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Uruguay - H1N1 flu: 51-year-old man admitted to CTI in Durazno

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  • Uruguay - H1N1 flu: 51-year-old man admitted to CTI in Durazno

    The health authorities of the Department of Durazno closely follow the case of a 51-year-old patient, derived from the mutual Comeflo of Trinidad (flowers), affected by a primary picture of influenza A H1N1, according to the first rapid test to which he was subjected.

    The President of the mutual Camedur, Yamand? Fern?ndez, confirmed the situation in the country and said that the patient was derived the weekend since flowers. The man was hospitalized with high fever, muscle aches, secretion, and vomiting. It is in the center of intensive therapy (CTI) of the mutual observation.

    Fernandez said that even though there is no confirmation 100% that in the case of the H1N1 virus, the patient is being treated as if they were affected by the virus. It is insulated and the drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is providing. The confirmation of the case is expected within 15 days.

    From the Ministry of public health (MSP) were told El Pa?s that the epidemiology division receives a report of weekly cases of severe respiratory infections. And they stressed that for the moment there is no other serious cases.

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    Re: Uruguay - H1N1 flu: 51-year-old man admitted to CTI in Durazno

    Public health confirmed the first case in this year's influenza A H1N1 in Uruguay

    The Ministry of public health (MSP) confirmed that the patient of peach on Friday joined a private mutual with a respiratory infection suffers from influenza A H1N1. The Director of the Division of epidemiology of the Ministry, Raquel Rosa confirmed the information to radio Sarandi, but said that the situation 'does not warrant alarm'. 'It is not important that confirmed the case in particular because the measures taken since the beginning of the situation (...) Data is important to national epidemiological level,'he said. This Monday to be consulted by the observer Rosa said that although disease had not been confirmed yet, the patient was isolated and it was already receiving the treatment indicated for this pathology. On Friday when the 51-year-old man entered the mutual, your picture worsened quickly so it was intubated and transferred to the CTI. The patient belongs to a group of risk, since he is diabetic, smoker and overweight.


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      Uruguay: patient with H1N1 in Durazno

      The man of 51 years old since the beginning of the month remained interned in the CTI of the troubled mutual Camedur of flu type H1 N1 was discharged in the last hours to confirm a positive evolution, told El Pais the President of the medical institution, Yamand? Fern?ndez.

      it was the first serious case with a diagnosis of influenza A H1N1 recorded in Uruguay. The other took place in the city of Artigas, but with worse consequences since the patient ended up dying.

      Fernandez noted that there have been no similar cases in the Department of Durazno. The patient, a native of Flores, had gone to the mutual Comeflo in the city of Trinidad, showing high fever, muscle aches, secretion and vomiting, symptoms compatible with influenza a.

      the case escalated and he should be interned and then derived from urgency to the duraznense CTI under strict sanitary measures, following medical Protocol for such situations, said Fernandez. After several days it has evolved favorably and yesterday afternoon had already resolved his medical discharge.