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6th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay

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  • 6th A/H1N1 death reported in Uruguay


    Six died from swine flu in Uruguay
    ? 2009 The Associated Press
    July 8, 2009 8:23 AM

    The swine influenza virus in Uruguay and moved to seasonal influenza and has killed six people, informed the Ministry of Public Health.

    A report of the technical equipment of the Laboratory of Public Health, found that "AH1N1 influenza is circulating widely in the population, up to 80% shifting to seasonal influenza."

    In a release issued Tuesday night, the ministry stressed that all those killed were aged between 54 and 60 years and suffering from other diseases, such as "diabetes, respiratory diseases associated with smoking, heart disease, morbid obesity," all vulnerable to diseases such as infections associated with influenza.

    The MOH reported on Tuesday that his team provided "adjustments to the system of supervision and clinical management of patients."

    The first cases of virus infections in the country AH1N1 were detected in May, early June and Uruguay entered the stage six of the pandemic.

    The MSP added that there are 255 people of which 72 inmates were suffering from influenza A.