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5th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru

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  • 5th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru


    Swine flu AH1N1 collects its fifth fatality in Peru
    Written by Online Journalism
    Saturday, July 11, 2009
    AH1N1 swine flu claimed its fifth fatality in Peru, while confirmed cases of infection exceeded 621 thousand.

    According to the Ministry of Health is a man of 27 years based in Lima, with a severe heart disease and therefore belongs to the population groups at risk for this disease, who died in the Hospital Central of the Peruvian Air Force.

    Meanwhile, the report Minsa in Peru have been 41 new confirmed cases of Influenza New AH1N1, today Saturday July 11.

    They all Peruvians, 21 in Lima, 7 in Cusco, Arequipa 2, 3 in Piura, Jun?n 4, 2 in Trujillo, 2 Mother of God. These new cases are now in medical supervision, home insulation, antiviral and evolving favorably. With them are, so far, 1621 confirmed cases of Influenza New AH1N1 in the country.

    It also is known to have been discharged 65 new confirmed cases. With them are, to date, 1135 cases discharged from the New Influenza AH1N1.

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    Re: 5th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru


    Heart patient died in 27 years by AH1N1

    Already five fatalities and 1621 people infected in our country

    By: Ivan Herrera Orsi

    Living was the epidemic of influenza AH1N1 in our country and, as in the previous cases, this was a person who was within the risk groups. This time the victim was a man of 27 years who suffered a severe heart disease, says a report circulated yesterday by the Ministry of Health (MINSA).

    The patient died at the Central Hospital of the Air Force of Peru. He joined with the five killed by the new influenza, according to the official.

    The list does not include the creature he was carrying in her womb Magali Lopez Lopez, who was six months pregnant. On Friday it was reported as the fourth victim of AH1N1. Also contained in the report the woman 27 years who died on July 1 in the Rebagliati hospital and that, according to spokesmen ESSALUD, was diagnosed with influenza AH1N1 after it died. She was also sick of the heart.

    Edward Cruz, director of Health People's Minsa, told El Comercio that was crossing with ESSALUD information on this case.

    70% were discharged
    Peruvian health authorities have confirmed the infection so far in 1621, of whom 1135 have already been discharged. The release of Minsa shows that 41 new cases in the country.

    In that context, yesterday was published in "El Peruano" an emergency decree aimed at allocating more resources to combating the pandemic. The rule authorizes the Minsa to amend its budget for the year and to allocate 37.5 million dollars originally earmarked for other projects, for equipment and the measures of prevention, identification, monitoring and treatment of AH1N1.

    Possible contagion
    Meanwhile, yesterday a team of doctors from the NGO Solidarity Walk reviewed in San Juan de Miraflores for children who were in contact with Magali Lopez, who was professor of initial and their families. In total, 75 people were treated. A couple of adults and a child of 9 years, sister of a student-Lopez were referred to a health facility for presenting symptoms.

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    * The emergency decree issued yesterday also authorizes the transfer of S/.2 million for the Defense and Interior ministries to install volumetric ventilators (breathing equipment) in its hospitals.
    * Some 60,000 followers of evangelical churches today disseminate preventive measures before the epidemic on their tour of homes after being trained.