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Brazil - Minas Gerais: influenza 2018 - 98 fatalities

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    Man dies with suspected H1N1 flu in Poços de Caldas

    Poços de Caldas had the first death on suspicion of H1N1 on Monday (16). The victim was a 74-year-old man who had been hospitalized in the Holy House since 23 April. Benedito Oswaldo was hospitalized about 10 days at Santa Casa, where he had blood samples collected for examination that would identify if he had the H1N1 virus. According to the hospital, death was caused by severe respiratory syndrome. There is still no prediction as to when the exam result should be ready. If the blood test points to H1N1, this will be the first flu death in Poços de Caldas. Data released by the State Department of Health of Minas Gerais show that 60% of the patients who died this year because of the H1N1 flu virus are from the South of Minas. So far, 12 people have died in the state because of the virus, seven of which are from southern Minas Gerais. Deaths were confirmed by the disease in the south of the state in Lavras, Extrema, Andradas, Monte Santo de Minas, Campo Belo and Frutal.


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      Epidemiological Bulletin registers 1st H1N1 death in Uberaba this year

      Uberaba has the first death confirmed by H1N1 this year, according to an epidemiological bulletin released yesterday by the State Department of Health. In Minas, 22 deaths caused by complications of the disease have already been confirmed. According to information from the Municipal Health Department, the death refers to a 68-year-old patient, who was admitted to the UPA (Emergency Room) of Mirante Park on July 6. The man was medicated and remained in treatment at the unit until being transferred on July 7 to the Clinical Hospital of the UFTM already diagnosed with suspected Influenza. The clinical picture worsened and the patient died on 12 August. The Director of Epidemiological Surveillance, Robert Boaventura, points out that the patient was elderly and had comorbidities, being chronic heart disease and renal, which worsened complications in the clinical picture due to the contamination by the virus. To date, 252 cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) have been caused by the influenza virus (influenza), 66 of which are H1N1 diagnoses. The number of deaths caused by the disease in Minas Gerais reaches 22, two cases of Uberlândia.,163435


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        Total deaths from flu rise 28% in Minas Gerais

        Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) caused by the influenza virus has killed 64 people in Minas Gerais this year. The number is 28% higher than that recorded during the entire 2017 season when 50 people died from the flu. Among the victims of this year, 14 or 21% were not included in the risk group - composed of children under 5 years of age, pregnant women, adults 60 years of age and older and those with chronic diseases - and who have access to the vaccine in the Unified Health System (SUS). Among these patients, 28.6% died despite having received antivirals in the first 48 hours of the disease, a period in which the chances of treatment success are greater.


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          Influenza virus killed almost twice as many people in Minas in 2018

          The number of deaths caused by the infection of the virus Influenza in Minas Gerais practically doubled in 2018. With 98 deaths, compared to the index of 2017, when 50 deaths were registered, the growth was of 96%. The data were disclosed in the epidemiological bulletin published on Thursday (3) by the Minas Gerais State Secretariat (SES-MG).

          Deaths correspond to cases in which Influenza infection progressed to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 and non-subtyped influenza A (H1N1), with 37 occurrences each, were among the most common subtypes.