Human influenza patient dies in the Armed Forces Hospital
Posted at 08:08 am

influenza11-07Las Magellan Health authorities yesterday reported the death of a man of 65 years who were serious in the Armed Forces Hospital Cirujano Guzm?n, who had a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis (for smoking), diabetes mellitus type II, hypertension and a stroke registry of old, who was also infected with influenza A (H1N1). It would then of the first fatal victim linked to the new influenza virus in agreement as reported by the director of Magellan Health Service, Dr. George Flies in yesterday afternoon received the results of the PCR test, which had sent to the Institute of Public Health (ISP), which showed positive for human influenza. The physician noted that his study is a cause of death, which could be associated with respiratory diseases type human influenza.
The victim had belonged to the Armed Forces during the year and recorded three hospitalizations for severe pathologies basis that she had, which added to the human influence, it was connected to mechanical ventilator and the patient as more serious than Magellan.
Flies indicated that during the last week there was a decline in demand for emergency treatment in different medical centers in the region, reaching figures of a normal winter. The doctor further noted that "we have given instructions to be very alert to severe cases are reported, because it is very likely that we will remain in this period, after three weeks since the start of the outbreak of human influenza in the region. "
In our region, from June 6 to date, there have been 6 human cases of influenza confirmed by PCR (first phase of containment). In turn, have been clinically diagnosed 7060 people.