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Peru: Confirm first death from influenza A/H1N1 in Huancayo

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  • Peru: Confirm first death from influenza A/H1N1 in Huancayo

    The health sector confirmed the death of a dweller of 71 years of age with AH1N1 in the city of Huancayo (Junin region).
    It's Jose Medina of the Rock, who was admitted to the hospital Ramiro Priale Priale the April 28, and died on May 15. The study of AH1N1, this gave positive. It should be noted that, in hospital is a 5-year-old child who has been placed on May 5 and is a likely victim of AH1N1.
    In addition, it is known that there are three cases more to be confirmed in other healthcare institutions of the city.

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    Tumbes: reported possible case of influenza A-H1N1 at the posta of Pampa Grande

    A probable case of A-H1N1 flu, known as the swine fever was reported in the micro-network of Pampa Grande last Thursday May 21.Alert. Mail spoke with the head of the medical center of this sector, Infante Carlos Carrillo, who notes that referred day in the middle of the night emergency income by a patient of 41 years of age. According to the report No. 007-2015 - TRO, the person was served by the physician on duty Jet Felix Rodriguez, who diagnosed influenza syndrome D/C A-H1N1 flu, D/C dengue. That is likely swine flu and/or dengue. For this reason arranged his transfer to the hospital immediately Saul Garrido Rosillo (Sagaro exit), due to the complexity of the pathology of the patient. The head of the mail to Microred stated that the patient had all the symptoms of this disease. "fever has submitted for seven days, lumbar pain, cough produced, runny nose and pain of the joints; in addition it was automedicando", explained