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Brazil - Santa Catarina, influenza 2019: 61 fatalities

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  • Brazil - Santa Catarina, influenza 2019: 61 fatalities

    Resident in Garcia, in Blumenau, died of influenza A

    The Municipal Department of Health Promotion confirmed on Tuesday the first death due to influenza A in Blumenau. The victim is a 79-year-old woman living in the Garcia neighborhood. She died last Sunday at Hospital Santa Isabel. The virus subtype was H1N1.
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    First death due to Influenza A is confirmed in Jaraguá do Sul

    The Health Department of Jaraguá do Sul, in northern Catarinense, confirmed on Friday (3) the first death of the year due to Influenza A influenza. This is the death of a 48-year-old woman who was hospitalized at the Hospital São José de Jaraguá. The patient entered the place on April 26 and had fever, cough and shortness of breath, and died on Wednesday, May 1st. According to the hospital, while the woman was hospitalized (who did not have the identity revealed) received treatment with the antiviral Tamiflu and remained hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital, where she died. According to the Department of Health, this type of picture in hospitalized patients is called Serious Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and should be notified to the Epidemiological Surveillance for collection of exams and confirmation of the etiological agent.


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      Flu A: six deaths confirmed last week in Santa Catarina

      Flu A is advancing in Santa Catarina. In just one week the State Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate (Dive / SC) confirmed six deaths from the influenza virus, five of them being H1N1 and one of H3N2. The latest report, released on Monday (03), indicates that the patients were residents of Chapecó, Tubarão, Balneário Camboriú, Dionísio Cerqueira, Jaraguá do Sul, Joinville and presented some risk factors for aggravation of the disease.
      The number of confirmed cases of Influenza also increased considerably, 29 new cases, of these 24 were of H1N1 and five of the subtype H3N2. Despite the significant increase during the last week of the month, the balance is still positive compared to the same period last year. According to Dive / SC data, 63 confirmed cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) were recorded, with symptoms beginning in May. By 2018 this number was 77, a reduction of 18%. The Epidemiological Surveillance Board stated that in 2019, the records of Influenza cases are within the expected for the period.


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        Santa Catarina confirms two deaths from influenza A in the last week

        The State Epidemiological Surveillance Board (DIVE / SC) updated on Monday (17) the influenza data in the State. According to the agency, from December 30 to June 14, 2019, 129 cases of influenza were confirmed, being 108 by A (H1N1) virus, 18 by A (H3N2) virus and 1 by Influenza B virus. compared to the previous bulletin, there are 23 more cases and two deaths confirmed two deaths
        HIn this same period, 16 deaths were confirmed in all, being 14 by subtype A (H1N1) and 2 by subtype A (H3N2). The deaths were in patients residing in the municipalities of: Joinville with 3 cases; Blumenau, Chapecó and Tubarão with 2 cases each; Balneário Camboriú, Brusque, Canoinhas, Florianópolis, Jaraguá do Sul, São Bento do Sul and São Francisco do Sul, with 1 case each. 3 more deaths than the previous week.1N1 in Joinville and Florianópolis.


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          Three people from the same family die from Influenza A in Jaraguá do Sul

          The Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance (DIVE / SC) confirmed on Thursday (11) the death of three people, from the same family, residents of Jaraguá do Sul for the virus Influenza (H1N1). The cases occurred in the last month, but only two of them had been counted by the organ. With this confirmation, the municipality leads the number of deaths from influenza A in the state next to Joinville.
          In a statement Dive / SC said that the father was 62 years old and had symptoms of the disease and died on June 13, but did not seek medical attention, so he was not hospitalized. 'The cause of death was declared as respiratory arrest, so his death has not yet entered our bulletin. However, it will still be reported as influenza death by epidemiological link (a case in which the patient has had contact with one or more people who have / have had the disease or been exposed to a point source of infection), 'said the Board in the document.
          The mother was 59 years old and had cardiovascular disease, a risk factor for Influenza. According to the Dive / SC she showed signs of influenza on June 9, was admitted on the 12th and died on June 15. The couple's daughter, 36, had symptoms earlier on June 8 but sought care only on June 14 - when she was hospitalized - and died 10 days later on the 24th. The Board reported that she was also in the risk group for presenting cardiovascular disease


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            Two more die from the H1N1 flu, the number of deaths in SAO jose has increased to three in 2019, with the exception of Periba and the region

            According to the City Hall, in late June, where the victims lived and the hospital where they were not treated.

            Last year, two deaths were caused by influenza in the São José dos Campos. Besides three deaths this year, 27 patients had a positive diagnosis for the disease, most of the 24, due to influenza.

            In addition to São José, Toubates also made flu-related deaths this year. There were four victims.



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              Fifth Influenza Death Confirmed in Jaraguá do Sul

              The Jaraguá Health Department confirmed on Tuesday (13), the fifth death from influenza (influenza A). This is the 7th confirmed case of the disease in the city. The victim was a 51-year-old man who had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Jaraguá Hospital since July 28. According to information from the Epidemiological Surveillance Management. The patient died on August 7 and the results of the tests sent to the Santa Catarina Central Public Health Laboratory (Lacen) were released on Monday (12).



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                Joinville and Jaraguá do Sul have 12 influenza A or B deaths in 2019

                The cities of Joinville and Jaraguá do Sul, in northern Santa Catarina, each recorded six deaths from influenza A or B until last week, and lead the state\u0027s ranking of deaths from the disease, according to the Santa Catarina Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate. (Dive) In the state, there has been growth from 46 to 48 deaths from influenza (H1N1; H3N2; B), since the last survey released on August 26. The updated official newsletter is due to be published later this week.According to Simone Bittencourt, responsible for the surveillance of influenza Dive / SC, the two new deaths caused by influenza A were recorded until Thursday (29), being confirmed in the cities of Jaraguá do Sul and Tubarão.



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                  Seventh flu death confirmed in Jaraguá do Sul

                  The Municipal Department of Health confirmed another death from influenza A in Jaraguá do Sul, in the north of the state. According to information, the patient is a woman between 65 and 70 years old, who was hospitalized at Hospital São José since September 1 and died last Friday (13).



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                    Number of cases of influenza in SC in 2019 exceeds 2018 total

                    The number of patients who had influenza A or B in 2019 surpassed the total of 12 months in 2018. This year, 470 people contracted the disease in the state.

                    In 2018, there were 461 from January to December. The data are from the Bulletin of the Board of Epidemiological Surveillance (Dive-SC) released this Monday (7).

                    The state also recorded three new deaths in a week, in the municipalities of São José and Águas Mornas, in Greater Florianópolis, and Camboriú, in the North Coast.

                    Flu and A deaths in SC in 2019

                    H1N1 Flu: 51

                    H3N2 Flu: 5

                    Flu A by contact with sick person: 1

                    Flu B: 1

                    Influenza with research subtype: 4