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Chile: A/H1N1 reported death in Futrono, Los Rios Region

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  • Chile: A/H1N1 reported death in Futrono, Los Rios Region


    Google translation:

    New virus death confirmed in AH1N1 Futrono
    To date 15 people are reported killed by human influenza in the country.
    30/06/2009 - 19:00

    A man of 33 years in the locality of Futrono, Regi?n de Los R?os, became the victim caused by the fatal virus AH1N1, then it was confirmed by the Health Service of Valdivia.

    The agency reported that the affected party a week ago died at his home and was unaware that he was concerned by the human influenza. The case was confirmed only today, after the diagnosis is to evacuate by the Institute of Public Health, reported Radio Biob?o.

    The story of this man of 33 years adds to the deaths of a child under 11 years of Talcahuano Calbuco and a fisherman who also died AH1N1 affected by the virus during the weekend. To date 15 people have died affected by human influenza.

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    Re: Chile: A/H1N1 reported death in Futrono, Los Rios Region


    In came the 15 human deaths from influenza in Chile

    Last case is a man of 33 years died at his home in Futrono.

    The infected total over 7,300, with 252 of them in serious condition.

    A 15 was the number of human deaths from influenza in Chile, after three additional deaths were known during the day.

    The last case corresponds to a 33-year-old man identified as Paul Labb? Avila, resident in the town of Futrono, Regi?n de Los Rios, last week.

    The death of Labb? Avila, who served as assistant buses were confirmed after receiving the reviews from Santiago.

    "The most unfortunate that this person is not consulted, failed to reach the public health system, was at home with symptoms for various reasons had not consulted and was aggravated," said the director of local health services, Joel Arriagada .

    The death was announced nearly parallel to the balance of the Ministry of Health had placed in 14 deaths, two more than the last report, delivered last Friday.

    In its last detail, the health authority said that from May 17 to June 29 were 7342 confirmed infections, of whom 252 remained in serious condition.

    Of all the people affected with the disease, 1565 were confirmed by PCR examination at the Institute of Public Health (ISP), while the remainder, ie 5781, were ratified in private.