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Chile: 4th A/H1N1 confirmed death

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  • Chile: 4th A/H1N1 confirmed death


    Google translation:

    Fourth person died because of human influenza
    This is Ismael Pavez, who presented a multi-organ failure caused by pneumonia.

    Died this morning at the Hospital of the Catholic University, Ismael Pavez Gonz?lez (40 years), who became the fourth victim of human influenza in Chile, after he was yesterday morning confirmed the death of this disease ?scar Jim?nez.

    The death of Pavez, who like Jimenez of Puerto Montt and was connected to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), better known as "artificial lung", occurred at 9.35 am this morning.

    Pavez was since June 1 in five intensive care unit of this compound and its status in recent weeks was extremely serious.

    The counter of a salmon, who had been moved from Puerto Montt 17 days ago, had a severe lung failure with involvement of both lungs, a situation which remained volatile in its oxygenation.

    During the first days of treatment he received in Puerto Montt, a Pavez it detected a bilateral pneumonia, which was treated with a coma induced by specialists from the Los Andes Hospital of this city, in addition to staying connected to a mechanical ventilator.

    Unlike Pavez, Oscar Jimenez was the first patient to die in Chile without any illness or problem before the human influenza and their families are not infected. The Medical Clinic Indisa who responded said that Jimenez was a healthy man and had no history of any kind, as it were the other fatal cases of influenza in Chile.

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    Re: Chile: 4th A/H1N1 confirmed death


    Another patient died yesterday:
    Chile is the fifth country with most deaths caused by influenza A (H1N1)

    Globally, Mexico, Canada, USA and Argentina have more deaths.

    Olivares and Luis Rene Toledo

    Human influenza took fourth victim in Chile yesterday morning, after Ismael Pavez Gonz?lez (40 years in the photo) died in the Hospital of the Catholic University until he became gravely June 1 from Puerto Montt .

    Since then was connected to an artificial lung, in a state of extreme gravity. Finally, a multi-organ failure associated with pneumonia caused by influenza A (H1N1) caused death.

    According to the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO), only Mexico, Canada, United States and Argentina have more cases of deceased Chile. In the region, the country reported 6 deaths trans.

    In Puerto Montt, the Health SEREMI, Bernardo Martorell, acknowledged that, like Oscar Jimenez, who died on Wednesday in Santiago, had no history of other diseases.

    The fatal victim is the son of Ismael Pavez, a well-known businessman in the town of Rengo, and Gladys Gonz?lez.

    Worked as accountant in the company Aguas Claras and leaves two children from his first marriage: Gustavo (15 years) and Catalina (4 years). Will be buried Saturday in Rengo.

    Death rate

    The rate of serious cases that ultimately ends in death is less than 1%, according to Minsal, which coincides with the point raised by Indisa Clinic, who said that 60% of patients connected to artificial lung has poor prognosis.