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4th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru

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  • 4th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru


    She is a woman of 27 years between risk groups
    17:56 Minsa confirms fourth person killed by influenza virus in the country AH1N1
    Affected added 1.580

    * Lima, July. 10 (ANDINA) .- The Ministry of Health today confirmed the death of a fourth person affected by the influenza virus of the New AH1N1 in the country. She is a woman of 27 years for whose health was considered within the so-called risk groups for this disease

    The release of Minsa confirmed the existence of 149 cases of this type of flu, which totaled 580 thousand people in the country.

    Of the newly affected, 103 are residents of Lima, Callao 12, 10 in Cusco, 12 in Trujillo, 3 in Piura, Lambayeque 4, 1 in Hu?nuco, Ayacucho 1, 1 in Huancayo, Chimbote and 1 in 1 in Cajamarca.

    These people are under medical supervision, home insulation, antiviral and evolving favorably.

    As for patients who were discharged, Minsa indicates that total and a total of 1.070 people.

    Likewise, it reiterates the preventive measures recommended for the entire population and the determination not to let our guard down while maintaining a strict control of migration.

    In addition he said that health-care facilities continue to be on alert and have the antiviral treatment in adequate amounts.

    (END) NDP / ART

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    Re: 4th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru


    Woman with six months of pregnancy is the fourth fatality of influenza A in Peru
    Fri, 10/07/2009 - 18:25

    The Ministry of Health confirmed the fourth death from the influenza virus AH1N1 in the country, this is a woman of 27 years who was 6 months pregnant.

    It is known that the woman identified as Lopez Magaly Lopez was 6 months pregnant and was teaching the nest of Our Lady of Reconciliation in Pamplona Alta. And she had a respiratory problem.

    The woman died at the Maria Auxiliadora hospital in the district of San Juan de Miraflores.

    Minsa, also reported that in Peru have been 149 confirmed cases of Influenza AH1N1 New. They all Peruvians, 103 residents of Lima, Callao 12, 10 in Cusco, 12 in Trujillo, Piura in 3, 4 in Lambayeque, Huanuco 1, 1 in Ayacucho, Huancayo in 1, 1 and 1 in Cajamarca Chimbote .

    With these new cases are so far, 1580 confirmed cases of Influenza New AH1N1 in the country. Also reported that patients were discharged 43 new confirmed cases. Which so far are 1070 cases discharged from the New Influenza AH1N1.


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      Re: 4th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru


      Google translation:

      Pregnant woman is the fourth fatality of influenza AH1N1
      | CPN RADIO - 21:09 - 10 JUL | Professor Magaly Lopez Lopez, 25 years and 6 months pregnant, became the fourth fatality of influenza AH1N1.

      The young mother died this morning at the Maria Auxiliadora Hospital District San Juan de Miraflores.

      His daughter, a little 6 years, is at home in the Las Lomas settlement of Mina, where they remain isolated due to the symptoms of the deadly influenza.

      The pair of the victim, Rafael Huacho Huamanchama, accused the doctors of the hospital to have given false information.

      Speaking to the new CPN Radio, expressed his concern that his wife was not isolated in the hospital, as recommended in such cases.

      Prohibited its total or partial reproduction without permission of the publishers


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        Re: 4th A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru


        Fourth victim was a teacher of children

        Woman with six months' gestation died in the Maria Auxiliadora. Number of confirmed cases rose to 149, according to the report yesterday

        A professor of early education and child of six months in the womb who had joined the list of victims of fatal influenza AH1N1 in our country. Alejandrina Lopez Magali Lopez, 27 years, died yesterday morning at the Maria Auxiliadora Hospital, San Juan de Miraflores.

        She was hospitalized on Tuesday with a picture of pneumonia. Her husband Rafael Huacho ensures that doctors recently told him the diagnosis of influenza when he died. Huacho is outraged by the lack of information received in hospital and especially the loss of his son. "It took time to drink," he laments.

        Magali Lopez taught about 31 children between 3 and 4 years at school Our Lady of Reconciliation, located in Pamplona Alta, San Juan de Miraflores. Counted according to a family, taught until Friday, the day began to feel ill.
        Carlos Contreras, health director of the NGO Solidarity Walk-nest-promoter said that his institution will tour the area today to check the health of minors.

        MORE CASES
        The report circulated by the Ministry of Health yesterday said that with the death of Lopez, the new deaths from influenza amounted to four in the country. But if you include the baby Magali Lopez, the figure rises to five.

        In addition, EsSalud has confirmed one death associated with influenza AH1N1 not included in the list of Minsa. This is another woman of 27 years who died on July 1 in the Rebagliati hospital. According to Carlos French, chairman of the committee on the new epidemic in the network Rebagliati, the victim was placed on June 29 with pneumonia. His condition deteriorated rapidly due to suffering from a bad heart.

        Saturday 4, three days after death, which came from the National Institute of Health (INS) results of a test that was performed when it was still in intensive care: AH1N1 had. In this case, the death toll reaches six.

        According to the MOH, the number of infected rose to 149 yesterday. Meanwhile, there has been discharged 43 patients.

        Inflows to health reveals the fear many people have been infected with the new flu. However, the MOH and Social Security made it clear that the laboratory tests for discarding are reserved for patients who, because of its seriousness, requiring hospitalization.

        Dr. Edward Cruz, director of Health People's Minsa indicated that except in those families are already submitted a case to which they were taken samples. The rest is supplied antiviral treatment if they develop flu symptoms, according to the evaluation of the treating physician.

        Yesterday a post installed EsSalud discard influenza Angamos outside the hospital, in Miraflores. The spokesmen insisted that the institution does not make sense to apply to all examinations because most of the public may have the virus without it means to be sick. The Ombudsman's Office warned yesterday that there are worrying delays in confirming the diagnosis by the INS.

        "Logically it could be considered the baby of Magali L?pez victim would be the fifth in the country, because it is a person and could have contracted the virus in the womb"