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Colombia Reports 2nd Death

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  • Colombia Reports 2nd Death

    BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - Colombian health officials are reporting the country's second swine flu death, bringing the number of confirmed local cases of the virus to 68.
    National Health Institute director Juan Gonzalo Lopez says a 28-year-old Bogota man saw doctors on June 18, a day after first feeling symptoms.
    Lopez says the man's condition quickly worsened, and he died on Friday at a hospital. Heath officials are now observing his family members.
    Colombia's first swine-flu related death came on June 5, also in the capital.
    Bolivia's Health Minister Ramiro Tapia meanwhile reported two new cases of the virus in his nation on Sunday.

    Bolivia says it has confirmed 27 cases of the pandemic, most in its comparatively wealthy Santa Cruz state.
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    Re: Colombia Reports 2nd Death


    Google translation:

    A man of 28 years, new victims AH1N1

    A man of 28 years and employee of a public university, is the new fatality in Bogota that left AH1N1 the virus. The official report was given by the director of the National Institute of Health, Juan Gonzalo Lopez, who reported that security will not be the victim's personal details.

    According to Lopez, the victim, the second officer who is in Colombia, presented a respiratory infection on June 17 and consulted the emergency department on June 18 for chest pain and shortness of breath, which was ordered hospitalization and died on the afternoon of June 19.

    So far, cases of influenza confirmed in Colombia are 68: 24 in Bogota (including 2 deaths), in Cundinamarca 3, 11 in the Valley, 9 Yopal, 9 Antioquia 1, Cartagena, Barranquilla in 7, 2 2 in Boyac? and Santander.


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      Re: Colombia Reports 2nd Death


      Google translation:

      Colombia confirms second death by cold AH1N1Caracol | June 21, 2009

      The Government confirmed in less than two weeks, the second death from the flu in Colombia AH1N1 type.

      The director of the National Institute of Health, Juan Gonzalo Lopez said the victim was a man aged 28, who died in Bogota, but failed to deliver details.

      "This is a patient that the symptoms began June 17, accessed June 18, presented a box strong enough to respiratory distress and died on June 19" the official explained.

      The first case of death from the virus in Colombia was to Francy Milena Arias of 24 years, who died in hospital of Meissen. Like this woman, the victim contracted the virus without having left the country or have contact with people from abroad.

      Three other deaths were related to flu type AH1N1 are for research. One is that of a pregnant woman Ubat?-Cundinamarca, another was filed in Santa Marta and the third in Bogot?. The results of the tests could take up to 48 hours.

      In the world are already 180 people have died as a result of influenza type AH1N1.

      In Colombia, there are 68 confirmed cases of the virus, mostly in Bogot?, including two deaths. There are people infected with influenza in Cundinamarca, Valle, in Yopal in Antioquia, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santander and Boyaca.

      AH1N1 dead in Colombia, could be more

      Health authorities anticipate a series of evaluations to determine if the deaths of six people in different regions of the country, are associated with a contagious virus AH1N1.

      Apparently the deceased had some symptoms of the deadly influenza that has killed hundreds of people in the world.

      Diego Palacios, Minister of Social Protection, said that in Colombia there are 68 confirmed cases of this disease, but did not rule out that patients may be more.

      "We know there are more cases, we have tried to track the virus, all cases of death from acute respiratory infection, which have some clinical features, are being managed and evaluated as suspected cases," said the official.

      Palacios also confirmed that on Saturday night was the second case of death from influenza in this country...


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        Re: Colombia Reports 2nd Death

        Colombia confirms second case of A/H1N1 flu death
 2009-06-22 06:17:21 Print

        BOGOTA, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Colombia confirmed on Sunday that a 28-year-old man infected with A/H1N1 influenza had died on June 19in the capital Bogota, becoming the country's second case of deathfrom the new disease.

        The Social Protection Ministry said the man developed symptoms of influenza on June 17 and consulted a medical institution on June 18, when his condition had already become very serious. The man died of multi-organ failure on June 19 after his systemic symptoms suddenly deteriorated.

        "The man did not have contact with infected foreign people, nor did he travel to foreign countries," said the ministry. "It was a non-imported case."

        The director of the National Health Institute said the man's family members also developed symptoms of influenza, but they are in stable condition and receiving medical treatment.

        A 24-year-old woman died of severe pneumonia derived from A/H1N1 influenza on June 4 in Bogota, in the country's first flu-related death.

        There have been 68 confirmed cases of this new disease in Colombia so far.


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          Re: Colombia Reports 2nd Death


          Google translation:

          Second died of new influenza worked at the National University

          Vicerrector?a the headquarters of the University of Bogota reported that the couple of 28 years who died from the disease on June 19, was employed interim publisher of the academic center.

          The work of this young man was to distribute the mail from the publisher in all buildings on campus, part of which about 30 thousand students, teachers and workers.

          According to the communique, the National has made all the measures of prevention and care of the case, according to protocols established by the Ministry of Social Protection.

          The goal is to eliminate any possibility of infection and early detection of symptomatic cases, probable or suspected.

          According to unofficial data, as part of these preventive measures all of the editorial staff were sent home, while being subject to monitoring and analysis.

          Although the risk of infection could exist, Juan Varela, secretary (e) of Health in Bogot?, said that there has been no cause for alarm,
          "along with the university have worked as articles from the time when the case came , both the Secretariat and the health authorities of the university have made a thorough and careful handling of the situation, "he said.

          The university insists that all persons who had any contact with this young man, registered as the second new death from influenza in the country have been contacted by the division of occupational health to guide, monitor and provide treatment if necessary.