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Uruguay - 11th swine flu death announced

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  • Uruguay - 11th swine flu death announced

    11th swine flu death added

    the latest flu case was confirmed was that of a rural worker from Colonia.. The director of the department of Health, Pedro Motta, said a couple of notes that 21 years might have the hanta virus

    And add 11 people who died with influenza A, knowing that after a couple of 21 years who served as a worker in a rural setting Rosario (Cologne) had the H1N1 virus, as confirmed by observing the health department director Pedro Motta. The boy died last week, but the studies were released this week indicated that he had the virus.

    However, Motta said that there is no assurance that influenza A is the cause of death, as had symptoms associated with the Hanta virus. "So we're going to do studies in the area and worked at home, because the picture presented is very similar to hanta," he said. According to Motta that the disease is transmitted by rats through urine, causing two deaths per year in addition Colonia. Por Monday confirmed another fatal victim claimed that the influenza A H1N1 in Uruguay, according to radio Carve.

    It is the young mother of 22 years to which he should practice a caesarean section to seven months of pregnancy who suffer from influenza A H1N1. The baby is moving. The case shocked the city of Caramel (Cologne) since it became known in history.

    After giving birth, the mother of the table worsened and remained in the CTI of the Cooperative Medical Assistance based in Caramel until this morning when he died. The woman was originally from San Jose and he was seven months pregnant when she started to show symptoms of influenza A. The baby was transferred immediately to a mutual Montevideo prematurely because of pollution from influenza A. (

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