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Suspected A/H1N1 death in the Maule Region-NOT

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  • Suspected A/H1N1 death in the Maule Region-NOT


    02 Julio 2009
    Human Influenza: Potential first fatal victim in the Maule
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    A couple (youth, male?) of 16 years would be the first AH1N1 died in the region. Health authorities indicated that they would arrive tomorrow from the Institute of Public Health (ISP) examination results to clarify the situation.

    Written by aMaule

    Although a first analysis discounted the presence of the virus AH1N1, a couple of 16 years died this morning at the Hospital Regional de Talca, could be the first victim of the fatal human influenza in the region and to clarify the situation, health authorities in the region are awaiting test results sent to the Institute of Public Health (ISP).

    "This is our first case died of acute respiratory infection without etiology (cause) known to date, since it is under consideration," said SEREMI Health, Sofia Ruz.

    According to the Director of Health Service Maule, "nor can we rule out no certainty that a given table AH1N1, other diagnostic hypotheses we are discussing, there are other tests that are in process and an autopsy to be performed to clarity of the diagnosis of this couple and also to calm the relatives. "

    Regarding the assumptions that are handled, Toro said that "it may be bacterial etiology, which may be of viral etiology, it could be a Hanta virus, does not rule out other diagnoses," is unknown to the minutes. ?AH1N1?, "What matters is to be the result of the ISP," said Director of Health Service.

    The results of these reviews debiesen arriving during the morning of Thursday.

    Toro, also indicated that an audit carried out to investigate and verify that it has complied with all procedures and regulations, which will conduct a professional outside the Health Service Maule.

    Serious cases of influenza in the region

    The SEREMI Health, indicated that the region there are six serious cases of human influenza, two of whom joined in the last 24 hours, "the most serious is in Curico, but was slightly better in relation to the last 24 hours" .

    Ruz, wanted to reiterate the recommendations for preventing infection, these are hand washing, use of tissue to cough or sneeze and then eliminate it in a dumpster, not in areas with congestion, rather than face the cold and prevent pollution .

    "We want people to prevent, to make timely consultation, use the phone responds Health (600 360 7777) for all kinds of consultation and guidance in relation to a health situation that the person he seems serious," said the SEREMI.

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    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 in the Maule Region


    Google translation:

    Studying Possible Death AH1N1

    (ORBE) TALCA. The Director of Health Service Maule (SSM), Dr. Jorge Toro, confirmed the death of a couple of 16 years, identified as Jairo Lepe G?lvez, a product of severe acute respiratory illness, it is presumed may have been due to human influenza.

    Accompanied by the Director of the Hospital of Talca and regional ministerial secretary of Health, and Carolina Chacon Sofia Ruz, respectively, explained that before his death to the child with his family had consulted on two occasions within the healthcare talquino, without being placed in spite of the serious table presented, which is confirmed by the outcomes of emergency care performed.

    "There are a number of assumptions. There is a first negative review that goes against influenza virus, but just another analysis is in process at the Institute of Public Health, therefore we can not rule out nor give certainty to be a box AH1N1" , said, according to The Center gathers.

    It also emphasized that there are other diagnostic hypotheses being discussed, in addition to other tests that are in development, and an autopsy has to be made to clear the final diagnosis.

    "A preliminary examination, confirmed by radiographs, said a process which can be bacterial pneumonia, including viral, there are several etiologies that can cause a box this size and unfortunately there is a box that overweight does not help a more rapid recovery to ventilate better, "he said.

    It also announced the completion of a medical audit outsourcing in the Hospital of Talca, to review the procedure and clinical protocols used with the deceased. This result of questions from family members, "and therefore must assess the case, the timing, how it triggered the symptoms and signs were to indicate if there were not as things should have been in according to standards and protocols, in the case of acute respiratory diseases are very clear. "

    In this connection, the director of the Hospital of Talca, Dr. Carolina Chacon, said that such actions are carried out each time there are deaths and acute fulminant, and where the diagnosis is unclear in its entirety.

    For its part, the SEREMI Health, Sofia Ruz, emphasized that this event represents the first fatal case of severe acute respiratory infection, with no known cause. But also indicated that there were six other people are in serious condition, a result of these conditions.


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      Re: Suspected A/H1N1 death in the Maule Region-NOT


      Health Authority denies new human death from influenza in Maule

      Test results from the ISP found that the teen did not have the virus AH1N1.

      However, the audit continues to the Hospital of Talca in the case.

      The health authority denied the human influenza as the cause of death of children under 16 years Jairo G. who consulted the doctor twice in the Maule and two others at the Hospital Regional de Talca.

      The disease was ruled out after the outcome of the reviews discussed in the Public Health Institute (ISP), however, as reported by the Director of Hospital, Carolina Chacon, continuing an external clinical audit to clarify whether they were given the correct care patient.

      "Anytime there is a case of death in acute fulminant and diagnosis is not one hundred percent clear, the idea is to do an audit that we can establish the processes and eventually if there was an error. Based on the report of the assesses whether an audit is a summary that puts in that case, "he said.

      The patient sought care on two occasions in the office of El Maule, which was derived from the Hospital de Talca. In this compound had a radiograph and was sent back to his home, but returned two days later at the hospital where he died of pneumonia product.
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