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Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths

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  • Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths


    Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths

    LIMA (AFP)--Peru on Sunday reported its first two swine flu fatalities, a 38- year-old woman and a four-year-old girl, Health Minister Oscar Ugarte said.

    The Andean nation has more than 810 confirmed infections of A(H1N1) and has become the seventh South American country to report deaths linked to the virus.

    Ugarte said the woman died Friday after checking into a Lima hospital with pneumonia on June 29, when tests confirmed she had the virus.

    "She received standard antiviral treatment but unfortunately she died," Ugarte said.

    The young girl, who had Down Syndrome, was admitted to hospital with severe respiratory problems, and died shortly thereafter.

    The American continent remains the world region worst affected by swine flu, which first appeared in Mexico in late April.

    The virus, declared a global pandemic last month by the World Health Organization, has infected 89,921 people in 125 countries and territories and caused 382 deaths worldwide, according to the WHO's latest figures.

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    Re: Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths


    Peru confirms first influenza A/H1N1-related death

    Health Minister Oscar Ugarte at a press conference in Lima. Photo: ANDINA / Rafael Cornejo
    * Lima, Jul. 05 (ANDINA).- Peru's first influenza A/H1N1-related death was confirmed on Sunday with the Ministry of Health reported two deaths linked to the virus.

    In a press conference held Sunday noon, Health Minister Oscar Ugarte has confirmed that two people have recently died, with their deaths linked to influenza A/H1N1.

    A 38 year-old woman died on June 28 at Casaimiro Ulloa hospital in Lima; and a 4 year-old girl died on Friday, July 3, in Cayetano Heredia hospital in Lima.

    In the first case, Minister Ugarte detailed that the woman suffered from high blood pressure and was overweight, while the second case involved a girl with Down's syndrome.



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      Re: Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths


      Google translation:

      AH1N1 Influenza claims its first two victims in Peru
      This would be a girl with Down syndrome and women with hypertension and obesity.
      by DPA - 05/07/2009 - 15:09

      A woman of 38 years with hypertension and obesity and one of four girls with Down syndrome became the first fatalities of the influenza A (H1N1) in Peru, reported today by Health Minister Oscar Ugarte.

      At a press conference, Ugarte said that this is the first fatalities of the new flu, and did not rule out that there are more deaths in the country, before the winter season and the increase of people affected, nearly thousand.

      Ugarte noted that there are six cases that are evaluated in intensive care units of various public hospiales the country and asked the people calm and be alert. "

      "People who have symptoms should first contact the Ministry of Health (to receive care) and avoid being taken when the situation this complicated," he said.

      Minister Ugarte urged Peruvians to greater control in their homes and workplaces, to prevent a rapid spread of respiratory viruses, as in other countries. He also indicated that measures are assessed in schools.

      The state of health alert is a day after the president of Peru, Alan Garc?a, said his country would be "free" to years of influenza A (H1N1), because until then there had been no passing by the new flu.

      "Unlike other neighboring countries, which have been infected and tens of thousands of deaths in Peru flu has had no fatal cost," he said on the occasion.


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        Re: Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths

        Peru reports first 2 deaths from swine flu

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        (AP) ? LIMA, Peru - Peru is reporting its first swine flu deaths: a 38-year-old woman and 4-year-old girl.
        Health Minister Oscar Ugarte said Sunday both died in Lima during the past week and the cases were confirmed by lab tests Saturday night.
        He says the woman died Friday, four days after being hospitalized, and had pre-existing conditions of hypertension and obesity. He says the girl died June 28 and had Down's syndrome, which tends to lower resistance to infections.
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        Peru now has 916 confirmed cases of swine flu.
        Argentina has the most confirmed swine flu deaths in South America with 43, followed by Chile with 16.
        The World Health Organization last month declared swine flu a "moderate" global pandemic that would last one to two years.


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          Re: Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths


          Hid information from the family of woman who died of influenza in AH1N1 Lima

          7:34 | The family learned that he died from the virus when the media came to a wake. At the hospital they were told that he died from pneumonia.

          By Beatriz Rejas

          The family of Rosa Vigo Carmen Cortez, one of the two reported killed so far because of the flu AH1N1, has become a victim of bad management of the information that the Ministry of Health (MINSA) regarding the development of this disease in the country.

          Abel Cotrina Alc?ntara, husband of the victim, reported that recently received official confirmation yesterday by the Minsa, that she had died as a result of the virus AH1N1. He learned of that possibility on Sunday the media, when they attended the wake and the funeral of Carmen.

          Given this neglect Alcantara said he denounce Minsa officials and doctors at the hospital Casimiro Ulloa, Carmen Vigo establishment where, for 38 years, he was interned from June 29 until last Friday as a patient at risk for his overweight. The argument focuses on the allegation that health authorities hid the true diagnosis of Carmen. "We were told he had pneumonia and did not. Nobody slipped the possibility that the flu could be AH1N1, "he said.

          The situation is aggravated because the victim's two nephews, aged 10 and 10 months, symptoms suspected for some days and just yesterday were referred to one of the hospitals ESSALUD. Both cases are stable.

          If the family had known in advance the diagnosis of Carmen Vigo, had taken the respective estimates and prevent further infection, they said.

          Edward Cruz, director of Health People's Minsa, clarified that it is investigating why there were no reports to confirm the time-AH1N1 virus as the cause of death was revealed on Saturday night, the families of Vigo Carmen Cortez.

          Meanwhile, yesterday morning by two doctors from the East Lima Health Directorate (DISA) came to the house of Vigo, located on seven blocks of the street in El Agustino Guadeloupe. They delivered the 13 antiviral relatives present.

          While Cruz was also indicated to assess the neighbors, they confirmed that they had not been visited. Neither psychologists came to support the bereaved families of Vigo Cortez.

          Also, Edward Cruz said that the six severe cases reported last Sunday the two remain in a delicate, while the other four are evolving in a favorable manner.

          Despite this information, Commerce was able to be the three patients in intensive care for complications from the flu AH1N1. One is at the Cayetano Heredia hospital and has a picture of pneumonia. The other two remain in hospital in May with two of a similar state.

          Minsa confirmed yesterday, through a press release, 43 new cases of influenza AH1N1 in the country. Of this total, 35 live in Lima, 2 in Callao, Arequipa 3, 2 and 1 in Cajamarca Chimbote. With the number of those infected rose to 1070 in Peru.

          Although the report Minsa no other recorded cases, the personnel of the regional directorates of Cusco and Trujillo reported that it had confirmed five more in each of these cities.

          Learn More
          Chile joined twentieth death yesterday by the new human influenza. The victim was a man of 52 years who suffered from respiratory disease after, which complicates treatment.

          In Paraguay, a baby under one year served in the private hospital Luque became the third person killed by the flu, reported yesterday by the Ministry of Health.

          In Bolivia the prison authorities of Santa Cruz implemented a manual to avoid contracting the flu AH1N1 among prisoners, with a regulation that prohibits them and forced them to cut the nails.

          Two children and one adult died in the United Kingdom AH1N1 after the flu, bringing to seven the number of deaths from the disease.

          The Ministry of Health reminded extra preventive measures to people in risk groups. They are under 5 years and those over 60.

          So are pregnant, people with HIV, TB and those receiving treatment due to tumors or transplants.

          Also, patients with lung diseases, cardiovascular and diabetes.


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            Re: Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths


            The widower of a deceased from the flu to denounce the Peruvian government for negligence

            Updated 07-07-2009 20:12 CET

            Lima .- The widow of one of the first victims of influenza A in Peru denounced to the Ministry of Health for negligence, because he was never diagnosed nor his wife underwent treatment for the rest of his family, the press reported today in Lima.
            enlarge photo

            According to the ministry, until yesterday reported 1070 cases of the virus AH1N1 in Peru, among which two Israeli tourists visiting the city of Cuzco. Reuters / File

            Abel Alcantara told the daily El Comercio Per?.21 and that physicians who attended Carmen Vigo, 38, the second person killed in Peru by the disease, "they did not know that it was influenza AH1N1" because it attributed to one table Hypertension his death in Lima last Friday.

            The Ministry of Health reported the first two deaths from influenza A in Peru, of Vigo and a girl of 4 years, last Sunday, and assured that their families were receiving antiviral treatment to prevent contagion.

            However, Alcantara denied having been treated and said "not to receive real-time diagnosis is probable that the disease has infected two nephews aged 10 and 11 months living with the deceased.

            Children suffering from high fever and vomiting and was transferred yesterday to a public hospital where a medical team from the ministry came to his house to give antiviral drugs to 15 of the Alcantara family.

            For its part, the director of health ministry, Edgar Cruz, told the press that the diagnosis of influenza A in Mrs Vigo was learned the day after his death last Saturday and ordered an investigation to find out why are not informed his family.

            According to the ministry, until yesterday reported 1070 cases of the virus AH1N1 in Peru, among which two Israeli tourists visiting the city of Cuzco.

            The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that the epidemic is already affecting 94,512 people in over 120 countries and has killed 429 people, most of them in America.


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              Re: Peru Reports First Two Swine Flu Deaths


              Ugarte: We acted properly in case of person died of virus AH1N1
              Health notes that ImageMinistro Casimiro Ulloa Hospital acted properly in the case of the deceased by infection with virus AH1N1

              Hospital Emergencias Casimiro Ulloa made of what to do in the case of the deceased by contracting the virus AH1N1, Carmen Vigo, said Health Minister Oscar Ugarte.

              He said he arrived, he was granted emergency was treated for pneumonia, he did the test and came out negative, then another test was applied at the same time he began treatment with retroviral.

              ? Was for their own conditions did not improve the person died, and the next day was the result of the examination which confirmed that the virus had AH1N1? He said.

              However, he explained that this sector has called for an investigation, we believe that there was negligence in the hospital management, but to investigate why the confirmation is not received in time to warn the family that he learned earlier in the media

              Ubill?s Ugarte said Monday that up to 1770 cases were confirmed with the virus in the country and 721 discharged because they were mild and required no hospital care.

              ? The main thing is to identify the risk in children under 5 years, older adults and those with low defenses by extreme obesity, heart ailments and other diseases? He said.

              He recalled that the symptoms must be present at any health facility in the country because everyone is prepared to deal with these cases.

              Reported that the country bought 101 thousand treatments have been purchased and distributed about 30 thousand.