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Peru - Influenza AH1N1: four dead in the year

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  • Peru - Influenza AH1N1: four dead in the year

    The deadly influenza does not cease to take casualties in the interior of the country. This one-time purchase * five-month-old baby became the fourth person to perish by this virus * in the year and the third in the La Libertad region.

    According to Peru21 reported the head of the Regional Health Management (Geresa) of the Freedom, Evelyn Goicochea the lesser, that presented a severe pneumonia, He died in the hospital Bethlehem of Trujillo victim of type A influenza AH3N2.

    In this hospital, he said, income from the town of Huamachuco, capital of the province of S?nchez Carri?n. She recalled that at the beginning of this month, two old men of 63 and 85 also died in the City of Eternal Spring victims of influenza, but the variant of AH1N1.

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    Influenza AH1N1: MoH alert on 78 cases of influenza in Lima

    In the year, there are already 209 infections throughout Peru, while in 2014 there were 291.


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      Cusco: 38 people already died with pneumonia and the figure is on the rise

      June 12 2015 - 09:27 | Cusco -

      So far the pneumonia claimed the lives of 38 people in the Cusco region, informed the owner of the Regional Bureau of Health of Cusco (Diresa), Jos? Bernable Villasante, and he said that was going to declare red alert a native community of Camisea, Where 5 billion people are at risk of contracting this disease by the low temperatures.Statistics. According to the epidemiological report of special alert response of cold season of the Diresa, to week 21 ( until May 24 of 2015), was recorded on death due to pneumonia in 19 children under the age of 5 years. The largest number of deaths occurred in the province of the Convention with 11 deaths, a fact unusual Bernable said, arguing that in past years the deaths caused by this disease occurred mostly in provinces located on the 3 thousand 500 meters above sea level. After the Convention, are the provinces of Quispicanchi, Cusco and Chumbivilcas with two deaths each area and with a death by province are Canchis, Anta.

      Of the 19 deaths of children, 10 were recorded inside a hospital or health center, while nine out of the health centers, i.e. that the patients did not receive specialized assistance.