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4th A/H1n1 fatality reported in Paraguay

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  • JimO
    Re: 4th A/H1n1 fatality reported in Paraguay

    Is the 52-yr old woman number 4 and the 40-yr old man number 5?

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 4th A/H1n1 fatality reported in Paraguay


    Google translation:

    Recorded two deaths from influenza in IPS

    A woman of 52 years and a man aged 40 died in the Hospital Central del Instituto de Previsi?n Social (IPS), after complications of influenza A. Not yet confirmed whether the cases by the H1 subtype.

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    Dr. Ernesto Weber

    The death of the woman occurred on Sunday in the morning. "It was a lady who was serious from the start, with multiorgan failure, comorbidities, was diabetic and hypertensive," said Dr. Amalia Molina of the Intensive Care Unit for Adults.

    The man died yesterday, at 6:25, after having suffered multiorgan failure.

    Suffered from a severe pneumonia, was placed in Intermediate Care and chronic diseases of no basis, according to Dr. Jose Ortellado.

    For his part, Dr. Ernesto Weber, chief of pediatric intensive care unit, said that a girl of three years and another five are in very delicate.

    In the hospital spend six years and 11 adults in intensive care, with tables of influenza.

    "If this continues, we will need more beds, I do not know how far we are going to slaughter," Weber said, when he was consulted if awaiting the arrival of additional patients.

    The doctor said that it was only a bed free for children with cases of influenza and refurbished another room with four beds for more intensive therapy.

    Similarly, he indicated that he is planning to extend the hours of staff.

    "We know that the amount of human resources working in intensive care, even in Asunci?n, is limited," he said.


    The Geriatric Hospital is also taking Buongermini about seven tables placed by breathing.

    A woman of 85 years stays with respirator in very fine condition.

    Other developments are well informed sources from the center.

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  • Shiloh
    started a topic 4th A/H1n1 fatality reported in Paraguay

    4th A/H1n1 fatality reported in Paraguay


    He died in intensive care yesterday IPS
    Wife of 52 years is the fourth fatal victim of H1N1 influenza A
    So far there are eleven houses in serious condition in hospital in the central forecast.

    Medicos del Instituto de Previsi?n Social (IPS) reported yesterday on the fourth recorded death from influenza A H1N1 in the country. She is a woman of 52 years who was admitted to this hospital with various respiratory complications, which remained in intensive care for a week and with reserved prognosis.

    Amalia Molina, head of the area of Adult Intensive Care, said that the patient was admitted with a very complicated and fast in multiorgan failure, making it virtually impossible to recover. He noted that so far there are 11 inmates with influenza A in intensive care and added that they are waiting for another patient in the emergency room to be moved to the area above.

    "We are awaiting the entry of a new patient with suspected symptoms of A H1N1. In room B therapy was found in two patients with respiratory problems and delicate because of pulmonary insufficiency and therapy is an intermediate single patient with the same problems, these are the worst, "said the hospital's professional .

    On the other hand, explained that the victim of 52 years was derived from the area of emergency intensive care with heart problems of schedule, diabetes and hypertension, resulting in his death so quickly.

    With regard to the pregnant 32 years, the professional said that his state is stable without any complications, which extends the possibility that it will improve their medical table in the coming days.

    Enabled more beds

    He added that there is a burned area that was responsible for respiratory care of the paintings, which has 12 beds available for those cases that appear likely in the coming days.

    "We have some beds available in intensive care for adults, we can still get a certain number of patients if we can empower another: that because every patient is isolated as what happens in the room B, which has become Breathing in a room, "said the head of turn.