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French Guyana - 2 cases

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  • French Guyana - 2 cases

    Law H1N1 infection in athletes

    2009-08-16 10:44:00

    French overseas departments of French Guiana, two athletes recently infected with the H1N1 influenza (human swine flu), the current condition they have been stabilized. French Guiana on the 15th, said the provincial government, which is one of the two football players, 14 years old and he has just the team to Surinam in South America took part in a game; the other was a volleyball team member, also recently went to France Overseas Department of Guadeloupe for the race. Guyana Football Federation President Raab said Lopez, the young football in Surinam to appear before the symptoms of the flu, when the doctor let him take a vitamin C, but returned after the race, his condition has worsened was finally diagnosed as influenza A H1N1 (human swine flu), but other players in the teams did not become infected.