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Chile confirms first H1N1 death of child, eighth victim

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  • Chile confirms first H1N1 death of child, eighth victim

    This may be #9...


    Google translation:

    Chile confirms first H1N1 death of child, eighth victim
    25 Jun 2009 20:40

    SANTIAGO, June 25 (Reuters) - Chile, which has the largest number of new infected with the flu in South America, on Thursday confirmed the death of the first child infected with the disease in the country, bringing the total death rose to eight cases.

    The new victim is a child under 6 years, who died Tuesday night at the hospital base of the southern city of Osorno, and authorities were awaiting the results of an examination to confirm whether he was infected with H1N1 influenza .

    The child was admitted to hospital with a probable Osorno box bronchopneumonia and other respiratory conditions.

    In its latest report on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health reported that the number of infected rose to Chile in 5186, amid a sharp drop in temperatures for the southern winter.

    The disease, which led the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a pandemic has spread into all regions of the country after they were initially detected the first cases in the capital Santiago.

    The new strain of flu, widely known as swine flu has affected mostly children in the country.

    (Reporting by Antonio de la Jara. Edited by Silene Ramirez)


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    Re: Chile confirms first H1N1 death of child, eighth victim

    Originally posted by Shiloh View Post
    This may be #9...
    I had 8 as of this morning.
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      Re: Chile confirms first H1N1 death of child, eighth victim

      I think the dental student was reported in the press yesterday but has not been confirmed yet. I still have him down in the tally Here


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        Re: Chile confirms first H1N1 death of child, eighth victim

        Indeed there is only 4% of cases, which would have complicated the diagnosis:

        Child died of A (H1N1) did not present symptoms

        Father Justin Ojeda (6) said it is considering filing a lawsuit against the Hospital de Osorno. The establishment began an investigation into this.

        Nicolas Gutierrez and correspondents

        OSORNO .- Without telling symptoms without fever, which is only 4% of those infected by influenza A (H1N1), developed the disease that killed Justin Leonard Ojeda Villarroel, a child of 6 years whose death was confirmed yesterday by the ISP as the first child victim of the virus detected in the country.

        While the Hospital Base Osorno still awaiting official confirmation that he detailed last night from Santiago, the deputy director of the medical campus, Roberto Zamorano, explained that "the patient started on Thursday, 18 being treated by a viral pharyngitis. In the context of the 700 daily, with a pharyngitis that was not serious, was sent to his home. And last Monday had no symptoms attributable to human influenza. " According to the physician, it would be "an unusual case and corresponds to a figure quite unfortunate."

        Accuse negligence

        The family of Justin insisted that health services acted negligently, but not recognize the child had fever for five days before his death. "Last Thursday was only slightly slowed down and my wife took him to the hospital," said his father, Leonardo Ojeda.

        The child's health worsened on Sunday. His mother, Cristina Villarroel, took him to SAPU of Rahu Bajo, near his home in Villa Lololhue. "There is only one doctor reviewed the throat and pharyngitis diagnosis and told me he had a further infection," says the woman.

        Complications were more pronounced on Monday, so his family took him back to the Base Hospital, where he was hospitalized for pneumonia in the ICU. "We arrived at 2 pm and at 5 he just took the pressure. Two hours after recently served as a doctor", called Pailahueque Oscar, uncle of the child.

        The hospital conducted an internal audit and an investigation into the case, whose results depend on the arrival of the review confirmed that the influenza and human data from the autopsy that was performed at the lowest. Despite this, the boy's father said that students submit an application.

        Case pending

        In Temuco is expected today to deliver the results of PCR examination of the student practiced dentistry Felipe Sol?s S?nchez (22), died the morning of Wednesday last. He was being treated for suspected human influenza since June 19.

        Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health confirmed yesterday the first two human cases of influenza in Easter Island. These two school-age children, whose symptoms are mild.

        "In those patients with mild conditions that have to wait one to three hours, have to be able to prioritize the most serious cases"{8119B6DB-374A-4649-9459-E4721FB7A537}
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