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1st A/H1N1 death reported in the Calama Region

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  • 1st A/H1N1 death reported in the Calama Region


    AH1N1 first confirmed death in the Second Region
    She is a woman of 50 years who died undiagnosed last week in Calama. Ya van 22 fatalities.
    by Roberto Alvarez, Antofagasta. - 07/07/2009 - 00:39

    After the last week of two suspected cases of human deaths from influenza, the Health Authority of Antofagasta confirmed the first case of the Second Region. This brought the number of deaths amounted to 22 per AH1N1.

    She is a woman of 50 years who was admitted to the Hospital Carlos Cisternas Calama with a severe pneumonia and severe respiratory insufficiency, and who performed the PCR test to determine whether she had the disease, which was confirmed by the previous Health Institute P?blica (ISP).

    The SEREMI industry, Enrique Castro, who said that due to the pandemic by protocol is the examination which confirmed the presence of the virus AH1N1, which he said is being analyzed by staff of the Ministry of Health in Santiago, through a audit, which should confirm the cause of death.

    Castro asked the ministry reported that the presence of two epidemiologists, who assessed the overall situation in the region, mainly affecting Calama, and it is estimated that due to the high temperature, which occurs during the year but mainly in winter with a minimum temperature that has come to -7 ? Celsius this year.

    Last week there was a controversy in Antofagasta after health authorities confirmed only three cases of human influenza, very different from what was happening elsewhere in the country, which also was not consistent with the number of cases filed in establishments public and private education in the region.

    After the alarm parents, educational establishments and members who called transparent figures, Dr. Castro, acknowledged 40 confirmed cases, four of them placed in serious condition, and 639 suspected cases not confirmed by PCR examination.

    Castro said that these cases "do not know whether they are human influenza, said it takes only confirmed cases of gravity. Reported that these people are being subjected to medical treatment in isolation in their homes.

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    Re: 1st A/H1N1 death reported in the Calama Region


    Wednesday July 8, 2009

    Three patients are still serious in the Hospital del Cobre

    Health reported that while the confirmed cases in El Loa rises to 51.

    Three patients who were treated at the Hospital del Cobre, affected the human influenza virus, severe and remain connected to a breathing machine. While one quarter, which was under the same conditions as above, and is breathing on its own and left the state of gravity.

    These, up until yesterday were the most complicated cases that occurred in El Loa Province, but according to the official report of the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Health, and 61 are infected with the virus A (H1N1) in the region and 51 they belong to the province.

    As we study the death of a woman 50 years of age was confirmed by the presence of the human influenza virus, not the disease and died on June 27.

    The health authority also confirmed four cases in the state of gravity at 1 and 3 in Antofagasta Calama. The latter are treated at the Hospital del Cobre and are awaiting a positive outcome.

    Graves at El Loa

    Yesterday it was confirmed that one of the people in the area of medical Codelco Norte, the respirator was disconnected and the other man still breathing with the support of the fan and in serious condition.

    It was explained that there are four infected. Three women and one man, all elderly. Are isolated in the ICU and hospital attention is placed on them.

    Until yesterday the move was not covered by any of them until Antofagasta, as was done with a patient who was referred to the Military Hospital, last week.

    The director of the Hospital del Cobre, Miguel Cort?s doctor confirmed that there are three that are stable within the seriousness and infected another abandoned mechanical ventilation.

    He added that some of these cases have not been presented so far and another seriously in recent days the number of patients who have come to the hospital for respiratory diseases Copper has fallen. "The number of people at least in recent days has decreased to what happened last week," said the physician.

    Official Report

    Meanwhile, the ministerial secretary of Health gave the official report on the infections in the region.

    It describes the cases confirmed with laboratory tests to reach 61, 51, Calama, Antofagasta, 9 and 1 of Maria Elena. Of these 4 are in serious condition, 3 in the Province of El Loa in Antofagasta 1.

    Most of those confirmed are retrieved and made an absolutely normal life.

    They add that the health care network, consisting of both primary care clinics, hospitals and private institutions, will continue making all the necessary measures to serve the population in preventive and curative, in the middle of the winter respiratory illnesses, in addition to the new Human Influenza.

    The demand for care is growing because of respiratory diseases from the station.

    Antiviral treatment for human influenza, for those who need it are guaranteed free of charge by the Government, whatever its forecast.