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8th fatality reported in Peru

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 8th fatality reported in Peru


    Eighth victim of 'Influenza A'
    Another victim of the deadly influenza AH1N1 was confirmed yesterday. She is a woman of 40 years, who died in hospital EsSalud of Huanuco, where he was a severe heart disease and asthma. Also, 132 new cases were confirmed, totaling 2 thousand 390 in total.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health set up tents outside the jails, to detect if visitors are carriers of the virus

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  • Shiloh
    started a topic 8th fatality reported in Peru

    8th fatality reported in Peru


    Google translation:

    8 joined the victims of the deadly influenza A in Peru
    Thu, 16/07/2009 - 11:58

    This is a woman of 43 years, secretary of the National University of Hermilio Valdiz?n Hu?nuco. The victim was suffering from congenital heart disease.

    Just yesterday there were two more deaths due to infection by this terrible flu influenza is spreading ever faster. The recent victims were a man of 36 years with hypertension and a pregnant girl only 21 years with 30 weeks of gestation.

    The eighth fatality was identified as Santa Maria Beatriz Merino, who lives in the city of Huanuco, who reportedly entered the hospital July 2 ESSALUD presenting a severe pneumonia, as well as vomiting and headache.

    She died the next day, as due to congenital heart disease who suffered, could not resist.

    So far in our country there have been 8 confirmed dead and infected 2.226, 1.621 of which have already been discharged. Only in Lima has reported an increase of 144 new cases and 33 in La Libertad, three in Junin, Ancash in two, nine in Cusco, Arequipa and one in seven in Pasco