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2nd A/H1N1 death in Paraguay

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  • 2nd A/H1N1 death in Paraguay


    Was interned in IPS
    The girl died eight years of age who had H1N1 influenza

    The girl died Sunday from 8 years of age and was placed in serious condition at the Hospital Central del Instituto de Previsi?n Social (IPS) affected by the H1N1 flu, reported officials from the various radio forecast. They said that another child affected by the disease improves and remains in that facility.

    With the death of the girl was raised to two the number of deaths from influenza A that is recorded in the country, for its part indicated spokespersons of the Ministry of Public Health and Welfare.

    Days after he had killed a sexagenarian who had also contracted the H1N1 flu recalled.

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    Re: 2nd A/H1N1 death in Paraguay


    The pandemic is on South America
    Two dead in Peru and Paraguay in an influenza A

    A girl of 8 years, affected by swine flu, died Sunday in a public hospital in Asunci?n, which rose to number 2 deaths attributed to the pandemic, health sources.

    The lowest convaleci? for a week of pneumonia with complications in the heart and kidneys.

    Spokespeople from the Ministry of Health recommended that doctors make in the chest radiographs of patients with cough a lot to detect pneumonia on time.

    "It is likely that the sound, the doctor may not detect pneumonia," said the doctor Ernesto Weber, chief of pediatric intensive care unit of the Institute of Social Welfare, where the death of the creature.

    "What is happening in Argentina is what we have to provide," noted the Minister of Health Esperanza Mart?nez journalists, where the death toll stands at 55 and with which a heavy traffic of people.

    A week ago, died a sexagenarian, the first victim of the influenza A (H1N1). (NA)...