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Chile: 8th death reported

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  • Chile: 8th death reported


    Young Temuco is the eighth victim of fatal human influenza in the country
    Wednesday June 24 2009

    Source: The Second Online

    A student 22 years of dentistry at the University of the Frontier in Temuco today became the eighth victim of the fatal human influenza, according to radio DNA.

    The patient would have had a prior history of heart failure.

    In Florida and 65 cases were confirmed infected by the virus AH1N1.

    The information was confirmed by the regional governor, Nora Barrientos.

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    Re: Chile: 8th death reported


    Google translation:

    University's new flu killed by AH1N1

    Student Loncoche is the eighth victim of fatal human influenza in Chile. He returned to hospital after a prescription of rest at home.

    A college student originally from Loncoche died this morning in the Hern?n Henr?quez Hospital of Temuco affected by the flu AH1N1 which fatal cases of the disease rose to 8 in Chile.

    The victim was identified as Felipe Sanchez Solis, 22,
    attending his last year in the career of Dentistry at the University of La Frontera (UFRO) from the capital of the Araucan?a.

    According to the Health SEREMI, Gloria Cuevas, the young man died after aggravated during sleep at home orderly at the clinic that he went to Germany on June 19.
    "Consultations with a clinical suspicion that human influenza," said.

    Solis said that the authority had "no signs at the time of gravity therefore was not hospitalized, was treated on an outpatient basis and sent confined to his home with antiviral treatment."

    It was noted that the death occurred in the Intensive Care Unit due to cardiac failure, although the student showed no history of heart problems. Close to the couple are under evaluation for possible infection with the disease.

    The death follows the cases of two women, one of them elderly, died on Monday, and 5 other previous cases, all men, who died in the infected region of Los Lagos. Four of these were from one of Puerto Montt and Osorno.


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      Re: Chile: 8th death reported


      Google translation:

      Student of 22 years is the eighth human death from the flu

      The student's final year of the career of Dentistry, University of La Frontera Temuco, Felipe S?nchez Sol?s, became the eighth victim of human influenza in the country.

      The Regional Ministerial Secretary of Health local, Gloria Cuevas, reported that the couple of 22 years, presented last June 19 that a clinical suspicion of human influenza, first go to the Clinica Alemana de Temuco, from where it derived its Loncoche at home with antiviral treatment.

      Because of her condition did not improve, his family took him to a hospital in this town, but from there by the gravity of his health, was referred to the ICU of the Hospital Regional de Temuco, where he died.

      The SEREMI added that the young student had no medical history and clinical condition of a heart.

      While connected to an artificial respirator and in critical condition remains Delgado Lorena Ag?ero a woman, 37 weeks pregnant, had symptoms of human influenza.

      The patient underwent a cesarean section in the Clinica Las Lilas to give birth to her son, and after starting treatment. It is hoped that the tests confirm whether he was human influenza that complicated their health status.

      Meanwhile, the latest report from the World Health Organization on Wednesday reported an increase in infection of human influenza virus to 55 thousand 867 cases in 109 countries and territories, resulting in 238 people dead.

      Since the previous review, presented on Monday, there were 3 thousand 707 new cases of influenza A, of which 7 reported deaths...