Five deaths rise in the region AH1N1 Biob?o
Local health SEREMI confirmed a new death. This is a paramedic technician for 36 years.
by - 03/07/2009 - 10:46

The SEREMI Health Biob?o today confirmed human death from influenza in a man of 36 years in the commune of San Pedro de La Paz. The patient, a technician paramedic who was conducting his practice, had no pathology to explain the basic subsequent death.

"Admitted to hospital on June 28, he started on antiviral treatment for severe pneumonia, unfortunately not well developed and died on July 2. It was a previously healthy person who started with a respiratory symptoms that quickly worsened, "explained SEREMI Marta Werner.

The doctor said it is the first case in the area of a healthy person whose picture was presented fulminant viral.

With this, and added five victims in the region, met yesterday after the death of a child of 7 years of Colonel, who died of a cerebral infarct product the night of June 27 at the Hospital Regional de Concepci?n. The minor suffered from a recurrent wheezing bronchitis. Deaths nationwide reach 18.