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Chile: 7 yr. old with A/H1N1 dies of stroke

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  • Chile: 7 yr. old with A/H1N1 dies of stroke


    A minor is the victim of the fatal human influenza in Chile

    Tests confirmed that a child born in Coronel, was carrying the virus AH1N1.

    He died last Saturday following a stroke.

    A child of seven years from the town of Coronel is the next victim of fatal human influenza in Chile, health authorities confirmed.

    In a communique, the Health SEREMI Biob?o noted that the child died last Saturday of a stroke, was carrying the virus AH1N1.

    Death is the fourth recorded in the Region Biob?o, which also presents a total of 324 infected, 21 of them with pictures of the gravity and number 17 nationally.

    This Thursday also confirmed the death of a woman of 38 years that remained in the hospital in Valparaiso Van Buren, in the first case in that area resulting in death.

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    Re: Chile: 7 yr. old with A/H1N1 dies of stroke


    Google translation:

    Increases to 17 the number of deaths from influenza A in Chile

    The situation in the South American country is the national alarm, infected with 7342 and 183 patients in critical condition because of this epidemic
    03 July 2009 | 07:52 am - Reuters

    Chilean health authorities confirmed Friday that a child of seven years died last Saturday in the B?o B?o region, south of the country, was carrying the influenza A virus, bringing to 17 the number of fatalities per AH1N1 the virus in Chile.

    The minor, who lived in the town of Coronel, 545 kilometers south of Santiago, died from a stroke, as reported by the regional health service in a statement.

    On Thursday, also confirmed the death of an influenza A woman of 38 years who entered the weekend in the Van Buren Hospital in Valparaiso, a city located 120 kilometers west of Santiago, and remained in the intensive care unit with a difficulty breathing before he died in the early hours of Tuesday.

    The situation in Chile is the national alarm, with 17 deaths, 7342 and infected 183 patients in serious condition caused by this epidemic.

    According to official figures from the Institute of Public Health, 79.3% of the confirmed cases are recovered and 17.2% were treated at home.

    Likewise, children of school age (between 5 and 19 years) have been the hardest hit, concentrating on 61% of the total infections.

    The country's president, Michelle Bachelet said Monday that influenza A is "the worst epidemic that Chile has faced in the last 52 years."


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      Re: Chile: 7 yr. old with A/H1N1 dies of stroke

      I wonder if the poor child had a stroke because of the H1N1 or if was caused by Phenylpropanolamine (PPA), an ingredient found in cough syrup. Sales of cough remedies with PPA sold OTC in the US stopped 3 or 4 years ago. I don't know what the status for PPA is in other countries.