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Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul, influenza 2019: 66 fatalities

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  • Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul, influenza 2019: 66 fatalities

    Health Department confirms first deaths due to influenza in 2019

    The State Department of Health (SES) confirmed on Wednesday (15) the first two cases of death due to influenza in Rio Grande do Sul this year. The victims are two elderly, 71 and 79 years old, living in the municipalities of S?o Gabriel and Barra do Ribeiro, respectively. They did not have the names disclosed. Still according to SES, the victims had not been immunized against the flu, since they contracted the virus before the beginning of the period for vaccination of the elderly, that began on 22 April.

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    It reaches 12, the number of people who died due to Influenza in RS

    In a week, the state registered three more deaths due to influenza A. The new epidemiological bulletin was released, this Wednesday (3), by the State Department of Health (SES). As a result, the number of fatal influenza victims in the state has risen to 12. Even with the increase, the disease is less lethal than in 2018. By the last week of June last year, Health Surveillance had already counted 33 deaths. Among the most recent victims is a five-month-old baby, living in Cap?o do Le?o, in the southern region. The mother was not vaccinated. The child had a history of cardiovascular disease and did not withstand the H1N1 virus. Like last year, most of the deaths in the state were caused by the H1N1 virus, followed by H3N2.


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      Influenza: RS registers three more deaths and total in 2019 reaches 18

      A bulletin updated today by the State Department of Health (SES) reveals that the number of deaths attributed to Influenza (flu) in Rio Grande do Sul has increased to 18 since the beginning of the year. Three have been registered since last week in S?o Louren?o do Sul, Gramado and S?o Luiz Gonzaga. Although it continues to grow, the number of deaths is less than 1/3 of the total of the past, when by the middle of July 58 people had died. There were 133 occurrences of influenza, until July 13, in 49 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. By 2018, there were 383 through the first week of the month. The Metropolitan Region registers 51.1% of the cases, with 40 only in Porto Alegre. Canoas had 11 confirmations, followed by S?o Gabriel, Passo Fundo and Santa Cruz do Sul, both with five.


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        24 people have died of flu in the state

        A newsletter updated today by the State Department of Health (SES) reveals that the number of deaths attributed to influenza (influenza) in Rio Grande do Sul has risen to 24 since the beginning of the year. The most recent cases were recorded in S?o Leopoldo, Santa Maria and Gua?ba. Although still growing, the death toll is about 1/3 of the past total, when by the end of July 76 people had died. There were 182 cases of influenza, until July 30, in 63 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. The metropolitan region has the most cases, with 72 positive diagnoses for influenza virus. Of all deaths, eighteen involved the H1N1 virus, the most common subtype of circulation in 2019. Victims' ages range from a baby under six months to seniors over 60. Most confirmed cases for Influenza had at least one risk factor. Only two of the victims had been vaccinated against influenza this year.


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          Patient dies from H1N1 flu at Tres Passos Charity Hospital

          The Charity Hospital confirmed on Monday (05) the death of a patient H1N1 flu in Tres Pasos. The death happened last Saturday, 3. The victim was a resident of Tr?s Passos. The hospital alerts the population to cases of influenza, especially with proper hand hygiene using alcohol 70. Last week, Rio Grande do Sul reported three more flu deaths in 2019. With the new cases, which appear in a bulletin published by the State Center for Health Surveillance (Cevs) on Thursday, 1st, there were 24 deaths. by the disease in the year. The latest newsletter had been released a week ago on July 25.


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            RS records four more deaths from influenza A and number reaches 28

            Until the first week of August, Rio Grande do Sul reported 28 deaths from influenza A - four more than the last report in July. Even with the increase with each new epidemiological report, the number of fatal victims of the disease is 64% lower than in the same period last year. Until August 2018, the State Department of Health (SES) accounted for 79 deaths from influenza. According to SES Health Surveillance, of the four fatalities on the list, only one was vaccinated against influenza. This is a 74-year-old man from Canoas, who had no history of comorbidities. The laboratory examination indicated that the cause of death was the H1N1 virus.

            The other victims are a 46-year-old woman living in Vale do Sol in the Rio Pardo Valley, with no history of disease and who was a victim of the H1N1 virus, an 84-year-old resident of Porto Alegre with a history of cardiovascular disease. chronic disease and pneumopathy, which was the victim of the H3N2 virus, and lastly, a 65-year-old man from Bag? who died from complications of the Influenza B virus. He had no history of comorbidities.

            Até a primeira semana de agosto, o Rio Grande do Sul registrou 28 mortes por gripe A – quatro a mais em relação ao último relatório de julho. Mesmo com o aumento a cada novo boletim epidemiológico, o número de vítimas fatais da doença é 64% menor do que o registrado no mesmo período do ano passado. Até agosto de 2018, a Secretaria Estadual da Saúde (SES) contabilizava 79 mortes por Influenza.


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              The number of deaths from influenza A in RS rises to 40

              The number of deaths from influenza A in Rio Grande do Sul has risen from 38 to 40. Last week, the state reported two more deaths from the disease: a 74-year-old elderly man from Canoas, who died of the H3N2 virus and one 54-year-old man from Porto Alegre, victim of the H1N1 virus. The latter is the most deadly virus this year in the state of Rio Grande do Sul: causes 29 of the 40 deaths.

              O número de mortes por gripe A no Rio Grande do Sul passou de 38 para 40. Na última semana, o Estado registrou mais dois óbitos pela doença: um idoso de 74 anos, morador de Canoas, que morreu em decorrência do vírus H3N2 e um homem de 54 anos, morador de Porto Alegre, vítima do vírus H1N1. Este último é o vírus mais letal deste ano no território gaúcho: causa de 29 das 40 mortes.


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                With 10 more cases in a week, RS reports 50 flu deaths in 2019

                Another 10 people died last week from the flu. According to the bulletin of the State Health Surveillance Center (CEVS) of the State Health Secretariat, released on Wednesday (11), 50 people were victims of the influenza virus in the state in 2019.Eight people have died in the last seven days from the H1N1 influenza A virus and two others have died from the H3N2 subtype. Porto Alegre, with 11 deaths, and Canoas, with seven, were the cities with the most victims of the disease. Passo Fundo and Three Crowns had two victims, and 28 other cities reported a case.Number of cases and deaths in 2019


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                  State records 3 more deaths from influenza, says Health Department

                  The State Department of Health (SES) confirmed three more deaths from influenza in Rio Grande do Sul. To date, the state has had 419 cases of the disease in 107 cities, with 66 deaths. The new deaths were recorded in less than a month in the municipalities of Porto Alegre, Novo Hamburgo and Lagoa Vermelha.Of the total deaths, 51 were caused by the H1N1 virus, 11 by the H3N3, three by Influenza B and one by non-subtype Influenza A. Two of the victims confirmed in the latest SES epidemiological bulletin were vaccinated and all three had positive laboratory results for H1N1 influenza.Most deaths from the virus were from people 60 years and older. There were 36 deaths, representing 54.5% of the total victims. Also according to SES, the circulation of influenza virus presents a downward trend at this time of year.The number of deaths decreased from the same period last year, when 98 deaths were registered, 32 more than in 2019.