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Brazil - Goiás: In nine days, H1N1 killed eight people in Goiânia

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  • Brazil - Goiás: In nine days, H1N1 killed eight people in Goiânia

    An outbreak of Influenza A H1N1 scares the population of Goiânia. In an interval of nine days, eight patients who were hospitalized at Vila São Cottolengo Hospital in Trindade, metropolitan region of the capital, died with suspicion of infection by the virus. The last victim is Rosa Maria dos Santos, 54, who, after worsening in the health care, was transferred to the Emergency Hospital of Goiânia (Hugo). The tests identified the virus in Rosa's bloodstream.Two other patients who had positive tests for the disease at the health facility remain hospitalized. There are also three inmates, aged 39, 43 and 50, hospitalized in a serious condition in Vila São Cottolengo. The health unit currently serves 320 patients, being children, adults, people in situations of social vulnerability and with compromised mental or motor health.
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    In addition to the six Trindade cases, there were six cases of Goiânia, two in Aparecida de Goiânia, one in Annapolis and another in Caturaí, totaling 16 cases. One of these cases came to the death of Vila São Cottolengo. Among these confirmations of H1N1 influenza, six patients are still hospitalized. "The H1N1 outbreak is concentrated in the Trinidad unit. In the capital and in other municipalities, the cases occurred in isolation, "he points out. Of the reported cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), this year there were 102, a reduction of 34% compared to the same period of 2017, which registered 159.


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      Goiás psychiatric hospital registers outbreak of H1N1

      The State Department of Health of Goiás confirmed, this Thursday (15/3), 11 cases of influenza H1N1 in the state. The patients live in three cities: Goiânia, Trindade (in the metropolitan area of ​​the capital) and Anápolis, a municipality 150km from Brasília. A 54-year-old woman died of the virus. Throughout last year, Goiás reported three cases of H1N1. The situation is most worrying at the São Cottolengo Psychiatric Hospital in Trindade, where there are six patients. The unit is home to 320 people with mental and motor health impairments. Patients infected with H1N1 are between the ages of 39 and 50, three of whom are in the intensive care unit (ICU).


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        9th patient died after an outbreak of H1N1 at Vila São Cottolengo Hospital, in Trindade

        He was hospitalized at Vila São Cottolengo Hospital in Trindade, and 39-year-old Samuel Mendes Pires was H1N1 and died on Monday night (19) at the Emergency Hospital of Goiânia (Hugo), where he had been transferred to intensive care . This is the 9th death after the outbreak of influenza A in the unit located in the Metropolitan Region of the capital.
        Vila São Cottolengo is home to 315 people with mental and motor health impairments. From February 24 to March 5, 57 patients became ill, with seven deaths in as little as one week. According to the unit, five deaths were caused by pneumonia and two by fecaloma, which is a complication of the digestive tract, but all with a negative result for H1N1.
        The other two patients who died later, Samuel and Rosa Maria dos Santos, 54, were diagnosed with H1N1. Both were on Hugo's ICU beds.