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8th&9th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay

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  • 8th&9th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay


    Google translation:

    Nine deaths from influenza A; MSP accused of "politicizing" the issue

    At a press conference the Minister of Health, María Julia Muñoz, reported that a baby of 11 months with cerebral palsy and the H1N1 virus died today at the Pereira Rossell.

    It also confirmed that Álvaro Martínez Bonilla of 34 years who died on Wednesday at the American hospital, if infected with influenza A. In this way the dead in Uruguay reach nine.

    Munoz said that no longer winter break because there is no scientific evidence to do so. Secretary of State regretted the "politicization of the issue and questioned the mayor of Soriano to ban performances, unilaterally, without prior consultation with the authorities or the National Emergency Committee.

    DATA. Today was a videoconference with the Latin American countries and the authorities of PAHO, Uruguay where he presented a report on the situation regarding the pandemic. [B]Since the first cases were registered on April 24 in Uruguay have been 165 cases confirmed by laboratory, in addition to 385 cases through contact with epidemiological links, although it is known that there must be many more that have not been notified.

    All the deceased had cormobilidad other factors such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease and were within an age group ranging from 34 to 65 years. When the report was not confirmed the death of baby 11 months.

    Director of Epidemiology, Dr. Raquel Rosas explained that the influenza virus H1N1 has exceeded that of the common flu. Today 80% of the cases correspond to the new flu virus. Throughout the country there are only three departments that have not documented any case, these are: Tacuarembó, Cerro Largo y Rocha.

    Further recalled that the WHO has recommended no further counting by-case basis, but monitor outbreaks and serious cases.

    For his part, Muñoz said he does not relate more to the virus as influenza A, but from now is called H1N1 influenza 2009.

    SORIANO. The Ministry of Health were particularly annoyed at the attitude of the candidate for vice president of the National Party, Jorge Larrañaga, who yesterday asked for the postponement of the start of classes due to the spread of the virus. This resulted, according to the minister, to the mayor today nationalist Soriano asked the authorities not to start teaching classes and resolved to close all public shows.

    "We deplore the political party with a virus that has no party," as it is important that an item of this caliber is considered a "state policy," said the hierarch.

    Regarding the performance of the mayor, said Munoz is now communicated with him, but that his position has the autonomy to close prohibit entertainment. It's the same with respect to the start of classes, an issue for which the education authorities to move Soriano to find a solution.

    According observed portfolio of Health, the hospitals are overwhelmed and Soriano not have the necessary drugs, but not the private hospitals, whom the Ministry is willing to provide.

    Undersecretary of Health, Eduardo Fernández Galeano said that this will be done with all the private hospital can not supply the demand of drugs.

    CLASS. The Ministry of Public Health has determined, for its part, along with education authorities in a "strict monitoring" and "filter" of the boys who attend primary and secondary schools, especially public, said the minister, who reiterated that children with respiratory or flu tables do not attend classes.

    Munoz also said that it is not proven that the closure of public places to decrease the spread of the virus once it is already installed in society and circulates from person to person contact.

    MEDICATION. As for the lack of medication, which was being given in recent days, the minister said they expect next week for 2000 doses of Tamiflu which will send the Pan American Health Organization. And is also considering allowing the entry to the country of other medicines to combat the disease.
    El Pais Digital


    July 11, 2009
    added nine deaths and 550 are infected according to official figures
    He died an infant 11 months of opening

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported nine deaths from influenza A in the country and the official figure of 550 infected. A baby of 11 months who suffered cerebral palsy and contracted the H1N1 virus died yesterday at the Pereira Rossell.

    In a report yesterday on the status of influenza A, the director of Epidemiology MSP, Raquel Rosa, said that 16 departments are affected by the pandemic, and nine people died throughout the country.

    Since the first case emerged in Uruguay 165 cases were confirmed by the Central Laboratory and 385 by epidemiological nexus. However, the number of people affected is much greater because it is a sustained virus transmission already has shifted from seasonal flu, said Rosa.

    In this regard, the director of Epidemiology reported that for every confirmed case there are an estimated 5 to 8 persons infected, bringing the number of infected could rise to 4,400. Moreover, as nine deaths in the country because of the H1N1 virus.

    All the fatalities were associated with comorbidity factors such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

    On the afternoon of the first baby died yesterday of influenza A in the country. This is a child of 11 months who suffered from cerebral palsy, he was met at the Centro Hospitalario Pereira Rossell. In turn the Ministry of Health confirmed the death of a man 35 years of age in the department of Flores remained interned in the Hospital and he was an American pneumopathy.

    In both Paysandú continues in a delicate infant of 11 months internship in the mutual Comepa, according to News of the institution's president, Loyda Ponce. According to a report which reached the World Health Organization, Raquel Rosa, during a videoconference between the countries of Latin America, the H1N1 virus circulates in 80% of the population and occurs in most cases with mild tables.

    So far only stay free of influenza A Tacuarembó departments, Cerro Largo y Rocha. But surely also shortly present case as they have proved a major transmissibility, said Rosa.
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    Re: 8th&9th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay


    Google translation:

    Increase to nine deaths from influenza A in Uruguay

    10/07/2009 18:19 PM

    AFP. Montevideo. The victims of the deadly swine flu rose to nine in Uruguay, following the confirmation of two new cases, one of them a baby of 9 months, and an adult of 34 years, informed the Minister of Health, Mar?a Julia Mu?oz.

    Munoz said at a press conference that "the baby died nine months in the Pereira Rossell Hospital (public) and belonged to a unit INAU (Institute of Child and Adolescent of Uruguay). Among other ailments, had cerebral palsy."

    Munoz also went to the crossing of the decision of municipal governments from the departments of Soriano (southwest) and Black River (northwest), which public entertainment suspended due to influenza A (H1N1).

    He stated that the mayor of Soriano, Guillermo Besozzi, "did not follow the traditional ways of consultation."

    Mu?oz said that "there is no reason for alarm" and assured that the issue of swine flu "is being politicized in the context of the election campaign to the October elections.

    Soriano's government had also requested the National Emergency System (SNE) to intercede with the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) to order a longer winter break, which ends this weekend.

    Mu?oz said that "no longer vacation because there is no scientific evidence" indicating that it prevents infection, because "the virus is circulating around the country."

    Meanwhile, the SNE said in a statement that "to maintain permanent contact" with the MSP "with respect to the development of influenza A (H1N1)" and that this will be the portfolio that will solve any action it deems appropriate " .

    The MOH reported this week that "the new virus, Influenza A H1N1 (is) taking the seasonal influenza virus (80%) and that the development of new disease is similar to seasonal influenza," by annual "killed between 60 and 80 people in the country.

    The final balance of the MSP, released Wednesday, said that "have been identified and studied 23 outbreaks of swine flu, which have involved about 520 people (...)".


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      Re: 8th&9th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay


      Google translation:

      With the death of a baby nine victims

      Health emergency. The baby died suffered from infantile paralysis yesterday confirmed that a man of 34 years died on Wednesday had influenza A, discusses the death of a young man 21 years

      A baby of 11 months and a man of 34 years increased to nine the number killed by influenza A in the country. In Cologne could confirm the tenth death if it is determined that a youth of 21 years with respiratory failure, had the virus.

      The confirmed deaths yesterday and can confirm that today, breaking with the patterns characteristic of the other seven fatal cases. So far, all deaths had something in common: their ages ranged from 50 to 60 years and charged with multiple chronic diseases that were decisive for his death.

      In these cases, a man of 34 years in Florida and a baby of 11 months in Montevideo, which varies with the earlier deaths is age, although it remains a common factor that had some pathology that did not help in nothing better take statements flu. The man had asthma and the baby was suffering from infantile paralysis.

      baby. The confirmation of the death of the baby was in charge of the director of Epidemiology, Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Rachel Rose, in the midst of the press conference yesterday the Minister Maria Julia Mu?oz. Rosa received a text message to your cell phone with the news and immediately sent to the media.

      This is a baby of 11 months he was placed in a unit of the National Institute of Child and Adolescent of Uruguay (INAU) and died at the Pereira Rossell Hospital due to influenza A compounded by infantile paralysis.

      It is the first infant who dies of the virus, but not the only one affected. In Paysand?, nine months a baby is placed in a grave of mutual local CTI.

      Meanwhile, the departmental director of Health Flores, Mercedes Traversa, confirmed yesterday the death of a man of 34 years, a native of that department, and was interned in the American Hospital in Montevideo.

      Traversa noted that the patient had conditions that aggravate their condition. The victim, who worked in a media of Trinidad, were presented last week at a local health institution with a pneumonia that was inappropriate development. Because it had to be moved to Montevideo in CTI, and died two days ago.

      Traversa noted that unfortunately, despite the young age of the patients had points that favored the evolution of the virus.

      The chief indicated that in such circumstances of influenza A, "the important thing is to be performing well against any such contingency."

      Indicated that the new virus in the country takes a special moment at the beginning of winter, which coincides with the largest number of respiratory diseases. In that context, he must not be "excited" or run a search for drugs, or self. Indicated that deaths have always been given the flu virus in Uruguay, noting that between 5% and 15% of the population is affected each year by influenza viruses.

      Colonia. Meanwhile, a couple of 21 years died yesterday in Rosario, Colonia, after presenting a very severe respiratory picture. The patient was admitted on Friday to Cameco Sanatorium, where he was treated.

      Samples were sent immediately to the laboratory of the Ministry of Public Health, to know whether the influenza A H1N1. The results will be announced on Monday.

      Moreover, in a couple of Caramel 22 years who underwent a cesarean section to save her child still in serious condition interned at CTI. The child who is premature, he was transferred to impasse with extreme precautionary measures.

      Videoconference. Director of Epidemiology reported that yesterday was a videoconference with the countries of Latin America and the Pan American Health Organization on the development of the pandemic. Uruguay has been informed about the situation in the country since the start of the pandemic, from June 11 until today.

      In the course of this period, said Rosa, Uruguay has documented the presence in the country sustained level of this new virus, which is distributed almost throughout the territory.

      80% of the cases that are recorded correspond to the H1N1 virus, which is virtually replacing the seasonal influenza. He stressed that each case diagnosed between five and eight cases.

      Tamiflu. For its part, Health Minister Maria Julia Mu?oz, remarked that the country at the moment there is enough stock of the drug Tamiflu to treat the disease. "We have medicines for the health services of the State and also to the mutual," he said.

      He also reported that requested the Pan American Health Organization, 10,000 doses "which will arrive next week." He added that if necessary, but the experts recommend, "the country will join other medicines used to treat the disease."
      More deaths in countries of the region

      The death toll for influenza A in Argentina rose to 88 after the confirmation of six new deaths in Buenos Aires, Friday reported yesterday the Minister of Health of the city, Jorge Lemus.

      The spread of evil Argentina ranks third in number of deaths behind United States (170) and Mexico (121).
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