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Colombia, influenza 2018: 141 fatalities

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  • Colombia, influenza 2018: 141 fatalities

    2 deaths due to H1N1 virus in Norte de Santander

    The Ministry of Health on Friday gave a series of preventive measures to combat the spread of the H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu, which on Thursday night caused the death of anesthesiologist Juan Pablo D?vila in a health care center in the city of C?cutaThe death of this health professional, who was a recognized businessman for being the owner of the only medical unit in the municipality of Los Patios, Norte de Santander, is the second death in the department due to this respiratory disease.
    According to a balance delivered by the ministry, in the first quarter of the year 10 fatal victims have been registered because of this pathology in the country. The confirmed cases of H1N1 amount to 61, three cases less than those registered in the same period last year.
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    11 deaths due to H1N1 virus

    The National Institute of Health reported that during the year 2018, 11 deaths in the country due to the H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu. The cases were confirmed by the health entity in the departments of Antioquia (1), Norte de Santader (3), Valle (1), Bogot? (1), Cauca (1), Santader (1), Nari?o (2) and Sucre (1) The Ministry of Health for its part indicated that for now, "no special warning has been generated beyond warning that these rainy seasons have a very noticeable incidence in these pathologies."


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      INS confirms the death of a couple in Casanare for the H1N1 virus

      Carlos Alberto Romero and Julia Yamile C?ceres, who lived in the municipality of Hato Corozal, died from this severe acute respiratory infection according to laboratory tests. The Department of Health of this department assures that they are not isolated cases. This week, just four days apart, Carlos Alberto Romero and Julia Yamile C?ceres died. A couple of husbands who lived in the urban area of ​​Hato Corozal, a municipality of Casanare. Both had similar symptoms: flu, fever, diarrhea; so tests were applied on both. The result, sent from the Ministry of Health of Casanare to the National Institute of Health (INS), was imagined: the H1N1 virus.
      These results are pending in the National Institute of Health, responsible for issuing urgencies on these issues. Two months ago, in the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin published by them, in the first three months of the year 50 cases of AH1N1 had already been registered throughout the country. "Reported by eleven territorial entities, of which the department of Nari?o represents the largest number of cases," says the bulletin.


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        The number of deaths due to H1N1 in Colombia increases to 44

        The Ministry of Health indicated an increase in cases of acute respiratory infection, including the H1N1 virus during the course of 2018. "We have confirmed 366 cases of the H1N1 virus throughout the country, that is, in 18 territorial entities, they have presented cases related to this disease and there have been 44 deaths, of which 7 deaths have occurred in Norte de Santander, 6 in Bogot?, 6 in Nari?o, 2 in Casanare and in the other departments a case has been presented, respectively ".


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          Acute respiratory infections left 383 dead this year in Colombia

          The health authorities of Colombia confirmed on Tuesday that so far this year there have been 383 deaths due to acute respiratory infections in the country, representing a decrease of 8.5% compared to what happened in the same period of 2017, when there were 419 fatal cases. In relation to the H1N1 virus, the epidemiology director of the Ministry of Health, Sandra Gir?n, explained to journalists that this year there have been 44 deaths compared to 17 last year. The number of cases of the virus, he added, "is 366 throughout the country, meaning that in 18 territorial entities have been cases related to this disease and 44 deaths."


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            Confirmed death of a woman by the H1N1 virus in Ibagu?

            The Secretary of Health, Gelver Dimas G?mez, confirmed that in the capital of Tolima have been reported 11 cases of H1N1 influenza during what runs since 2018. In addition, in the last hours the death of a 36-year-old woman was of this virus.

            "Of the total cases of acute respiratory infection that have occurred, 8 have been in men and 3 in women. In addition, 5 infected are under 5 years old and another 6 cases are of people between 36 and 61 years of age, "said the official. He added: "We have a death of a female person and 36 years of age, who was affiliated with the EPS Medim?s and lived in the Commune 5. In the post-mortem diagnosis the presence of the H1N1 virus was confirmed".



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              Two people died in Tolima due to H1N1 cases

              A new pronouncement delivered the Secretary of Health of Tolima, Sandra Liliana Torres, in front of the report of the H1N1 virus in the department, stating that unfortunately the balance is the death of two people a woman from the municipality of Ibagu? and the other, obeys a person from La Dorada-Caldas who entered the hospital in Lebanon and died. "It is important to say that the data that was delivered are those confirmed by the National Institute of Health, there may be many patients in the emergency room, hospitalized or in USI but we are waiting for the confirmation of the Institute," said the departmental government official. He added, "at this time there are reported to the Surveillance System, not only cases of H1N1 but of all the viruses circulating in the respiratory tract around 200 cases but I could not say that those are confirmed because for me the National Institute of Health I have confirmed the 10 cases of which of those there are two deaths one from Ibague and one from La Dorada. "



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                Young man dies of H1N1 influenza in Valledupar

                The secretary of Departmental Health, Manuel Navarro Rada, spoke about the case in which a young woman died after being diagnosed, by the National Institute of Health (INS), with H1N1.
                The fatal victim of influenza H1N1 was identified as Michelle Garc?a, a native of El Banco municipality, Magdalena. The 18-year-old woman died on June 23 at a clinic in Valledupar, where she was transferred due to her critical health after staying at the La Candelaria Hospital in El Banco. Health Secretary Manuel Navarro Rada said that the virus is present in the department of Magdalena and that this case is not the only suspect. "Although the Department is prepared to face this type of contingency, it is important to have permanent alert in hospitals and social enterprises of the State, to make timely diagnoses and take preventive measures." (Read: Confirm three cases of influenza AH1N1 in Norte de Santander



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                  H1N1 virus claimed the life of a man and a woman in Valle del Cauca

                  The cases were confirmed by departmental authorities. One was registered in the Union and another in Cartago, but both were served in Armenia. "He gave them H1N1 and they died as a result of this disease, it is a man and a woman, both adults," said Mar?a Cristina Lesmes, Secretary of Health of Valle del Cauca. The official recommended to people who suffer from the virus remember that it is a respiratory infection, which should be treated at home and avoid going out to the street, so as not to enact the disease. "Additionally, patients with acute respiratory infection of any etiology should wear disposable handkerchief, wash their hands permanently and wear face masks when they come in contact with other people," said Lesmes.



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                    In Cajic? dies man for possible case of H1N1 virus

                    The health authorities of the municipality investigate whether the victim actually died from the spread of the virus. The Ministry of Health of Cajic? is "applying the surveillance protocol and verifying the information". As part of their strategies, they have been informing the community through social networks of the warning signs that appear in this virus.

                    On the other hand, from the Ministry of Health expressed that the peak is occurring throughout the region due to the climate and that "another respiratory peak is expected in the months of October and November, and for them we must be prepared", but that neither should they be associated with migratory phenomena. Two deaths were also confirmed in Valle del Cauca. "He gave them H1N1 and they died as a result of this disease. It is a man and a woman, both adults, "Mar?a Cristina Lesmes, Health Secretary of the department, told the media. This Friday also two deaths were confirmed in Valle del Cauca. "He gave them H1N1 and they died as a result of this disease. It is a man and a woman, both adults, "Mar?a Cristina Lesmes, Health Secretary of the department, told the media.

                    The health authorities confirmed that in the first half of the year there were 383 deaths due to acute respiratory infections in the country, which represents a decrease of 8.5% compared to what happened in the same period of 2017, when there were 419 fatal cases



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                      H1N1 virus charges the first victim in Risaralda

                      The Secretary of Health of Risaralda, Olga Luc?a Hoyos, reported that the deceased man, a 59-year-old individual, was hospitalized at the Esimed Santa M?nica Clinic in the municipality of Dosquebradas. Likewise, Hoyos confirmed the presence of another suspected case of H1N1 in a 50-year-old woman, also from the north of the Valley. Given this situation, the population is advised to be alert to symptoms such as constant fever, not self-medicate and keep in mind that only with an examination is it possible to verify if the person has the H1N1 virus, since the symptoms are similar to those of a common cold. After the appearance of these cases, the hospitals and clinics of Risaralda are on alert and with a contingency plan ready in case they are more affected by the virus.



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                        Another death from H1N1 virus in Tolima

                        The Ministry of Health of Tolima confirms that there was a new case of death from the H1N1 virus in the department this time it is a person from the municipality of Fresno. According to the report of the Government of Tolima in total, 233 samples have been sent to the National Health Institute, of which 18 confirmed cases have become and to date there have been five deaths. "Of the deceased three are from Ibague, one sent to Lebanon from the Dorada-Caldas and the latter coming from the municipality of Fresno," said Secretary of Health of Tolima in charge, Luis Eduardo Gonz?lez. He added that: "The confirmed cases in Ibagu? are 6, in Ortega 1, in Honda 3, L?rida 1 and Murillo 2. Of the age groups in children under 18 we have 4 and adults 14".



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                          Another person infected by H1N1 virus dies in Ibagu?

                          Jover D?az Rojas, one of the most loved officials of the Tolima Sectional Prosecutor's Office, died Thursday due to the H1N1 virus. With him, there are already two fatalities of this disease in Ibagu?. "It had been delicate for several days because of the disease. He was a very good man and died today at noon at the Calambeo Clinic, "said a person close to Diaz Rojas. He also assured that the family of the official had to resort to private entities to confirm the diagnosis. However, it was too late. "It was to pay for the particular test that confirmed the diagnosis. An expensive test that thank God even though it was paid was late because he was first misdiagnosed, sent home, worsened, hospitalized, sent for the exam and died today, "said this person.



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                            Alert in Cajic? for the death of a man, apparently infected with H1N1



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                              First case of death of H1N1 in Magdalena

                              A young woman of only 18 years presented the same symptoms of a common flu. The first case was confirmed due to death of H1N1 in the department of Magdalena. The victim is Michelle Garc?a, a young resident of the municipality of El Banco who presented a cold and was taken to a health center. The young woman who worsened her flu had to be referred to a hospital in Valledupar, where her death occurred. The examinations that allowed to identify his death by H1N1 were delivered or confirmed by the National Institute of Health. At the national level, there are already more than 50 deaths due to the virus, warning of the seriousness of cases that occur throughout the country and that allow actions to prevent the disease to residents in this part of the country.