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Peru - Swine Flu - 217 Deaths

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    11 people are receiving treatment and 10 others are under suspicion
    Nine deaths in Cusco by influenza AH1N1

    | CPN RADIO - 08:55 - 19 Aug | Nine people have died in Cusco because of the flu AH1N1 and eleven people are isolated, receiving appropriate antiviral treatment to combat the virus.

    So informed the Regional Health Authority, to clarify that they are still awaiting the results of ten other suspects, who may have contracted influenza A.

    He said that so far there have been 384 confirmed cases of the virus in the department, most of whom have recovered.


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      Arequipa no cases of influenza virus A, and seven deaths in Puno
      1 of 1
      Arequipa ( .- The Regional Manager of Education reported that from Arequipa to restart work at the school department has not been reported so far no cases of influenza A H1N1 among the student population.

      Alberto Caceres, director of Education, noted that the advancement of school holidays half years helped control the spread of the disease, which remains pending with the healthiness of recommended teachers.

      The frequent washing of hands and the ventilation of the school environments are some of the industry's recommendations to avoid contracting the disease, he recalled.

      For its part, the Regional Health Authority (DIRESA) from Puno on the seventh reported case of death due to influenza A H1N1 in the area, a woman 53 years of age.

      He said that the patient showed signs of a new influenza on August 2, was treated at the Hospital of the EsSalud Puno 10 days, receiving the respective treatment. The National Institute of Health reported its case on 14 and died on 16.

      To date, 131 have reported confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1.
      The authorities of the Puno Multisectorial Health and Regional Health Council will meet tomorrow to assess the plans developed to promote healthy lifestyles and preventive measures.
      Andina Agency


      IN THE REGION PUNO totaled about 7 deaths AH1N1 FLU

      . Pachamama / Aug 20: It is up to 7 died from influenza in the region Puno AH1N1, the latest death occurred at the Hospital ESSALUD Puno III corresponds to a person 53 years old female, and the cases with results positives amounted to 131, according to the press release No. 25 of the Regional Health Authority.

      In DIRESA Puno, has been reported on 19 of the present and took the sample to 28 new suspects in the New Influenza A H1N1, linked to REDESS: 08 cases Puno, San Román; 10 ESSALUD Puno 05; REDESS Collao 04 and REDESS Yunguyo 01 which when added up to 356 total cases reported.

      The cases with positive results with 31 new notifications which total 131 and 116 with negative results are still pending outcome of 109 samples, while 76 people are hospitalized and 07 deaths total.

      The last death in words, this is a person 53 years old, female, who showed signs of influenza on 02 August and was treated in 10 ESSALUD Puno to this, he received the corresponding treatment and the Institute National Health-INS notifies the August 14 event AH1N1 positive for influenza and unfortunately the person died in Puno on 16 this month.
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        There is no efficiency to pneumonia and influenza
        Thu, 20/08/2009 - 08:35

        Health forum criticizes management of the Ministry of Health. Walter Borja in that entity, says that lethality of influenza A is increasing. In cases of pneumonia deaths alarm number.

        Laura Milagros S.

        Since the Ministry of Health reported in a sporadic way the public registration of new cases of influenza, many versions and assumptions have been made in this regard. One is that the work of the Ministry of Health is inefficient to combat the pandemic AH1N1. According to the representative of the National Executive Committee of FOROSALUD Dr. Walter Borja, this demonstrates the increasing lethality of the virus.

        While the rate of new cases has declined, the fatality rate is rising, ie the number of deaths per hundred cases of influenza AH1N1, which was 0.2% before, now this figure rose to 1. 01, showing that the level of severity also increased, the doctor referred Borja.

        Yes there are gaps

        "What is showing now are the structural conditions of our health services. Deficiencies in infrastructure, equipment, availability of drugs, in addition to the lengthy waiting times, user abuse, lack of information to patients attending health centers. The low priority in budget allocation, lack of investment in health is that health is not a political priority for our leaders, "says Walter Borja.

        These shortcomings also affect the progress of other dangerous disease such as pneumonia. Only in so far this year there have been 621 deaths, 320 of them are younger than 5 years.

        Poor defenseless

        The deaths have occurred not only in areas where governs the cold, such as the southern Andean region, has also occurred in regions with tropical climate like Huánuco and Loreto.

        Which shows that to counter this disease is due not only take into account the weather, but also the quality of life. Ie, poverty, malnutrition, disinformation and lack of health facilities in remote areas of our country to influence these people are helpless before the pneumonia. (The Republic print edition)


        • Re: Peru - Swine Flu - 80 Deaths


          Increase to 80 deaths from flu in the country AH1N1
          | CPN RADIO - 18:15 - 24 Aug | The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed the deaths of 18 additional people from the flu AH1N1, which was raised to 80 the number of deaths in the country by this disease.

          Of these 6 occurred in Lima, 1 in La Libertad, 2 in Tacna, Moquegua 3, 1 in Piura, 2 in Arequipa, 1 in Ayacucho and 2 in Lambayeque.

          The Ministry of Health also reported that between 17 and 23 August were confirmed 487 new cases of novel influenza AH1N1.


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            More than 18 deaths by influenza A
            Tue, 25/08/2009 - 09:16

            Epidemic. You are 80 those killed in the country. New deaths were recorded over a week. Continued spread throughout the country.

            Garrett and Wilson Cinthia Castro.

            Do not stop. Deaths from influenza AH1N1 remain in the country. Because, according to the statement yesterday by the Ministry of Health (MOH), in a week 18 new deaths have been reported because of this disease, which to date the death toll reaches 80.

            As detailed by that institution, most of the deaths are from Lima (6) and Moquegua (3). The rest are Tacna regions (2), Arequipa (2), Lambayeque (2), La Libertad (1), Piura (1) and Ayacucho (1).

            The report also indicates that weekly Minsa have registered 487 new cases of influenza A, appearing in all these departments. And contrary to what Minister Oscar Ugarte said the statement shows that the trend of new infections is increasing in 13 regions.

            Classes suspended in Trujillo

            Meanwhile, health authorities in the region of La Libertad suggested stop work in 30 classrooms of 33 educational institutions monitored in order to combat the spread of avian AH1N1 in that region. In these schools recorded a 15% non-attendance of students because of fever or other respiratory problem.

            Moreover, the infectious diseases of the Cayetano Heredia University Eduardo Gotuzzo estimated that cases of influenza AH1N1 be reduced by over 90 percent following the change of season from winter to spring, then, to say Gotuzzo-with high temperatures the virus has a lower incidence.

            Another position

            Minister. Despite the figures given above, the Health Minister Oscar Ugarte, said that the incidence of influenza in the country continues to decrease.

            Wave. Concerning the last announcement of the World Health Organization (WHO) on new waves of the pandemic, the minister explained that only apply to countries in the Northern Hemisphere, as they are about to start the winter. (The Republic print edition)


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              . Pachamama / Aug 26: One child under 2 years and eight months old is the latest victim of bird AH1N1 in the Puno region, bringing the total to 9 patients died from the disease, the report of the Regional Bureau of Health.

              The ninth death was reported by the network of health facilities in San Roman, a girl of only 2 years and 8 months of age, origin of Juliaca, who showed signs and symptoms of influenza on 06 August, revenue Carlos Monge Medrano hospital and he took the sample on 9 August.

              The National Institute of Health - NIH sample confirmed as positive, the girl of 2 years and 8 months of Juliaca died on 15 of the present. The delay in notification of the DIRESA REDESS for Puno, is due to the delivery of documentation in late, the Regional Health Director Puno, has requested a report to the Department of San Román REDESS on causes of such made.

              Also, in the Puno DIRESA has been reported on 25 of the present and took the sample to 04 new suspected novel influenza A H1N1, correspond to the REDESS: San Román 03 and 01 to ESSALUD Juliaca, which up to now added 37.

              The new positive cases with 29, which when added 160, with 131 and even negative results are pending outcome 82 samples, while 80 people are hospitalized and deaths added 09.

              On the other side so far this year, the health facilities in the field of Puno DIRESA have attended and treated 198 cases of 85 thousand IRAs and a total of 1309 cases of pneumonia and killed 74 children under 5 years old.


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                Translation: Spanish » English
                MARÍA R. SAHUQUILLO - Madrid - 29/08/2009
                WHO warns that the flu can overwhelm hospitals
                The organization advises the Northern Hemisphere of the new wave of infections

                The colder it becomes, the more the H1N1 virus survives. More and more it spreads contagious. The World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday warned the northern hemisphere countries to prepare for the arrival of a second wave of infections by the new flu. A second peak could also have "serious consequences" than those of the first (spring), when it began detecting the first infected. Especially because the large number of affected which can cause the disease could "overwhelm" the health services, they say. Many of those affected will also severe cases. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO European first and then had warned that a third of the population would be affected by H1N1.

                For now, the new flu has claimed 2185 lives, 21 of them in Spain. The latter, a 41 year old female who died in Castilla-La Mancha and have not transcended more data. The H1N1 has affected, as estimated by the WHO, 209,438 people in over 177 countries. The virus remains mild, it has not detected any mutation in it, but its expansion is rapid. And the more infections are more serious cases, experts say. One has only to observe the example of the southern hemisphere, where the virus has gained strength through the winter. There, in some cities 15% of people hospitalized for the disease needed intensive care.

                This example should spread in the northern hemisphere. Where the arrival of the cold will help increase the number of infections. Therefore, countries should be vigilant because the consequences of H1N1 will be felt. Pressure care for severe cases may be such that the treatment and care for other diseases also may suffer serious, as the WHO warns. The large number of people needing intensive care will be the "most urgent" for health services, they say.

                The organization directed by Margaret Chan yesterday released a document which recommends that countries take measures to prepare to deal with this second wave of infections. The expected peak of infection that many experts place the second week of September. Moreover, many of the more severe cases of breathing difficulties and lung infection. They will need to enter, says WHO in intensive care units. In this type of care, its availability and the haste with which they do, says the organization will depend to save lives. So, they say, "should anticipate increased demand" for this type of care.

                WHO forecasts are not isolated. On Monday an official report of the group of scientific advisors to the U.S. government warned that in that country two million people could be hospitalized during the winter by influenza A. Of these, they warned, some 300,000 require intensive care to join.

                Moreover, if even for a vaccine to combat the virus, which is not available until November, only serves prevention. Careful preparations must be especially alert to the WHO, people with risk factors for pregnant women, patients breathing, diabetics, immunosuppressed and obese.

                There is an added risk to the disease. So far, 40% of cases of serious infections in the world occurred in healthy children and adults under 50 years. What makes this bird very different from the seasonal, which mainly affects people above that age.

                But H1N1 is here to stay. So far has managed to displace the seasonal flu virus. "Tests conducted in places with outbreaks show that the H1N1 pandemic virus was quickly established and is now the dominant strain of flu in most of the world," says the WHO. One example will be analyzed only for Spain. Of the 18,398 estimated cases of clinical influenza during the week of 16 to 22 August, 82% were influenza A


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                  Seven killed by flu in Cajamarca AH1N1

                  Download Mp3
                  Bambamarca - Cajamarca, 31/08/2009 (CNR) - Seven raised the death toll from influenza AH1N1, as well as 133 confirmed cases with this disease in the Cajamarca region, reported the Regional Center for Disease Prevention and Control Epidemic and Emergency department said.

                  This body said that the provinces of Jaén Cajamarca and have the highest number of cases, while the Celendín recorded its second death from the disease.

                  According to the report of the Regional Bureau of Epidemiology, to date, has accumulated 133 cases confirmed the new flu. From the figure, 86 cases were confirmed in Cajamarca, 16 in Jaen, nine in San Marcos; Celendín eight, six in Cutervo, and the remainder in Baños del Inca, San Miguel, Chota, San Pablo and Hualgayoc.

                  Virgilio Carranza - Radio Coremarca


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                    Increase to 98 the dead from influenza A (H1N1) in Peru
                    The authorities reported that the number of infections soars to 6961 people.
                    Monday, 31 August 2009 21:52

                    LIMA .- Peru rose to 98 the death toll from the virus of influenza A (H1N1) after recording 18 new deaths in the last week of August, reported Monday the Ministry of Health.

                    Besides the 18 fatalities Peruvian authorities confirmed 353 new infections of influenza, which rose to 6961 cases detected since the first affected in May.

                    Of the total cases of influenza A (H1N1), over 90% of them (6,608) have been discharged, according to the official report.

                    Peru's Health Minister Oscar Ugarte, said last week that human influenza cases were "in retreat" in Peru.

                    In this regard, said authorities believed that August recorded the highest point of the flu coincides with the end of winter in this area of South America.


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                      Translation: Spanish » English

                      23:56 A 98 increased number of deaths due to influenza AH1N1

                      Lima, ago. 31 (ANDINA) .- A 98 increased the total number of deaths by the new influenza AH1N1 in Peru with the death of 18 people in recent days, the Ministry of Health (MINSA).
                      He explained that the 18 new deaths from the influenza virus New AH1N1, 9 were in Lima, 5 in Puno, 1 in Arequipa, 1 in Cajamarca, Huancavelica 1 and 1 in Lambayeque.

                      He reported that all the victims belonged to risk groups, most of whom have heart failure, cerebral palsy, endstage renal disease, congenital heart disease, pulmonary fibrosis, widespread osteartrosis, lupus, tuberculosis, mental retardation, among other diseases.

                      Similarly, said that between 24 and 30 August, showed that 353 new cases of flu, raising the confirmed cases to 6 thousand 961.

                      However, he stressed that to date are 6608 cases discharged, leaving only the disease course in 353 people.

                      He indicated that all regions have been no cases confirmed last week that the trend is growing in 11 regions, remains stable at 4 and 9 is decreasing.

                      (END) NDP / SMA / CCR


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                        Translation: Spanish » English

                        Chimbote: Woman dies from bird AH1N1 after going to three hospitals
                        13:26 | The Ombudsman's Office stated that the hospitals of this city do not have the right conditions to treat patients with the flu

                        More Norma Guardado, 44, became the fourth victim of bird AH1N1 in Chimbote and the seventh in Ancash. Died early yesterday morning while being taken by ambulance to a hospital in Lima.

                        The children of the deceased woman complained that her mother did not receive attention in any of the three hospitals in Chimbote and would not respond. "If they had responded quickly, she would be with us," said his daughter, Mirtha More.

                        Last Sunday, at 9 am, the hospital moved to La Caleta because I had a picture of pneumonia and her health had worsened despite receiving treatment at home after being diagnosed with the flu a week ago.

                        However, hospital doctors said they had referred him to hospital Eleazar Guzman Barron regional, district of Nuevo Chimbote, because the ventilator was aborted.

                        The worst thing is that in neither the hospital attended. They said they had rooms or beds for the care of patients with influenza and, at noon on Sunday, was taken to hospital Essalud of Chimbote.

                        There's not attended to him said that there were no spaces or beds. A Standard More was sent back to the regional hospital. At 1 am yesterday in an ambulance transferred her to Lima, but along the way, in Pativilca died.

                        "The three hospitals have rejected the same pretext. This is a negliencia "denounced Mirtha More.

                        The Ombudsman noted that hospitals in Chimbote not have the right conditions to treat patients with avian AH1N1.

                        So far 240 cases have been reported affected by this influenza in this country aprte


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                          Translation: Spanish » English

                          Fourth bird flu victim dies AH1N1 by lack of equipment in Chimbote

                          | CPN RADIO - 12:56 - 07 SET | The fourth victim AH1N1 fever in the city of Chimbote to have died due to lack of a mechanical ventilator in the hospitals of that city, ceasing to exist while being taken to Lima.

                          Norma More Guardado (44) would come with pneumonia at Hospital La Caleta in Chimbote but the lack of a mechanical ventilator for treatment was taken to hospital where Essalud Regional and had neither the equipment.

                          Because of the seriousness in which he found he was transferred to Lima and died when he was at the height of Pativilca.

                          Family members reported to have announced that they negligently Essalud


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                            Translation: Spanish » English

                            Peru recorded over 100 deaths from H1N1 influenza
                            Monday, September 7 2009 16:54 CDT LIMA, Sept 7 (Reuters) -

                            The number of deaths in Peru because of the new strain of H1N1 influenza exceeded 100, while cases of spread rose to over 7,000, said Monday the Ministry of Health of the Andean country.

                            The new strain of flu has killed a total of 109 people in Peru and spread to 7312, from 6121 cases reported until early August, according to government figures.

                            Of those confirmed cases, 6961 persons were discharged after receiving antiviral treatments, the ministry said.

                            The new H1N1 virus, a mixture of strains of swine flu and human flu emerged in April in Mexico and has spread worldwide.

                            The disease spread to some 160 countries in less than two months and has killed at least 2837 people worldwide, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO).

                            The agency also considered that the virus could end up infecting 2,000 million people worldwide, equivalent to one third of the population.

                            (Reporting by Patricia Velez. Edited by Jon Boyle)


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                              Monday, September 14, 2009 | 17:11 pm
                              It rose to 121 flu death toll in the country AH1N1

                              The Ministry of Health reported that the total number of deaths rose to 121. Meanwhile, the number of infected stood at 7686.

                              The Ministry of Health reported that in our country there have been 12 new deaths from bird AH1N1, bringing the total number of fatalities rose to 121.

                              The latest deaths occurred 3 in Lima, Junin 4, 3 and 2 in Cusco Ancash. All, as detailed health authorities, belonged to risk groups and showed that most: chronic renal vasculitis, type 2 diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma and obesity, among others.

                              On the other hand, between 7 and 13 September, 374 new cases were confirmed of New Influenza A H1N1, so the total number infected increased to 7686.

                              Minsa 7312 reported that patients have been discharged, while the disease course only 374 people.

                              The only detailed health authorities in Lima and Callao and dispersal is widespread in the rest of the country is regional, ie not affected over 50% of their districts.

                              The trend in 08 regions is growing, in 07 remains unchanged and in other 09 is decreasing. The intensity of the disease is moderate in 10 regions and low in the rest of the country.

                              Finally, according to data compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide have registered and 3441 killed 269,502.


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                                144 kilos man died from the flu AH1N1 in Chimbote

                                9:28 | They claim that there were no ventilators to meet the patient 47 years

                                Bird AH1N1 claimed another victim in Chimbote. This is Victor Ugarte Balarezo (47) who died in the hospital La Caleta de Chimbote, just hours after being admitted.

                                Doctors said the patient was very sensitive due to its 144 kilos. His addition to this that there was a ventilator, to meet the emergency.

                                In Chimbote has been four deaths so far this flu. In Ancash reported seven deaths so far.