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6th & 7th fatality in Peru

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  • 6th & 7th fatality in Peru


    Capital Lima
    Published: Wednesday, July 15 2009
    Two new deaths per influenza AH1N1

    This is a man and a pregnant woman with hypertension.

    The Ministry of Health reports that in Peru were confirmed two more deaths caused by new influenza viruses AH1N1. This is a man of 36 years based in Lima, with uncontrolled hypertension and a woman of 21 years, with 30 weeks of gestation, both belonging to the population groups at risk for this disease.

    The first of those killed died in the hospital Daniel Alcides Carri?n in Callao and the second in a private clinic.

    Furthermore it is known that 144 were confirmed cases of influenza AH1N1. They all Peruvians, 89 in Lima, 33 in La Libertad, 3 Jun?n, Ancash 2, 9, Cusco, Arequipa and 1 in 7 in Pasco. These new cases are now in medical supervision, home insulation, and antiviral treatment are evolving positively. With them are, so far, 2226 confirmed the tables of New Influenza AH1N1 in the country.

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    Re: 6th & 7th fatality in Peru


    Relatives of young pregnant woman who died from virus AH1N1 negligence claim

    8:19 | Mar?a Celia Gallardo Chavez, 21, died on July 9 in 2000 the clinic in Los Olivos, with new symptoms of influenza.

    However, Marleny Valverde, sister Gallardo Chavez argued that the establishment was told that Celia died of pneumonia and never placed in risk groups, despite the symptoms and the progression of influenza AH1N1.

    "I want to complain to the clinic because they can not continue, since there was a medical malpractice of the doctor who attended (S?nchez L?pez)," said Valverde America News.

    The baby of seven months in the womb that bore Gallardo Chavez could not be saved.

    Indeed, Sanchez Lopez told the television station that did not know how to handle the case because the Ministry of Health (MINSA) did not send the protocol rigorously.

    "After the incident, (Digesa) has visited us and gave protocols," said the doctor.

    According to the latest report Minsa, there are 2390 cases of influenza A, of which 1753 belong to discharged patients.

    An officer from the Directorate of Criminal Police acquired the disease.

    There are a total of eight dead.