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3rd A/H1N1 death reported in Paraguay

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  • 3rd A/H1N1 death reported in Paraguay


    Google translation:

    WORLD HEALTH ALERT | Monday, 06 July 2009
    Health confirmed that three were already dead by the H1N1
    A girl of 8 years and 11 months old baby died of influenza A H1N1 in the country. The Executive will ask the parliament that the decree Emergency Health becomes law.

    The number of victims who died from the Influenza A H1N1 in the country amounted to three.

    The Ministry of Health confirmed yesterday the death of a baby of 11 months, last Friday at the Hospital de Luque. The third case is the small 8 years, interned at the Institute of Social Welfare, who died in yesterday morning.

    With the increase in confirmed cases of influenza H1N1 and three deaths, Public Health will begin an immediate review of the protocol for surveillance, treatment and laboratory.

    EMERGENCY MEASURES. As one of the first steps in reaction to the new scenario, the Minister of Health, Esperanza Mart?nez, announced last night that the government will buy a new game with the antiviral to combat the H1N1, which is equivalent to two months of production of local laboratory manufactures the drug.

    In parallel, the Executive will make to the National Parliament the need for the declaration of national emergency.

    A decree signed by President of the Republic on May 4 last, declaring a state of health emergency. Now we ask the Congress to become law, Decree 1948, signed before the start of the pandemic influenza A H1N1.

    "A declaration of national emergency or disaster coordination and transfer that responsibility to the Secretariat of National Emergency. We believe prudent, in this epidemic, which continues to drive health actions have to be taken to cope with the epidemic," Diego said Gamarra, director of Health Services.

    If Congress approves the decree into law, this work will facilitate coordination between branches of government, the Executive, his ministers and the legislature. "Yesterday (on Saturday) we saw the concern of MPs considering the demand of patients in hospitals. It's good that Congress is institutionally know what are the plans that the government is pursuing," said Gamarra.

    It also recognized that a declaration of national emergency allows the use of resources so extraordinary. Today, with the winter and the response to combat the flu in August are expected to expand funding for the response.

    The minister will meet today at 10, with representatives of Congress to discuss the plans with which the health portfolio with respect to combat H1N1.

    Serious cases. The last official report of the Ministry of Health stated that the country had 14 patients with acute respiratory infections.

    The first victim of the new strain of influenza virus was a patient of 60 years, who suffered a heart base, had four and a bypass heart operation.

    After the first death, health authorities urged people to persons having the flu, but which are not within the risk group, need not consult the health services. Otherwise, services will be overwhelmed.

    In addition, the small grave of 8 years, who was admitted to the intensive care of the children last Thursday IPS from Ciudad del Este. She is in a state with a complicated picture of suspect influenza A H1N1.


    The health emergency authorizes the Ministry of Health to take appropriate security measures in this situation, and the Ministry of Finance to re-budget. It further provides that the State institutions, the National Police and Armed Forces to collaborate with the health system.

    The Minister of Health, Esperanza Mart?nez, said that at this stage will increase the working hours of doctors will consider the expansion of beds and medical therapies.

    Martinez said that there will be a more intensive campaign of public education to prevent unnecessary panic and overload, as "being difficult days."