rangel.

    Health actions
    The report of death states that "equipment was installed
    health special way (...) activities conducted vaccination
    worming, medical consultations with drug delivery and
    spraying the area. Since then activated surveillance
    Epidemiological and detected two cases of children with Down syndrome
    diarrhea who were hospitalized and are still in hospital
    receiving care. "

    Detailed document that "we have seen in our visits,
    this population consumes water from the river bank, which also
    bathing, washing clothes and utensils. Defecation practice outdoors
    subject to sleep in plastic stick. "

    This report was submitted to the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples
    Nicia Maldonado on Wednesday during his visit and he stands
    that "extraordinary health activities specific to this
    community will remain permanently until resolved
    this situation after being evaluated, we believe that can only
    solved definitively eradicate the livelihood of these
    who is at the expense of landfill waste,
    consumed and sold them after sorting. This
    The latter is done within the landfill with the children who live
    in that environment. "

    Goes on to explain that "we must avoid at all costs to continue
    Warao inflow to this area as usual, as this
    increasingly aggravated social problems and unsanitary there
    present. "

    Authorities said Wednesday that plans for
    Cambalache Warao indigenous community will continue, they contemplate
    housing with adobe blocks, determining
    land for productive and social development, the installation of a
    power house, which will assume the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples
    and fencing of the landfill Cambalache to prevent the entry of
    people while building a new municipal landfill.

    However, despite the steps made by the government
    local, area weeding, cleaning and other
    started two days ago, some Indian spokesmen reject
    treatment has been given to the cases and the delay before this

    Institutional Reviews
    Tulio Gudino, representative of the Bureau of Indian unit, said
    be very worried about what happens to the natives in this
    community of Puerto Ordaz, as stated their discontent and
    denounced "the neglect suffered by Aborigines from the
    authorities to represent. "

    "I think the unfortunate thing is that after they have died
    six children, have been activated. Because we as indigenous
    representatives in all institutions, and the attitude of reproach
    All those officials who have occupied the office on behalf of
    Indians are not doing anything to benefit
    peoples. What is happening in the area of ​​health in Bolivar is a
    neglect of government authorities. "

    Tulio Gudi?o said that as has happened in Cambalache with
    six children killed in just ten days, it happens in other communities
    the country, where medical care and the government's plans fail
    to improve their living conditions. For this he called for
    aside partisan politics of the peoples representatives
    ancestral engaged in work in terms of communities.

    Reported by: Jaime R. Torres <>

    - ProMED-ESP


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    Re: Bolivar - Pneumonia, chronic diarrhea, severe respiratory diseases and meningitis cause death of six Warao indigenous children of Cambalache


    ************************************************** *******************
    A ProMED-mail post
    ProMED-mail is a program of the
    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date: Thu 14 Apr 2011
    Source: Agencia Carabobena de Noticias (ACN) [in Spanish, trans.
    Mod.TY, edited]

    The Minister for Indigenous Peoples, Nicia Maldonado, stated that
    recently 6 children of the Warao ethnic group have died, victims of a
    virus, in Bolivar state. The results of laboratory tests in Caracas to
    identify the virus are awaited.

    The children presented "an infectious clinical picture and samples
    taken were sent to Caracas to determine which virus" caused the
    deaths, Maldonado explained for 'Venezolana de Television' from one of
    the Warao communities in Bolivar, in the south of Venezuela.

    The minister said that one of the children was never taken to a
    hospital, while the other 2 were taken to a medical center, but were
    not hospitalized.

    [Byline: Ana Ramos]

    Communicated by:
    HealthMap Alerts via ProMED-mail

    [This report provides no information about the clinical picture of
    these fatal illnesses, nor the basis for indicating that a virus
    infection is involved, except that an infectious agent is suspected.
    ProMED-mail will be interested in receiving additional information
    about these cases, especially if a virus is identified, as it becomes

    Maps of Venezuela can be accessed at <*N>
    and <>. - Mod.TY]

    .................................................. sb/lm/ty/mj/lm


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      Re: Bolivar - Pneumonia, chronic diarrhea, severe respiratory diseases and meningitis cause death of six Warao indigenous children of Cambalache

      See the thread below for more on this situation: