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Total of 14 deaths reported in Peru

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  • Total of 14 deaths reported in Peru


    Google translation:

    Increases to 12 deaths "swine flu"

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported three new deaths in Peru by the 'swine flu', but not included in his last official review of the death of a person in Huaraz by AH1N1 virus, which confirmed that the Directorate-noon Regional Health Ancash, according to media reports from Lima.

    With these three deaths in Lima, amounting to 11 which has claimed the lives influenza A in the country. Among those that would be a man of 50 years with Down syndrome who died at the Cayetano Heredia Hospital, a 35 year-old woman with epilepsy who died in the hospital Emergency Grau ESSALUD, and a man of the last 29 years that also died in the hospital Grau.

    Meanwhile, confirmed influenza A infection also rose to 503 with two thousand 113 new cases reported last Friday (68 in Lima, 19 in Lambayeque, La Libertad 8, 11, Piura, Cajamarca 2, 1 in Jaen 1, Jun?n, 1 in Loreto, Madre de Dios in 1 and 1 in Apur?mac). It is necessary to indicate that cases were not presented in Puno in the reports of the MOH.

    "These new cases are now in medical supervision, home insulation, antiviral and evolving favorably," the Ministry said in a statement that also noted that, to date, have been discharged 159 patients who contracted the virus .

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    Re: Total of 12 deaths reported in Peru


    Another three die for 'swine flu'
    By Jessie Lizano / R. Holes
    To prevent the spread of the virus, the Grand Parade and military parade will be postponed at least until September.

    Influenza AH1N1 continues to claim more lives. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) confirmed the death of three others infected with this virus, adding eleven fatalities.

    One was a patient of 50 years with Down syndrome, which is served in the hospital 'Cayetano Heredia', while the other two are 29 years of a man and a woman of 35 who suffered from epilepsy, who died in Hospital de Emergencias Grau ESSALUD.

    Within Minsa not those deaths included a patient who died two days ago in Huaraz, where infection was confirmed by Manuel Ruiz Herrera, Office of Health of the People of the Regional Health Authority of Ancash.

    Also, 113 new cases were confirmed, with the total contracted amount to 2 thousand 503 infected.

    Suspending visits
    Moreover, as a precautionary measure, were suspended visits to the prison inmates' Sarita Colonia 'Callao, confirmed the four infected and nine others with symptoms.

    Meanwhile, sources in the criminal 'Castro Castro' reported the existence of four other cases here, which were isolated in the topic.

    In turn, hospitals and medical centers with hospital ESSALUD throughout the country changed its schedule of visits as a preventative measure to prevent the entry of the virus of 'swine flu', merely on Mondays, Wednesdays , Fridays and Sundays.

    At the hospital 'Rebagliati' is made of 5 pm to 7 pm, in the 'Almenara', 2 to 4 pm and the 'Sabogal' del Callao, 4 to 6 pm.

    Until September
    To prevent the spread of the virus, the Grand Parade and military parade will be postponed at least until September, said the MoD.

    "Probably can be made in September, when the virus has decreased," the head of the sector, Rafael Rey.
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      Re: Total of 12 deaths reported in Peru


      Google translation:

      Men suffering from hypertension is the 12th fatality of influenza in the country AH1N1

      * Lima, July. 20 (ANDINA) .- A 12 increased the number of fatalities of the New Influenza AH1N1, with the death of a man of 53 years, residing in Ancash and suffering from hypertension.

      According to the communique of the Ministry of Health, the tenth second death from the pandemic in the country occurred in the hospital Victor Ramos Guardia de Huaraz.

      As for those affected by this evil, Minsa reported new cases coming to 258, all of which are under medical treatment and home insulation.

      Of the 258 new affected, all Peruvians live in Lima 105, 27 in La Libertad, Arequipa 26, 23 in Ancash, Junin at 14, 13 in Cusco, 8 in Cajamarca, Lambayeque, 15, 5 in Puno, 4 Piura, Ayacucho 4, 4 in Huanuco, Ica one in, one in Tumbes, two in Pasco, two in Huancavelica, Apurimac in two, one at Mother of God and one in Amazon.

      Since the pandemic, a total of 2.761 people have been affected in our country, of which 2.390 were discharged, said Minsa.

      (END) NDP / ART


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        Re: Total of 14 deaths reported in Peru


        Google translation;

        3 people killed by influenza AH1N1 and 2761 are already confirmed infections

        18:23 | Fatalities rising to 14, according to recent information. In the last 24 hours were 258 confirmed new cases of infection nationwide

        In the last 24 hours have been officially recorded 258 new confirmed cases of influenza AH1N1 in the country. This amount so far 2761 cases of infection nationwide.

        As reported by the Ministry of Health, through a communique, a man of 53 years died in hospital Victor Ramos Guardia de Huaraz as a result of the virus, which would amount to 12 the number of people killed by the new virus.

        However, the number of deaths reached 14. Throughout the day, the president of the Huancavelica region, Federico Salas, who confirmed his place in a child one year and two months old, identified as Jose Antonio Quispe Sotacuro, a native of the town of Ccasapata (Yauli), died regional hospital in the July 14 but just now we know the results of samples taken from the victim.

        "The results confirmed today that his death was due to that flu," said Chambers.

        Another baby dies in Lambayeque
        Moreover, the regional director of Health in Lambayeque, Victor Echeand?a, Per?.21 the first confirmed deaths from the disease in their locality. "This is a baby nine months old with Down syndrome, who entered last Saturday July 11 at the hospital Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjo EsSalud the city of Chiclayo and died the next day with a picture of pneumonia.

        Echeand?a revealed that newly received today from the National Institute of Health, the official results of the tests they did to that child and confirmed that he had the virus, confirming that the delay in diagnosing the disease.

        With the passing of these two children the number of deaths would rise to 14.

        Of the 258 new confirmed cases of influenza in the country AH1N1, Minsa reports that they are all Peruvians. 105 cases were reported in Lima, 27 in La Libertad, Arequipa 26, 23 in Ancash, Junin at 14, 13 in Cusco, 8 in Cajamarca, Lambayeque, 15, 5 in Puno, 4 in Piura, Ayacucho in 4, 4 Huanuco, Ica 1, Tumbes 1, 2 in Pasco, 2 in Huancavelica, Apurimac 2, 1 in Madre de Dios and Amazonas 1.

        These new cases are now in medical supervision, home insulation, antiviral and evolving favorably.


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          Re: Total of 14 deaths reported in Peru


          Google translation:

          Peru figure rises to 14 victims influenza H1N1, there are about 2,800 cases
          Tuesday July 21, 2009 17:13 CDT

          LIMA, July 21 (Reuters) - Peru on Tuesday rose to 14 the death toll in the country because of the new influenza strain H1N1, while increased instances of spread to nearly 2,800 people.

          The Peruvian Ministry of Health reported that the new victims are children under one year from chronic malnutrition in the Andean region of Huancavelica, and 9 months of a baby with Down syndrome in the northern city of Chiclayo, about 770 kilometers north of Lima.

          On Tuesday reported 35 new cases of a new influenza, reaching 2796 people infected with the virus throughout the country, mostly in Lima.

          The ministry said that the confirmed cases, 2503 persons were discharged after receiving antiviral treatments.

          To prevent the spread of the virus in the country, the Government postponed its traditional military parade on the anniversary of Independence, that a few years to go up to 200,000 people and was scheduled for July 29.

          The H1N1 virus, a mixture of strains of swine flu, avian and human, emerged in April in Mexico and has spread throughout the world.

          The disease has killed over 700 people and has infected about 125,000 worldwide, according to a spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO).

          (By Teresa Cespedes, Edited by Silene Ramirez)


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            Re: Total of 14 deaths reported in Peru


            National PortadaActualidad
            Published: Thursday, July 23 from 2009 103 Reads | No Comments
            Number of deaths from flu AH1N1 has not increased, reports Minsa

            Until Wednesday 14 deaths were reported. Deputy Minister of Health, Meliton Arce stated that patients are being assessed.

            The Deputy Minister of Ministry of Health, Meliton Arce Rodr?guez, reported that the number of deaths caused by influenza AH1N1 in the country remains at 14, while the number of infected is 2944.

            Referred in statements to the press that other deaths may be announced, as some reported cases are under evaluation.

            In hours of the day was announced two more deaths and another one in Chiclayo in Lurin, presumably because of the New Influenza AH1N1.

            According to the correspondent of RPP in Lima, was the second death of the New Influenza infection in the city. It is the young Evelyn Villegas Cabanillas (26), who remained in the intensive care unit of the hospital Almanzor Aguinaga Chiclayo.

            The patient was maintained with artificial breathing apparatus and his illness had been diagnosed only a week ago, so the news caused a great stir in the family of the woman.

            Meanwhile in Lurin, died a man of 30 years despite having shown symptoms never took antivirals.

            Required to RPP that Orlando Ventura Victor Farias died at 07.20 in the morning on Thursday at the Hospital Materno Infantil of that jurisdiction. Doctors diagnosed acute respiratory distress.

            (Foto: EFE)