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Suspect deaths in Punta Arenas Chile- 3 this weekend

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  • Suspect deaths in Punta Arenas Chile- 3 this weekend


    The Ministry of Health shall issue the official report.

    He noted the health SEREMI Maria Isabel Banciella that along with a decline in the reporting of new cases, with regard to clinical diagnosis, are being complied with what the epidemiological curve shown in more serious cases and deaths.

    The weekend were three deaths, all with pathology, the first, a man of 65 years, with pulmonary fibrosis, hypertension and diabetes and that he was a mielitus pneumonia, examination of IFI or immunofluorescence was positive and subsequently the PCR was confirmed as carrying the human influenza virus.

    This patient, the cause of death was pulmonary fibrosis, said Maria Isabel SEREMI Health Banciella.

    Similar is the situation of a young woman of 18 years who died on Sunday, was a patient with brain damage, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, malnutrition with recurrent pneumonia and died a shock, the woman was also positive with the IFIs, not even confirmed human influenza.

    Also, another of the deaths was a 19-year-old with severe neurological damage, congenital toxoplasmosis, with repeated hospitalizations and IFI positive, has not been confirmed as human influenza.

    For these cases are officially admitted as human deaths from influenza should be an expert of the Ministry of Health where he reviewed his medical records, this means that Magellan has not yet confirmed cases of human death from influenza, only a concomitant diseases are based .

    Guillermina S. Teneb

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    Re: Suspect deaths in Punta Arenas Chile- 3 this weekend


    Google translation:

    Minsal determine whether patients died from the human influenza
    Posted at 08:32 am

    influ1La SEREMI Health, Mar?a Isabel Banciella indicated that the ministry is the only one who has the power to determine whether or not the deaths are attributable to the new disease.
    Health authorities in the region indicated that during the last week has been a marked decline in notifications of daily cases of human influenza. In the same way, the demand for emergency treatment in different centers, both public and private, has tended to normalize the levels usual for this time of year.
    The SEREMI Health, Mar?a Isabel Banciella, explained that "we are with a significant decline in the reporting of new cases of influenza, according to clinical diagnosis, which is what has been done." He also added that is currently serving the epidemiological curve, which begin to appear more severely ill patients and cases that tend to have fatal results.
    Banciella She explained that in the region of deceased persons who were infected by the human influenza, the main cause of their deaths were the basic conditions that these people showed. He explained that in accordance with established protocols for clinical management of severe, all patients underwent diagnostic immunofluorescence (IFI), whether or not any of the seasonality of the virus themselves. In the event that it gives positive review was performed on PCR (chain reaction of polymerase), which verifies that it is influenza A (H1N1).
    As to whether the deceased in the last hours in the region, and had the new influenza will be included in official statistics kept by the Ministry of Health (Minsal), the SEREMI indicated that he only has the power to determine whether deaths are attributable to influenza or not. For this, the regional SEREMI must send all information from the deceased patient and the Ministry made a comprehensive survey of the clinical records and through the statistics department was officially notified that if death is not attributable to influenza or its pathologies or base .
    In relation to the man of 65 years who died last week, Banciella noted that "what we know is that his cause of his death was pulmonary fibrosis. We are talking about diseases with high organic deterioration and that the flu is a worse situation than their initial clinical picture. " Until yesterday, this person was the only confirmed by PCR examination as infected by the virus A (H1N1).
    The other three people have died in recent days, all had chronic diseases. These two patients, one 18 and 19, who had a severe neurological damage. They were joined by a woman of 69 years with a heart problem. As is done in these cases, the examination performed IFI and is awaiting confirmation of the PCR from the Institute of Public Health (ISP) from Santiago, to see whether they were infected with the new influenza