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Chile: 3rd death reported

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  • Chile: 3rd death reported


    Chilean authorities confirms second death from influenza A in South America

    EFE 07/06/2009

    Chilean authorities today confirmed the second death from the flu AH1N1 in this country, which is also the second in South America.

    The victim, aged 49, who - for now - not released their identities, died today at the Hospital Base Osorno, 942 kilometers south of Santiago, and stayed for two weeks connected to a mechanical ventilator.

    According to Radio Bio Bio, the information was confirmed by the Public Relations Department of the Hospital Base Osorno, news that has caused commotion in the area are the most serious cases of influenza.

    The regional health ministry secretary, Bernardo Martorel travels to this city from Puerto Montt, some 1,000 kilometers south of Santiago, to give more details of this second fatal victim in the southern hemisphere.

    In Chile the number of people affected is now 890, six of which were serious.

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    Re: Chile: 2nd death reported

    Different age reported in this one:


    Google translation:
    Second man dies in Chile by H1N1 influenza
    07 Jun 2009 14:28

    SANTIAGO, June 7 (Reuters) - Chile announced on Sunday that a second man died of H1N1 influenza, of which 890 cases were recorded in the country, unique in South America which has so far confirmed by the new deaths strain of influenza.

    Sources at the Ministry of Health indicated that the man, who was 56 years old, died on Wednesday but was not a confirmation of the cause of his death until later.

    Chile is the country with the largest number of new confirmed cases of influenza in South America, although people diagnosed, most are now healthy.

    The authorities are looking at a higher frequency of cases in the southern town of Puerto Montt, where a man died on Monday aged 37, the first fatal victim of the virus in South America.

    (Reporting by Simon Gardner, Edited by Rodolfo Saavedra)

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      Re: Chile: 2nd death reported


      Google translation:

      Confirms second human death from influenza in Chile
      Sunday 07 June 2009 VmasV

      This is a man of 56 years who were hospitalized at the Hospital Base Osorno, who died on Wednesday, June 3.
      A man of 56 years who was interned in the Hospital Base Osorno became the second victim in fatal human case of influenza in Chile. The patient who died on Wednesday, June 3, suffering from morbid obesity and heart failure and was hospitalized on Monday since June 1 in the hospital for respiratory problems and connected to an artificial ventilator.
      The death of this individual, came two days after the first fatal victim identified as Fernando Maldonado Vera (38), who died the morning of Monday, June 1 at the Hospital de Puerto Montt and Osorno has caused confusion since the authorities Health reported that not only is the patient who is hospitalized in serious condition in hospital.
      In addition to this there is another person 49 years of patient who is seriously two weeks ago and connected to a mechanical ventilator and had two other suspected cases.

      The region of Los Lagos, in relation to its population, has the highest rate of infection by human influenza. Moreover, only two deaths in South America. Followed Rivers (4 per thousand) and the Metropolitan Region (3.6 per thousand). In the metropolitan area, the outbreak is concentrated in the East and have started to register cases in the South East.
      On Friday, in its latest update of infection by human influenza, the Ministry of Health has confirmed 890 cases nationwide. Of these, 411 are confirmed by the ISP 479 and the private sector.


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        Re: Chile: 2nd death reported

        Never a suspect case:

        Second confirmed death from influenza A in Chile

        Chilean authorities today confirmed the second death from influenza A in this country, which is also the second in South America. Martorel Bernardo, regional secretary of the Chilean Ministry of Health, explained hat the victim is 56 years and not the person of 49 years to be declared dead at the beginning and takes two weeks connected to a mechanical ventilator.

        "I mean that the patient who died (in Hospital Base Osorno) was never a suspect case, but hours before his death, when he presented a rising fever, began treatment but unfortunately passed away with a positive diagnosis," specified authority.

        "Therefore, the person of 49 years remains the only serious patient confined in hospital, connected to a mechanical ventilator for two weeks," he explained.

        Martorel told reporters that the fatality was admitted to hospital with fever, but with a history of multiple diseases such as obesity, apnea syndrome, smoking and chronic heart failure.

        He indicated that the identity of the victim will be released on request of their families.

        On the other hand, commented that the region of Los Lagos, about 1,000 kilometers south of Santiago, is an area with more confirmed cases.

        "It is the region with the highest rate compared to population size and that means we will have more cases, more serious, and therefore also expect more deaths," said Martorel told Radio B?o Bio.

        In Santiago, the state of Oscar Jimenez, 40 years, has worsened in recent hours, which led to an artificial lung connected to that allows you to oxygenate blood outside the body.

        In Chile the total number affected is now 890, six of which were serious.

        To stop the flu so far resulted in 103 deaths and 5563 patients in Mexico, while U.S. has confirmed 27 deaths and affected 13,217.

        In these cases and three deaths in Canada, one in Costa Rica and another in Dominican Republic, as well as thousands of patients in over 60 countries worldwide.


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          Re: Chile: 2nd death reported

          Originally posted by Shiloh View Post
          Chilean authorities today confirmed the second death.......
          In Chile the number of people affected is now 890, six of which were serious.....
          I'm not buying it.
          890 Cases. 6 Hospitalizations. 2 Deaths.
          Only in a parallel universe would the above combination of numbers work.


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            Re: Chile: 2nd death reported

            More info on the man whose death was announced today..

            Second fatal influenza victims, a man of 56 years dies in hospital Osorno
            Sunday, June 07, 2009 19:19

            Nearly a week of the death of Fernando Vera puertomontino, adds another death for the same reason. This is a man of 56 years (identity is held in reserve at the express request of the family) who remained confined in the hospital osornino and morbid obesity presented with a syndrome of apnea. Health SEREMI the Los Lagos region said that the patient had been placed more than 16 times between 2000 and 2008 for heart failure and chronic airflow limitation, among other categories.

            The man died on Wednesday, June 3, after samples were sent to the ISP today confirmed that the PCR of Human Influenza A H1N1 was positive. The SEREMI Health Dr. Bernardo Martorell said that after the confirmation of the ISP "has been initiated all contacts and dealings with the patient's family in addition to any clinical investigation of the man of 56 years with a history of morbid obesity, smoking and a apnea syndrome by obesity. "

            The health authority also reported that the patient had a history of heart failure, who consulted on several occasions to the emergency services and made several admissions with mechanical ventilation in the Hospital Base Osorno.

            With regard to your attention the health authorities reported that the man of 56 years consulted on June 1 at the emergency department of the Hospital Base Osorno, there was admitted to hospital where tests were performed. Since the emergency hospitalization, the patient was transferred to an intermediate zone, and then, at 20.30 hours, being transferred to intensive care by immediately initiating mechanical ventilation.

            An IFI was performed which was negative and then the PCR was performed, "the night of June 3 this patient died after a very bad move their table. We have been in contact with the family who understood the situation and appreciated the care the patient made. This was a patient at high risk with considerable difficulty due to their originals, "said Dr. Martorell.

            As the director of the health service, Isabel Courard added that "it was a patient policonsultante many morbidities and who had been operated on 3 occasions in 2007 had gone to the emergency unit of the hospital about 17 times. And it was a very deteriorated patients admitted from cardiorespiratory viewpoint and only after the protocols of the Ministry of Health decided to take their exams and to begin treatment with oseltamivir.

            Isabel Courard added that despite this death is not worsened the prognosis of human influenza, because despite being a highly contagious virus, most cases are asymptomatic or mild.


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              Re: Chile: 3rd death reported

              Third patient died of human influenza

              Categories: Society - National

              Oscar Jimenez was admitted 17 days ago Indisa the clinic after being moved from Puerto Montt.

              Close to 3.50 this morning died at the clinic Indisa, the third patient of influenza A H1N1. Oscar Jimenez age of 40 years ago was admitted to the clinic 17 days after being moved from Puerto Montt.

              This is the third victim of human influenza. Recall that the first is deceased Fernando Maldonado Vera of 37 years of age who died in Puerto Montt and Osorno second victim was in the June 13.

              Oscar Jimenez was admitted on May 31 to Unit Patient Clinic Critical Indisa and was connected to an extracorporeal artificial lung. His death was caused by an acute respiratory distress syndrome, which implies a severe lung inflammation.

              For now, the official announcement is expected to deliver the clinic.

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