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12th death reported in Uruguay

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  • 12th death reported in Uruguay


    Influenza A: 12 confirmed deaths
    14.07.2009 | 13.35
    Public Health Minister Maria Julia Mu?oz, reported Tuesday that up to now are 12 officially confirmed cases of death by influenza A H1N1.
    Influenza A: 12 confirmed deaths
    On the afternoon of Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Health will update the data on this virus, both deaths and outbreaks.

    Munoz did not rule out running in the next few days confirming other deaths due to this virus. The secretary of state said that the most affected are those who have registered.

    One of the deaths in the last couple of hours is 22 years, placed in Caramel, a few days ago that she was subjected to an emergency cesarean to save the life of her baby of seven months.

    The child is placed in a mutual Montevideo under extreme precautionary measures. According to recent medical reports, his health is good.

    One of the other deaths being investigated is that of a rural laborer 21 years in Cologne.

    For now, the MSP has not confirmed that the boy died with the virus. The man admitted last week to a mutual Rosario, Cologne, with a severe respiratory picture.

    Another case study is a person of 44 years who died Monday in San Jose mutual, with a picture of bilateral pneumonia.

    In Paysand?, meanwhile, are continuing serious internal CTI in a woman aged 22, who lost his pregnant from this disease and a baby of nine months.

    The Departmental Directorate of Health Paysand? reported in a statement that there has been an extensive movement of the flu virus to travel to seasonal influenza.

    Reported that this was due to the enhanced surveillance system and sentinel posts for flu-like illnesses and acute respiratory infections.

    Meanwhile, the authorities of the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU) reported that controlled the outbreak of influenza A in the Home Challenge.

    There, two inmates contracted the virus, which evolved favorably and are being monitored by the MSP.

    Moreover, the Health Codicen has provided two phone lines to clear any doubts or queries regarding the health status of schools in the country.

    The call is made from 8 to 18 hours by calling 304 27 61 or 304 27 62.

    Finally, the laboratory Roche on Tuesday reported that the distribution will be completed throughout the country, line of Tamiflu that arrived in the last few hours.

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    Re: 12th death reported in Uruguay


    Last Moment

    MSP confirmed that 12 were killed by the influenza A

    The Public Health Ministry official in this day that the deaths from influenza A and reach the dozen. Minister Maria Julia Mu?oz confirmed the figure and reported that this afternoon will be updated national data, both deaths and outbreaks.

    Secretary of State did not rule out that in the coming days, the figure can be increased by the confirmation of new deaths, according to the website today radio El Espectador.

    He added that the most affected are those who have registered.

    Munoz added that he hoped that in August or early September before the virus begins to refer to a decrease in cases.

    "We believe that when a virus linked to the flu has the same behavior" we hope "in August to say that we are in remission, or early September," said
    Public Health analysis of three cases pending

    THE MSP official death yesterday by a new influenza A in a woman aged 22 who had been subjected to caesarean section to save her son, and awaits confirmation from the other three cases, including a baby, raising to 13 the dead .

    The latest deaths, confirmed or not talk about a new scenario in the fatal cases. Where previously predominantly of middle-aged (ranging from 50 to 60 years), now the dead are young or babies, as happened on Friday with a child 11 months and could be confirmed today for the death of a child-only two months he was placed in a mutual Montevideo.

    Death, acknowledged yesterday that the MSP as a result of influenza A, is a woman of 22 years, who died in the town of Caramel, Cologne, but was originally from San Jose.

    The girl was placed in a grave CTI Caramel last week and had to be subjected to a Caesarean section to save her son. The victim in his seventh month of pregnancy when the symptoms began to influenza A and had to be hospitalized.

    The child who is premature, is in the mutual impasse Montevideo under extreme precautionary measures.

    Meanwhile, although the direction of Cologne Department of Health confirmed that a couple of rural laborers 21 years (late Friday) was infected by new virus, the MOH seeks to establish whether this was the cause of his death or died result of hantavirus, caused by rodents in the field, El Pais reported to the director general of Health, Jorge Basso.

    The boy was admitted last week to the mutual location of the city of Rosario, Cologne, with a severe respiratory picture. He worked in the field, and so the health authorities do not rule out that also had contact with hantavirus, which is confirmed today, said Basso.

    The other case is awaiting confirmation of a person of 44 years, died yesterday at the Medical Association of Mutual San Jose with a picture of pneumonia bilaterally. According to the director general of Health, there are still the results of tests to confirm whether it was carrying the virus. However, the technical director of the mutual, John Tartaglia, told El Pais that "every indication" that had H1N1.

    Meeting. Yesterday, health authorities met with the Committee on Infections Intrahospitalarias of care services for an update on the performance of the system as it has to do with the management of beds and the tricks that are done on staff absenteeism health, an issue that "concerns" especially appropriated Basso.

    The meeting also worked on the new treatment plan that includes the possibility of starting treatment with Tamiflu without the need for studies in patients presenting severe comorbidities.

    Basso has identified several categories of patients who have complications. Those over 50 years with diabetes, heart disease and lung diseases are those that have proven to be more exposed, Basso reported. But he added that there is also another category comprising younger patients with morbid obesity as a factor of complexity. In addition, he highlighted a "high prevalence of pneumonia in young people. "It's an event that is handled at the international level would have a facilitation compared with influenza virus pneumonia. And it is following with great attention to infectologists.

    Cases. In Paysand? continue serious internal CTI in 22 years a woman who lost her pregnancy due to the disease, and a baby of nine months. The woman is placed since June 23 and since then has failed to evolve positively. The infant was admitted to nine months CTI last Thursday.

    In San Jose, there are four other people detained in the STI Rivera and two other cases in hospital and waiting to be confirmed if they are carrying the new virus.

    A?da Gonz?lvez, Divisional Director of Health Rivera, said the results were delayed because they "have more than 800 analysis to investigate," he said.

    In Black River, yesterday, there was a meeting of the Emergency Department and concluded that for the moment the situation is "quiet" and the cases have a good outcome.

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