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6th AH1N1 death reported in Chile

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  • 6th AH1N1 death reported in Chile


    Google translation:

    He died of AH1N1 first infected in Rancagua
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    The first victim of the virus in the region is a woman who suffered from chronic liver disease.

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    Written by Cynthia King

    This Saturday the first victim died of influenza in human capital is a woman of 45 years who suffered from liver disease. The woman also present, an autoimmune liver disease, leading to an overall organizational failure. The patient died this weekend at the Clinica Integral Ranscagua, where he remained confined since Tuesday.

    According to the report issued by the Health SEREMI, 915 cases have been reported in the region. There are 304 cases in Rancagua, Rengo at 154 San Vicente 70 cases, Machali 60, San Fernando 63, Mostazal 35, Santa Cruz in 30 cases and in other communities less than 30 cases each.

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    Re: 6th AH1N1 death reported in Chile


    Google translation:

    Monday, June 22 2009 Time 12:11 Peru

    A woman is the sixth fatality of influenza in Chile AH1N1

    The death of a woman of 45 years rose to six dead in Chile AH1N1 from the flu, the country recorded 315 thousand infected officially 4.

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    Fernando Soto, regional health authority O'Higgins, reported today in a statement that the death of the woman was due to a multiple organic failure and pneumonia caused by the dreaded virus.

    The woman died at Clinica Integral de Rancagua, where he was admitted on Monday with a 15 box of bronchopneumonia and was connected to an artificial respirator.

    At the clinic confirmed infection with influenza A and his health deteriorated due to a prior liver disease caused a weakening immune irreversible.

    She is the first female fatality in Chilean soil. The other five cases were men who lived in the southern region of Los Lagos.

    Health officials reported yesterday in Santiago's death a couple of 18 years for influenza A, which among other problems suffered from morbid obesity.

    With the rapid spread of the virus, which exceeded the seasonal flu, health authorities in Chile only deliver two reports on weekly infection tested for specific exams.

    Global figure. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Monday that there are 52 thousand 160 people infected and 231 have died from this disease that is already moving in the southern hemisphere.

    Since the previous review published on Friday, 7 thousand 873 were new cases, among which there are 51 more deaths.

    The number of patients in the United States shot up (+ 3594 to reach 21,449 cases, 87 deaths), in Chile (1190 + for 4315 cases, 4 deaths) in United Kingdom (+ 754 to reach 2506 cases, one fatal), in Canada (+ 805 to reach 5710 cases, 13 deaths) in Australia (+ 237 to reach 2436 cases, one fatal) in Japan (+ 160 for 850 cases) and Argentina (1010 to reach 92 + cases, including 7 deaths)


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      Re: 6th AH1N1 death reported in Chile


      Google translation:

      Monday June 22 2009 _NOM_SECCION1
      The dead in Chile by AH1N1 Flu

      The human death from influenza Sandra Ceron Herrera, 45, originally from Granary in Rancagua clinic on Saturday, broke the trend for patients who had de Los Lagos, all men, as the only died from the disease.

      This weekend it was reported the fifth person killed in Puerto Montt, where she recorded most of the fatal cases: it was 18 year-old qualified as indigent.

      On Thursday, June 18 confirmed the death of Ismael Pavez, a resident of this city, who was interned at the Hospital of the Catholic University because of an acute pneumonitis box.

      The deceased, aged 40, joins Oscar Jimenez (40), also from the Lake, died on Wednesday at the clinic Indisa. The previous two fatalities were Juan Pozas Calbucoy of 56 years, and Fernando Vera of 37 years.