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Peru: The Regional Health Directorate confirmed 123 cases and 5 deaths from Influenza H1N1 in Piura

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  • Peru: The Regional Health Directorate confirmed 123 cases and 5 deaths from Influenza H1N1 in Piura

    Two cases are still as likely.

    Among the confirmed is Professor of IE Santa Bernardita of district Union no.

    Health authorities realized as well as a young man he detected the type of influenza AH3N2.

    According to the report of the direction of epidemiology of the Regional direction of health until this Tuesday, July 30, Piura recorded 11 confirmed cases and the Sub-Regional Bureau of Sullana, 6 cases.

    The Executive Director of health to people, Dr. Ciro Garc?a Vilela, mentioned that this information has been processed by the National Institute of health.

    All these people are receiving outpatient, 'there is only a 53 year old woman who is still in the Hospital intensive care unit Cayetano Heredia;' but le is supplying the medication you need, waiting to respond favourably in the course of the next few hours, the physician added.

    On the other hand Ciro Garc?a said that during the two green alerts, a long holiday and another that was unveiled by Influenza; major inconveniences have not been produced in establishments of health.

    Dr. Ciro Garcia recommends people avoid protecting themselves with paper towel to sneezing or coughing, and to not having paper, make use of the forearm.

    Must be taken into account that if you have symptoms of flu there self medication, and more go to the nearest health facility.

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    Re: Peru: The Regional Health Directorate confirmed 17 cases of Influenza H1N1 in Piura

    Health confirms 36 cases of Influenza H1N1 in Piura

    Piura. According to the epidemiological report, must be logged to date, 36 positive cases by Influenza H1N1, while the disease claimed its first victim in the early morning in the Hospital in Sullana, as it was announced by the head of the health sector in our region, Dr. Luis Saavedra Ju?rez.

    In the case of the deceased, is a 60-year-old male, who at the time of his death he was interned in Sullana Hospital intensive care unit and was coming from the District of Querecotillo.

    According to the report of the Hospital in Sullana, the patient arrived by a picture of complicated flu, being taken care of in the health establishment, Querecotillo; but the disease had already been 8 days after the start; due to their clinical status, on 18 July, it was derived to the Hospital in Sullana, entering care unit intensive due to the seriousness of his case. It is worth mentioning that this patient was one of the first confirmed with Influenza type A and serotype H1N1 by the National Institute of health INS.

    Regarding the districts that are being affected by the Influenza AH1N1, Piura ranks first, with a total of 19 cases confirmed, followed by Salitral of Sullana which registers 4, Sullana with 3 cases more, La Uni?n and Amotape report 2 respectively, in Querecotillo, Castilla, El Arenal, Macar?, Bagua Grande and Lima, they have been 1 case in each one of these places. And a total of 33 the reported as autochthonous 03 which do not belong to the Department; but they have been treated and confirmed in it.

    Is also reported a patient 54 years that is located in the Cayetano Heredia Hospital intensive care unit, was informed that his prognosis is reserved; but is it stable, receiving treatment necessary for their recovery. Currently, we have two patients in critical condition, one admitted to the Hospital in Sullana and the other belonging to the aforementioned patient. Said Saavedra.


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      Re: Peru: The Regional Health Directorate confirmed 36 cases and 1 death from Influenza H1N1 in Piura

      Confirm five deaths from influenza AH1N1 in Piura

      The regional health director of Piura, Luis Saavedra, confirmed five deaths from influenza A H1N1. The latest victim was recorded in the early morning hours of today, this is a woman of 54 years. Also announced on a potential case of a man, 40 years old, in the province of Huancabamba, which acquired the disease in Lima and he died yesterday. He said that to date, there are 123 confirmed cases of influenza H1N1. Saavedra said in addition that are requesting the vaccines against this disease and are awaiting the results of 38 samples have been sent to the Institute of Health in Lima.


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        Re: Peru: The Regional Health Directorate confirmed 123 cases and 5 deaths from Influenza H1N1 in Piura

        Fisherman with possible H1N1 was hospitalized

        Talara(V?ctor Arrun?tegui) the fisherman Jos? Ramos festivals of 33 years who lives in the Santa Elena street of the neighbourhood Santa Rosa de M?ncora district was evacuated yesterday's emergency hospital in Sullana for possible symptoms of the virus...