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Brazil - Alagoas, influenza 2018 - 5 fatalities

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  • Brazil - Alagoas, influenza 2018 - 5 fatalities

    Alagoas registers first death for H1N1 this year

    Alagoas recorded the first death for H1N1 this year. Eight days ago, an adult patient admitted to a private hospital in Maceió died after contracting the disease. There are 17 cases of Influenza so far. The information is from the State Department of Health of Alagoas (Sesau-AL).Still according to Sesau, of the almost 788,000 Alagoans classified in the target public of the campaign, only 42.51% or just over 334,000 were immunized.With seventeen days remaining until the closure of the campaign, on June 1st, there is concern about compliance with vaccination coverage, which throughout the country is below expected.
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    Alagoas has already registered 50 cases and four deaths per Influenza only this year

    Alagoas already counts this year only fifty confirmed cases of Influenza - being 46 H1N1, three H3N2 and one Influenza B - in addition to four deaths and 16 registries of the disease under investigation. There were increased notifications in relation to 2017, which had ten notifications and three deaths. The data are from the Nucleus of Immunopreventable Diseases of the Secretary of State for Health (Sesau). In all of 2016, according to Sesau, there were 52 confirmed cases and 10 deaths.