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Chile: Death #19 reported- truck driver

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  • Chile: Death #19 reported- truck driver


    Google translation:

    Increase to 19 human deaths from influenza in Chile
    Friday July 3, 2009
    Source: Alvarez and Fabian Neira Soledad, El Mercurio
    One of those killed was the Region Biob?o, while the other was moved from Puerto Montt to Santiago two weeks ago.

    SANTIAGO .- Two new victims of the fatal human influenza were confirmed today by the health authorities, so the number of deaths due to this disease rose to 19.

    The first confirmation was given by the SEREMI Health Biob?o, Marta Werner, who said that a person died yesterday aged 36, resident of San Pedro de la Paz, who presented a positive PCR.

    The student technician paramedic presented a scenario of severe pneumonia and was taken to the Regional Hospital of Concepci?n on June 28, the same place where was his practice.

    The particularity of this case is that the individual was not a disease and that might explain the worsening picture of influenza A (H1N1).

    Meanwhile, the second victim is Anselmo Urrutia, who was interned for almost grave two weeks in the Chest Hospital, and died early this morning.

    The truck driver of 38 years had been transferred on June 20 from Puerto Montt and remained connected to an artificial lung (ECMO) after presenting with pneumonia who remained at risk vital since it was placed on June 17.

    Urrutia died after the one o'clock today by multiorgan failure and unlike the previous case, the disease was associated primarily puertomontino your overweight, which complicated their table.