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2 more A/H1N1 deaths in Uruguay plus 1 more- 4 total

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 2 more A/H1N1 deaths in Uruguay plus 1 more- 4 total


    MSP maintains strategy, and 4 are the dead

    The number of deaths from influenza A in Uruguay rose to four after the three deaths confirmed yesterday by the effects of the new virus.

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that at the moment will not change the strategy to combat the evil, but called for next week the team of consultants to assess the situation.

    The three deaths yesterday were in the Police Hospital (a retired firefighter of 60 years), Military Hospital (a woman of 56 years) and Sanatorio Mautone Maldonado (a woman of 54 years). The three had chronic diseases.

    These cases add to the wife of 60 years died on Monday at the Hospital Maciel.

    In addition, another five patients in intensive care and 132 inmates with symptoms of influenza A, of which 46 have already been confirmed as carriers of the virus. Among them, 12 children under 5 years.

    Yesterday it was learned that the 22-year-old placed in a CTI Paysand? lost 10 weeks of pregnancy.

    The only news that brought some relief in the day was the development of the child 10 years at a CTI of Montevideo, which was improved and a common room.

    Minister Maria Julia Mu?oz, who returns today from Portugal, will meet next week with the team of advisors to the MSP. The chairman of Codicen Luis Yarz?bal, El Pais said yesterday that there are no plans to extend the winter break, as did Argentina.
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  • Shiloh
    started a topic 2 more A/H1N1 deaths in Uruguay plus 1 more- 4 total

    2 more A/H1N1 deaths in Uruguay plus 1 more- 4 total


    Google translation:

    Uruguay reported two deaths from influenza A (H1-NN1)
    Friday, July 03, 2009

    02 July 2009, 20:17 Montevideo, July 2 (PL) Two more people died today in Uruguay due to influenza A (H1N1), bringing to three deaths from this cause, reported the Ministry of Public Health ( MSP).

    In all cases the deceased were carrying the virus of the dreaded flu, but also suffered from other illnesses that complicate their clinical pictures.

    One of the deceased at the time, a former firefighter for 60 years based in Montevideo, had suffered from diabetes and a heart disease database.

    The other victim was a woman of 54 years resident in Maldonado (about 100 km east of Montevideo) with the kind of illnesses and also kidneys.

    Uruguay reported 131 people were admitted with symptoms of influenza A (H1N1), 43 of them confirmed as carrying the virus, mostly in Montevideo (32).

    The entrance to the southern winter has also unleashed a wave of seasonal influenza, whose symptoms are sometimes confused with those of the other.

    Alarmed, the patients have strained the coverage of mobile medical emergencies, which are receiving up to twice daily phone calls. Only in the last three days to spend five thousand.

    The MSP said in a statement that "nothing justifies the time to generate public alarm" as "we are in the numbers of people placed themselves in the winter, and what it is to act responsibly."

    In this senido, advises care of the cold, wash your hands regularly and avoid as much as possible places to go to high influx of people and badly ventilated to prevent respiratory infection.

    lac / ASG