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7th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay

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  • 7th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay


    7 the total number of deaths with influenza A
    This is a patient of 50 years who had other complications such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes

    On Wednesday it was reported that in total are 7 people who died in Uruguay with influenza A H1N1. This is a person of 50 years who was interned in a hospital in Florida, who had other complications such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes, told the press Adriana Brescia, a member of the health department. The same happened with other cases.

    The specialist indicated that the patient was admitted to a hospital in Florida "decompensated, with a serious" and was interned in CTI.

    In a press release issued on Tuesday afternoon, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said that the deaths are people with significant co-morbidity, which means that their ages are between 54 and 60 years, especially diabetes, respiratory diseases associated with smoking, heart disease, morbid obesity, all diseases that determine vulnerability to infectious processes such as those related to influenza.

    Date: 08/07/2009 | 13:46 | Montevideo, Uruguay

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    Re: 7th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay


    Rises to seven deaths from influenza in Uruguay
    Alert influenza - Wednesday, July 8 (14:10 hrs.)

    * The Ministry of Health reveals that there are 255 inmates, of whom 72 have the disease

    El Financiero Online

    Montevideo, July 8 .- A man of 53 years died today after being admitted last Tuesday with symptoms of influenza A in a hospital department of Florida in Uruguay, so that the seven deaths in country.

    Health according to sources, the person came to the hospital in the town with a complicated picture presented by high pressure, diabetes and some respiratory failure.

    The latest victim is the first in the department of Florida, located about 100 kilometers north of Montevideo, where there are four more houses.

    On Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) confirmed the sixth death of person. She is a woman who died over the weekend suffering from various diseases and being suspected of suffering from the disease.

    The ministry said that in Uruguay there are 255 inmates, of whom 72 suffer from influenza A.

    So far, seven people were victims accounted for between 53 and 60 years who also presented the new flu complications.

    In public hospitals and Maciel Pasteur de Montevideo, all beds in the Intensive Treatment Center (ITC) are occupied by patients suspected of suffering from the disease.

    The MSP yesterday amended the protocol to assist people with the disease, which now receive anti-flu at the first sign of the presence of the H1N1 virus be confirmed and not after the disease, as happened so far.

    This decision was taken after it was found that approximately 80 percent of suspected cases of influenza A that are discussed in the country confirm the presence of the virus.

    The newspaper The Observer announced that next week is scheduled arrival of a new drug Tamiflu and the arrival of a shipment of Relenza, an inhaler that is also fighting the flu and which so far, not in the country . (With information from Reuters / MVC)