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Brazil - Cases - 1,175 - Deaths - 20

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  • tropicalgirl
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,175 - Deaths - 20

    Automatic translation:

    "The State Department of Health regrets to inform the occurrence of five deaths of patients infected with influenza A (H1N1) in the State of S?o Paulo. Of the cases recorded, four are from the capital and one of the region of Campinas. They are:

    1 - female patient of 68 years, resident of the capital, who had several risk factors such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and asthma. Death registered in Jul 12.

    2 - pregnant patient of 27 years, resident of the capital, died on July 14, after presenting symptoms fever, cough and chest pain. Tried to plant health in labor on July 9, when cesarean section was performed. Patient develops with shortness of breath and died five days later. The baby is fine.

    3 - Patient of 50 years, male, admitted on July 13, evolving to death on the last day July 20, resident of the capital.

    4 - female patient, 44 years, residing in the capital, had onset of symptoms on July 11 with fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, muscle pain and shortness of breath. Was hospitalized on day 17 with acute respiratory failure, severe diarrhea and cyanosis in the extremities. Died on July 18.

    5 - Patient of 26 years, female, residing in the region of Campinas, had onset of symptoms on July 7, with fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. Was hospitalized on July 16 with tonsillitis, bronchitis and sinusitis, progressing to pneumonia. Died in the last 17 days.

    The State of S?o Paulo registered so far, eight deaths due to influenza A. "

      A Secretaria de Saúde de São Paulo divulgou, na tarde desta terça-feira (21), nota informando que o estado registrou mais cinco mortes pela nova gripe desde o dia 12 - quatro na capital e uma na re...

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  • Gert van der Hoek
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,175 - Deaths - 20

    5 more deaths in Sao Paulo, total of 20 now for Brasil:

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  • tropicalgirl
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,175 - Deaths - 11

    One more suspected death in Brazil

    Also tracked reports in Twitter about having the flu (most recovered), also about not being able to get Tamiflu. Others tells about not being able to reach a doctor on public services...Comments on news also tells about having to wait more than 8 hours to be seen by a doctor

    Passo Fundo, RS - 31 yo, woman

    Original post here:

    Sa?de | 17/07/2009 | 15h35min

    Passo Fundo tem mais uma morte que pode ter sido causada por gripe A
    Paciente era uma mulher de 31 anos que estava gr?vida

    Atualizada ?s 16h06min
    Carlos Etchichury, Passo Fundo |

    A morte de uma mulher de 31 anos, em Passo Fundo, na madrugada desta sexta-feira, ? o segundo caso suspeito de gripe A no munic?pio. A paciente estava internada no hospital particular Pronto Cl?nica e morreu de insufici?ncia respirat?ria. Foram coletados exames para investigar se o ?bito foi devido ? nova gripe.

    ? Uma pessoa jovem que morre dessa forma, de insufici?ncia respirat?ria, ? evidente que ? um caso suspeito da nova gripe ? disse o secret?rio municipal da Sa?de, Alberi Grando.

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  • flubr
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,175 - Deaths - 11

    Campinas SP, swine flu death records
    Plant?o | Posted on 17/07/2009 at 14h55m
    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Give your vote R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Average: 0.0 ComenteComent?rios
    S?O PAULO - Campinas in the interior of S?o Paulo, recorded the first death from swine flu in the city. The Municipal Health Department shall disclose information about the victim in the afternoon press conference this Friday. With this death, the number of fatalities rises to 12 in Brazil. This is the fourth death in the state of S?o Paulo.

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  • tropicalgirl
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,175 - Deaths - 12

    6 suspected deaths at Campinas, SP
    1 confirmed - total 12


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  • Shiloh
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,175 - Deaths - 5


    The amount of influenza deaths in Brazil, eleven in total
    (04:06 p.m.)
    Of the eleven deaths, seven were recorded in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo and three in a Rio de Janeiro

    BRASILIA .- Seven new deaths from influenza A confirmed today by the Ministry of Health amounted to eleven stock of deaths in Brazil, while the government acknowledged for the first time that the virus circulates in the country.

    The first death from influenza A was confirmed today by a truck driver for 29 years who died ten days after being admitted to intensive care in the town of Uruguaiana bordering Argentina.

    The Mayor of Osasco, state of the municipality of Sao Paulo, reported after the second died of influenza A in a day, a man of 21 years.

    Later, the Health Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro in a statement confirmed the third death, a neighbor of the capital of Rio, for 37 years, who had admitted to a hospital on July 3 last days and died last Monday.

    Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporão confirmed the three deaths at a press conference in Brasilia, and announced that laboratory tests have today confirmed another four more deaths have occurred in recent days related AH1N1 virus.

    According Temporão, "at least" four of the deaths today confirmed the clinical picture of patients were complicated with other diseases.

    Of the eleven dead, seven were recorded in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo and three in a Rio de Janeiro.

    The first minister admitted that there is evidence that the virus (AH1N1) runs "by the Brazilian territory, but refused to take exceptional measures to those being undertaken by the authorities.

    The first patient who contracted the disease in Brazil, without having contact with travelers from countries where there is risk of contagion was a girl of eleven years, who died in Sao Paulo on June 30, detailed Temporão.

    The minister called for all persons experiencing symptoms of flu come to the health posts for tests, but noted that the mortality rate of the virus is low, approaching that of the common flu. "

    Brazil stressed that "anticipated" to the arrival of the epidemic by adopting the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the flu and felt that the Government's strategy in combating the disease has been "successful."

    The last official assessment published yesterday by the Ministry of Health confirms 175 thousand infected by influenza A in Brazil and noted that nearly four thousand cases are being studied.
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  • tropicalgirl
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,027 - Deaths - 7

    2 more deaths

    ************WARNING AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION************

    the virus (H1N1) / new flu

    G1O of Globo News Portal

    16/07/09 - 15h02 - Updated at 15h08
    Confirmed the first death caused by the new flu in Rio

    Information is the municipal Department of Health
    Women 37 years and had died on July 13.

    Do G1, no Rio, with information from TV Globo

    It was confirmed this Thursday (16) the first death caused by the new flu in Rio de Janeiro. The announcement was made during a press conference of the municipal secretary of Health, Hans Dohmann. It is the seventh confirmed death from the disease in the country.

    See complete coverage

    According Dohmann, the victim died in the last 13 days. She had entered a post of Medical Care (WFP) on July 3, but was released to home. Two days later she was hospitalized again in a private hospital. The Secretary informed that the patient was 37 years.

    The number of new cases of influenza in Brazil rose to 1.175, the second report released by the Ministry of Health this Wednesday (15). Since last Friday (10), when he left the last review and had 1,027 cases, 148 more people had the infection by Influenza virus A (H1N1) confirmed. According to the ministry, most patients have received high or is in recovery. In Rio, 17 new cases were recorded in the period.

    Sixth victim

    The Municipality of Osasco, in Greater S?o Paulo, reported on the afternoon of Thursday that the city recorded one more death due to influenza A (H1N1).

    Fifth victim

    The fifth victim was a truck driver out of 35 years who died in the early hours of Thursday in the Santa Casa de Uruguaiana (RS) as a result of the new flu. This was the third confirmed case in Rio Grande do Sul The Secretary of Health of the city, Luis Augusto Schneider said that the examination made at Fiocruz confirmed on Wednesday (8), it is a case of Influenza A virus (H1N1). Uruguaiana is the border of Brazil with Argentina.

    Other cases

    The first victim of the disease in Brazil was a truck driver for 29 years gaucho, who died in June. In last Friday (10), confirmed the death of a girl living in Osasco, Sao Paulo.

    The third death was announced on Monday (13): a boy of 9 years, resident of the city of Sapucaia do Sul (RS). He died on 5 July, in Porto Alegre, but the result of laboratory analysis confirms that the contamination came only on Monday (13).

    In Sao Paulo, the second death in the state was confirmed on Tuesday (14). This is a man of 28 years, now present fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, cough and nasal congestion on July 1, the Hospital of Botucatu. He sought the medical service on Saturday, July 4, when he was hospitalized. On day 7, the clinical condition worsened and he died three days later, on Friday.


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  • Gert van der Hoek
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,027 - Deaths - 5

    5th death confirmed H1N1 Influenza in Brazil

    A TARDE On Line

    Was confirmed on the morning of Thursday, 16, the fifth death caused by influenza virus
    Influenza H1N1 in Brazil. This time the victim is a truck driver for 35 years, which was the case
    accompanied by the Municipal Health Secretariat of Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul (RS).

    The truck driver was issued by Argentina and returned to Brazil on 29, when he arrived in
    city of Porto Xavier, also in the RS. The man came to be hospitalized, but was discharged and followed
    to their city of origin, Itaqui. According to information released by the secretary of health
    Hall, the victim was hypertensive and also sought medical care on arrival in town.

    The first to die in Brazil because of the disease was also a truck driver gaucho. To 29
    years, Vanderlei Vial died in June. Another victim was a boy of nine years, died on last day
    five in Sapucaia (RS). In Chicago, a girl of 11 years, who lived in Osasco, died in
    day 30 and their families also contracted the disease. The fourth victim was a man of 28 years, which
    died in the last 10 days in the Hospital of Botucatu, interior de São Paulo.

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  • Gert van der Hoek
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,027 - Deaths - 4

    Sao Paulo records second death because of the new flu

    Balance identifies four deaths because of the virus in Brazil. In Sao Paulo, most recent occurrence was recorded in Botucatu.

    The State Department of Health of São Paulo reported on the evening of Tuesday (14) the second death of a patient infected with influenza A (H1N1) in the state. This is the fourth cause of death for new flu virus in Brazil.

    According to the Hospital of Botucatu, the patient was a man of 28 years, now present fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, cough and nasal congestion on July 1.

    The government claims that he sought the medical service on Saturday (4), when he was hospitalized. On Tuesday (7), its clinical picture worsened and has required hospitalization in an intensive care unit (ICU), where he died three days later, on Friday (10).

    The hospital reported that, during hospitalization, were investigated serious diseases like bacterial pneumonia, hantavirus, leptospirosis, influenza A and acute histoplasmosis. According to the government of the state, the initial investigation indicates that the patient had contact with Argentines and Chileans who were in the country.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,027 - Deaths - 3


    Brazil confirms third death from influenza A (H1N1)
    Tuesday, 14 July 2009

    July 13 2009, 19:40 Brasilia, July 13 (PL) The State Health Secretariat of Rio Grande do Sul today confirmed the third death in Brazil by the influenza A (H1N1), an under nine years of age who died the past 5 days.

    According to a note by the entity, disclosed here, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation today released the results of the examinations that determine the child's death by the new flu virus.

    He said that the child was a frail health due to a chronic neurological disease and her death was due to respiratory complications.

    The official assumption is that the child would have contracted the disease through his brother, who had contact with school teachers who traveled to Cordoba, Argentina.

    The brother of the deceased also developed the new flu, but only slightly, while the rest of the relatives and close friends who had contact with children are being monitored.

    The state of Rio Grande do Sul, registers 129, one thousand 27 positive cases of influenza in the country, according to the bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health last Friday, which further indicated that the information on this condition in country will move from daily to weekly.

    The first fatal victim of the disease in Brazil was a young 29 years old Rio Grande do Sul, who died on June 28 last, and the second one under 11 years, who died on June 30 in a private hospital Sao Paulo.

    At a press conference on the ministerial meeting with President Luiz In?cio Lula da Silva, the head of Institutional Relations, Jos? Mucio, said his colleague of Health, Jose Gomes Tempor?o, said at the meeting that his agency has the flu "under absolute control. "

    rc / ale

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  • tropicalgirl
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,027 - Deaths - 2

    Note: They don't know how she got it, since they did not found any contact like other already diagnosed flu cases... this might mean that we have a cluster in S?o Paulo. Will keep my eyes open.

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  • FrenchieGirl
    Re: Brazil - Cases - 1,027 - Deaths - 2

    Brazil Ministry of Health confirms 1,027 cases today.

    "O Minist?rio da Sa?de registra hoje 1027 casos confirmados de H1N1 no Brasil. Este n?mero ? o total acumulado desde o dia 8 de maio."


    From the media (Google translated)

    Brazil recorded the second death by the influenza A (H1N1)

    2:22 p.m. - SAO PAULO, Brazil. (DPA). -The Brazilian health authorities confirmed today that a girl of 11 years is the second fatal victim of the new influenza A (H1N1) in the country Sudamericana, que en junio pasado announce the death of a 29-year camionero del estado de Rio Grande do south, also the root of the new flu.

    Seg?n el Secretario de Salud del estado de Sao Paulo, Luiz Roberto Barradas Barata, the girl, whose name was not disclosed, died June 30 of the past in the industrial city of Osasco the root of a generalized infection.

    Barred states that the patient presented with no symptoms of influenza A, pero s? sus padres, which bring the authorities to realizarles examination to confirm the presence of H1N1 virus, which were positive.

    The root of this, the hospital treated to examine the blood of death and the girl had also confirmed that the so called "swine flu".

    The Brazilian Ministry of Health confirmed one thousand hasta ahora 23 cases of influenza A in the country, from around 60% of which affect the people who are traveling during contaminaron al abroad, mainly to Argentina, the United States and Chile.

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  • FrenchieGirl
    Re: Brasil - 905 swine flu cases confirmed - 1 death

    The Brazil Health Ministry, through its official Twitter account, informs that there have been 905 cases of H1N1 since 8 May 2009, and that the majority have recovered or are recovering.

    Desde o dia 8 de maio registramos um total de 905 casos confirmados de H1N1. A maioria j? recebeu alta ou est? em processo de recupera??o

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Brasil : 885 swine flu cases confirmed - 1 death


    Brazil reported 885 human cases of influenza
    (01:43 p.m.)
    Health checks at borders and at ports and airports have been strengthened

    BRASILIA .- The Brazilian authorities confirmed today that they have recorded 73 other cases of influenza A, bringing the total number of patients detected in the country to 885, of which "almost all of them were high or are in the process of recovery."

    Through a communiqu?, the Ministry of Health noted that there are 414 thousand people with symptoms similar to those of H1N1 viruses that are under strict medical surveillance, and the total number of cases dropped in the lab reaches 203 mil.

    The memo reiterates that health controls at borders and at ports and airports have been strengthened to prevent the virus to spread more virulently during the austral winter.


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  • Gert van der Hoek
    Re: Brasil : 812 swine flu cases confirmed - 1 death

    56 new cases of swine influenza Confirmed in Brazil

    04/07/2009 -

    The Ministry of Health reported today that 56 new cases of contamination by the virus A (H1N1) disease, also known as swine flu were confirmed in the country since yesterday, 13 people were diagnosed with the virus in S?o Paulo state, eight in Rio January, six in Paran?, six in Brazil, four in Pernambuco, Bahia four, four in Mato Grosso do Sul, three in Cear?, three in Santa Catarina, one in Amap?, one in the Federal District, one in Missouri, a in Mato Grosso and one in Rio Grande do Sul

    The numbers were passed to the Ministry for State Secretariats of the morning until 9 am this Saturday.

    With the new cases, the total of people infected since the day May 8 rose to 812.

    Most confirmed cases are in S?o Paulo, which has infected 338 people, followed by Rio Grande do Sul, with 102 cases; Rio de Janeiro, with 91, and Minas Gerais, with 90. The Ministry of Health monitors and 1,414 suspected cases awaiting the outcome of laboratory analysis of samples of patients. Other 1203 cases were discarded.

    Since yesterday, the Ministry of Health directs that patients seek medical care closer to feel mild symptoms associated with the disease. After diagnosis, the doctor must decide whether the case requires isolation or, in severe cases, hospitalization in 62 reference hospitals across the country only patients with severe pain, headache or persistent cough should seek the centers of reference. The changes were adopted to provide faster service to the most severe cases.

    Also since yesterday, the Ministry of Health reported that only the most vulnerable and the most serious cases go for laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis of influenza A (H1N1). Before, all suspected cases were tested in the laboratory and, according to the Ministry of Health, between 70% and 75% of samples in laboratories Instituto Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), Rio de Janeiro, and Instituto Adolfo Lutz, in S?o Paulo, were negative for the flu.

    Notícias do Brasil e do Mundo; tudo sobre Educação, Cultura, Política e Ciência, com vídeos, fotos, entrevistas e infográficos exclusivos do iG.

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