Authorities of Health of French Guyana, department of overseas of France that borders the State of the Amap?, announced with ? confusion ?, in the last Thursday (20), to have detected at least 25 cases of pig flu, virus influenza (H1N1), in illegal prospectors, in the majority Brazilians, it informed the newspaper France-Guyane. The result of the analysis was spread by the Regional Agency of Health (ARS) of Caiena and it informed also that the picture of the prospectors who act in the region of Maripasoula, to the east of the Guyanan capital, is associated to the gastroenterite. Eleven persons are being treated in the hospital of Caiena, between men and women with middle age of 40 years and other 14 are in the secondary school of Maripasoula. They all were put in quarantine in the hospital of Caiena.