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15th death reported in Uruguay

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  • 15th death reported in Uruguay


    Uruguay reported 15 deaths by influenza A (H1N1)
    09:09 15-07-2009

    The total number of deaths by influenza A (H1N1) in Uruguay rose to 15 on Tuesday, reported the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

    Seven of the fatalities occurred in Montevideo, the capital of the South American country, said in a statement to the health authority.

    The official text reported also the existence of 31 outbreaks of the disease and 132 patients.

    The owner of the MSP, Maria Julia Munoz, told the press that it is likely that there will be further deaths from influenza A (H1N1) in patients with other chronic diseases.

    According to the communique from the ministry, "has determined that is widely circulating in the population of the new virus of influenza type A" as it occurs throughout the region. "

    Interest insist that the clinical course of patients affected by the new virus is similar to seasonal influenza, "he said.

    Until Monday had been 11 confirmed fatalities.

    All deaths from the virus were associated with other organ failures and pathologies of the patients.

    The first two cases were reported in Uruguay on May 27 by two youths who had traveled to Argentina.

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    Re: 15th death reported in Uruguay

    Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez on Wednesday called on Uruguayans to be calm amid the spread of the A/H1N1 flu, which has killed 15 people in the country, Xinhua reported.
    Vazquez said Uruguay is following the protocols established by the World Health Organization because "we can not improvise on an issue like this one."
    The A/H1N1 flu "has been much more inoffensive than the common flu, the seasonal flu," Vazquez told a local TV channel.
    Vazquez call on the government, people and media not to create an "alarming" message because it could be "more harmful than the disease."
    Uruguayan Public Health Minister Maria Julia Munoz said earlier that the oppositions have been trying to "politicized" the issue by increasing preventive measures.
    Local government of the departments of Soriano, San Jose and Rio Negro have suspended massive public activities till next week, measures that was rejected by the national health authorities.
    The country's health ministry have confirmed 15 deaths and 132 hospitalized patients of the A/H1N1 flu until Tuesday.
    All the deaths were related to organic failures and other pathologies.


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      Re: 15th death reported in Uruguay


      Google translation:

      MSP's latest report on H1N1 influenza
      Maragata are protected
      15.07.2009 00:00
      The Ministry of Public Health revealed that so far there are 15 people killed in the country holding the H1N1 virus. The San Jose intedente decided to suspend activities in that department.

      As detailed in the report of the MSP, to date we have identified 17 outbreaks in educational institutions, 3 in 11 businesses and other institutions closed. The cases in schoolchildren and adolescents from educational centers to date, are presented with good results and without complications.

      Among the patients there are 132 confirmed cases, 79 dropped, 16 probable cases and 112 but no confirmation suspects, making a total of 339 cases.

      Among the confirmed cases, the departments which have greater numbers of inmates are 74 Montevideo, Canelones, followed by 16 and 13 in Maldonado.

      With regard to age and there are 33 patients confirmed to have less than 5 years, 16 are between 5 and 15, 21 patients between 16 and 25, and 18 patients with ages ranging between 26 and 35, among others.

      On cases that are dead, the MSP described that there are 2 cases in people between 16 and 25 years, 2 cases with ages ranging from 26 to 35, 1 case age from 36 to 45, 4 cases in persons 46 to 55 years and 6 cases among patients who are 56 and 65 years.

      The premature baby of 22-year-old who died in Caramel was discharged.

      The monitoring system launched by the Ministry of Health confirmed the viral indigenous movement and sustained in the population of several departments. In this line emphasizes that the age group most affected are children under 20 years and cases behaved like an epidemic of mild to moderate.

      It also adjusted the Contingency Plan in regard to the monitoring system and the criterion related to the therapeutic indication of the antiviral oseltamivir. The MSP noted in his statement that in the case that people find difficult to enter the Oseltamivir may call 08004444 for information on the situation.

      It also indicates that you are working with the educational system to provide continuity to the courses of primary and secondary schools, supporting information activities, and eventual verification of respiratory tables should be treated at home to discontinue their attendance at class, with the collaboration of advanced students of the Faculty of Medicine.

      Suspended activities in San Jose

      On Tuesday, the mayor of San Jose, Juan Chiruchi, announced the measures taken by his department to "prevent the spread of the virus." These measures are in line with those adopted by the administrations Black Rio and Soriano, all of the National Party.

      The measures promoted by the mayor Chiruchi are: "to urge people to defer activities involving in closed session, calling on restaurants to reduce number of tables and provide hygiene measures," and "suspend all activities and events implemented by the municipality.

      Montevideo Portal


      July 14, 2009

      Montevideo, Uruguay 14-Ya are killed by the swine flu virus in Uruguay, while the Ministry of Public Health, said they counted 12.

      A new death (14) for influenza A occurred in Pando, where a woman died 32 years died in the mutual Camepa placed. The patient lived in the town of Joaquín Suárez, said Dr. Amanda Fernandez, director of the welfare institution

      On Monday, they met the deaths of a man of 44 died in a mutualist of San Jose, and a baby, who also suffered from pneumonia, and that ceased to exist in the mutual capital Grenmca

      In the digital page from the ministry, there is a generic comment about the preventive measures to be taken on the influenza statistics AH1N1 but not by changes made in the manner of informing the public.

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