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Chile: 2 new deaths reported in Valpara?so & B?ob?o

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  • Chile: 2 new deaths reported in Valpara?so & B?ob?o


    Two new victims AH1N1 occurred in Valparaiso and Biob?o
    In Region V, and two people were killed by the virus, while in the eighth figure rises to six.
    by y Gabriela Sandoval - 06/07/2009 - 14:20

    The second fatal victim recovering human influenza in the Region of Valpara?so. This is a man of 53 years identified as Jose Martinez, resides in San Antonio, who died at 6:20 at the local hospital Claudio Vicu?a organic product of a systematic failure associated with a respiratory problem.

    The patient had a basis of respiratory disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a lymphoma Hodking. Yesterday received radiotherapy treatment for lymphoma that had caused a minor lung damage on June 26 and entered the hall where he practiced care test for the presence of the virus AH1N1.

    Since that time the man had a progressive deterioration in his health. The information handed the Director of Health Valpara?so, Dagoberto Duarte.

    Meanwhile, in Region Biob?o human influenza victims rose to six after the confirmation of a death of a woman 68 years of the town of Tom?.

    The patient suffered from Diabate and was hospitalized on July 19 last.

    Until Friday, the health authority confirmed 16 human deaths from influenza, a figure that rises to 18 with two new cases reported.

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    Re: Chile: 2 new deaths reported in Valpara?so & B?ob?o


    AH1N1 confirms second death in the region
    Monday 06 July 2009 VmasV

    It is a male patient 53 years of San Antonio. Furthermore, in Valparaiso is a person in critical condition.

    The Director of Health Service Valpara?so-San Antonio, Dagoberto Duarte confirmed that the region was the second death AH1N1 virus.
    According to the health authority is a male person of 53 years, who had residence in the commune of San Antonio and whose death occurred in hospital Claudio Vicu?a of that community to 06:30 in the morning today.

    "Indeed, at approximately 06:30 today a second person died that he had been doing the treatment and also had several previous enferemedades.

    Likewise, Duarte confirmed that a further three cases are being monitored, the most serious of a patient from the Hospital Carlos Van Buren, who is in critical condition.


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      Re: Chile: 2 new deaths reported in Valpara?so & B?ob?o


      Tuesday July 7, 2009

      Two are killed by influenza and a third patient is serious
      Health / Authorities ask the community to take special measures during the winter.

      A man of 53 years who died in the early morning yesterday at the Intermediate Care Unit, Hospital of San Antonio Claudio Vicu?a, due to a systemic functional failure associated with respiratory problems, became the second victim of the virus from human influenza in the Region of Valpara?so.

      The patient also had a basis of respiratory pathology, the Epoc (COPD), and also suffered from Hodgkin's lymphoma. According to a history of Valparaiso Health Service, San Antonio, treatment of this disease, radiation would have caused the lung damage secondary.

      Meanwhile, in the region there are three cases in severity, according to the health authority. "All three are in the Van Buren hospital, two of them are in good condition, leaving his condition seriously. There is a one with a serious situation that is in the ICU," said Dagoberto Duarte, director of SSVS.

      Peak virus AH1N1

      According to experts, the virus has not yet finished produce havoc in the town and announced that "it is waiting for the 'peak' large patients come in two weeks and more in the area, more or less the national average is had last week, "said Eugene John, president of the Medical College of Valparaiso.

      In the jurisdiction of the Health Service Vi?a del Mar-Quillota, Dr. Francisco Armijo, technical reference for the winter campaign, said that being attentive to how the H1N1 virus, because there are different things. "Usually the seasonal influenza that comes every winter especially affects older adults and causes more deaths in that population, however the new virus has affected more young people, in fact 61 per cent of cases are concentrated between five and 19 years. " Respect to these winter holidays, Dr. Duarte called on the community to not let our guard down with basic preventive measures to avoid any type of respiratory illness. "Do not go to Health Services is not necessary" is one of them.